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DESTINY (video game)- How to Solo Crota Without a Gjallarhorn

Here is a video of some methods to solo Crota. Since the Gjallarhorn is usually the cornerstone to this, I decided to show variations of weapons and classes that can take Crota down. As well as the strategies I use through out the Crota encounter. Hopefully you enjoy and this is helpful to some out there!

Who is Crota:
Crota, Son of Oryx is a great Hive deity and the final boss of the raid Crota's End. He resides in Crota's Netherworld

Crota wielded the Sword of Crota, which he used to kill a large number of Guardians and drive humanity away from the Moon.[3][4] At some point afterwards, Crota fell into a deep sleep.[5]
Eris Morn and a team of five other Guardians once made a failed attempt on his life, and she was the only one to survive.

Crota shoots an Arc Fist of Darkness in his left hand, similar to the Darkness Blast used by Wizards, while using a cleaver with his right. If a member of a fireteam dies, he summons his Oversoul, which will kill everyone in the fireteam if it is not destroyed quickly enough.

How to Solo Crota Without a Gjallarhorn