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Dragon Nest Future Update: New Class Machina, Level 90 Cap Increase and More

Dragon Nest KR has revealed that in the next half of 2015, the future update in the game includes the release of a new class Machina and level 90 cap. Here are the details of the update:

New Class: Machina

The information on the release of a new class has been confirmed by the official site in early May. The news has been translated by cDN GM as well. Although the name, Machina, has not been officially announced, data-mining of Dragon Nest clients of various versions has revealed the name of the class much earlier than the official announcement.

No official images of Machina has been released yet. The picture above is pieced from the image files of the armors designed for Machina. The official concept image of Machina will be released on 23rd May 2015 soon.

According InsideDN, the job changes for Machina are as follows:
  • Machina
  • Patrona
  • Defensio
  • Ruina
The weapons for Machina are Knuckle gear (main) and Claws (sub), according to InsideDN. The new class seems come with a tail by default, according to the options at character appearance selection.

Machina’s armor has the same stats as Lencea‘s one (ref: duowan). The stats growth is
  • 1 STR = 0.25 P.attack
  • 1 AGI = 0.50 P.attack
  • 1 INT = 0.50 M.attack
Although no details on skill names has been found yet, a duowan poster has mentioned that there is a skill which grant invincibility to all party members, based on the client data. Circular-shaped wing visual effect is associated to the buff as well.

Level 90 Cap

New dungeons and nest are expected to be updated along with Level 90 cap. Daidalos Nest is the name of the nest for level 90 cap. The names of the 5 new level dungeons have been found in the client as well (ref:InsideDN) :
  • Fierce Battle’s Wasteland
  • Cradle of the Abandoned
  • Broken Gold Stone Canyon
  • Blue Wind Plains
  • Tryan’s Territory
There seems to be some level 90 mode of older nests as well, such as Archbishop Nest and Manticore Nest (ref: duowan)

Major Revamp of Gameplay

According to the official source (translated also by cDN GM), a huge revamp to the game is coming soon. The developer admitted that Dragon Nest has lost some of its original concept during the past 5 years.

This coming revamp will be the largest update ever in the history of Dragon Nest, with the following key points:
  • return to the origin: action gameplay of the game
  • rebirth of the game, with a totally new outlook
  • paradigm shift and drastic improvement of the game
Feedbacks from the players have been heard by the developers; various improvements will be implemented soon, including class balance, value preservation of gear, simplification of various system etc.

Source: www.freedomplays.com