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Dragon Blaze Ally Drop Guide on Android and iOs [Table]

Here is a guide which will help you determine the specific ally drops on a specific dungeon in Dragon Blaze for iOs and Android devices. Take note that this was taken from the Korean version of the game but we think it has no difference at all as we have tried each ally drop location and it does drop the exact allies as mentioned below.

[Ally Drop Table]

  • Dopey Red Porto(C), Angry Red Porto(C), Happy Red Porto(C) Gnoll(B), Gnarl(B), Garang(B), Blue Gnoll(A), Gerang(A), Red Gnoll(S)
Falen Golem
  • Angry Red Porto(C), Gerang(A), Blue Gnoll(A), Blue Gnarl(A)
Pixie Falls
  • Lightning Crystal(C), Nature Crystal(C), Gnarl(B), Nature Spirit(A), Geranger(S), Red Gnoll(S), Red Gnarl(S)
  • Fly Sleety Bat(C), Gnarl(B), Blue Gnoll(A)
Sandstorm Hill
  • Ranger Sleety Bat(C), Happy Blue Porto(B), Ranger Minnie(A), Queen Gloxenia(S), Hunter Allura(S)
Remains of the Fallen
  • Ranger Sleety Bat(C), Holy Crystal(C), Happy Blue Porto(B), Holy Spirit(A)
Yellow Wall
  • Happy Red Porto(C), Dopey Blue Porto(B), Angry Blue Porto(B), Ranger Minnie(A), Hunter Tinnie(A), Shaman Sootie(A), Queen Stoccacia(A)
Ivory Teeth Lake
  • Happy Red Porto(C), Angry Blue Porto(B), Reptile Breath(B), Reptile Lance(B), Reptile Curse(B), Dopey Clown Porto(A), Reptile King(A)
Forgotten Ruins
  • Wooden Wand Mimic(C), Iron Bow Mimic(B), Iron Axe Mimic(B), Dark Marble Snell(A), Dark Knife Squall(A), Dark Arrow Sun(A), Captain Scady(A)
Shadow River
  • Lightening Crystal(C), Reptile Curse(B), Mystery Lancer(A), Mystery Curse(A), Mystery Breath(A), Mystery King(A)
Fog Region
  • Forst Paulownia(C), Foggy Paulownia(B), Foggy Foliage(B), Dark Marble Snell(A), Dark Arrow Ritra(S), Dark Marble Lyf(S), Dark Marble Lyn(S)
Deserted Tower
  • Fly Sleety Bat(C), Action Wool Bat(B), Mystery Curse(A), Dark Marble Snell(A), Dark Marble Lyn(S), Abyss Breath(S)
Obsidian Mountain Entrance
  • Fire Crystal(C), Fly Wool Bat(B), Fire Spirit(A), Purnisher Rariede(S), Archer Etude(S), Commander Ubide(S)
Tomb of Echoes
  • Forest Pine(C), Foggy Gingko(B), Hunter Tinnie(A), Evil Foliage(A)
Mountain Pass of the Dead
  • Happy Red Porto(C), Gnoll(B), Hunter Tinnie(A), Ranger Jenny(S)
Road to Dark Fortress
  • Happy Red Porto(C), Dopey Blue Porto(B), Angry Clown Porto(A), Happy Dark Porto(S)
Dark Fortress
  • Fly Sleety Bat(C), Range Wool Bat(B), Action Com Bat(A)
John's Pumpkin Patch
  • Action Sleety Bat(C), Fly Wool Bat(B), Action Wool Bat(B), Dark Knife Squall(A), Range Horn Bat(S)
Castle Entrance
  • Ice Crystal(C), Fly Wool Bat(B), Priest Nian(A), Mage Nef(A), Archer Aruz(A), Sorcerer Moquz(A), Assassin Nien(A), Archer Ronge(S)
Landing Garden
  • Wooden Knife Mimic(C), Reptile Lance(B), Golden Axe Mimic(A), Archer Ronge(S), Priest Ranran(S), Swordsman Riam(S)
Foggy Rampart
  • Dark Crystal(C), Lightening Crystal(C), Gnoll(B), Dark Spirit(A)
The Fortress
  • Angry Red Porto(C), Foggy Faulownia(B), Dark Marble Snell(A)
Credits: [Tip] Ally Drop Table by Climet