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Destiny The Game: The New Weapon Perks in House of Wolves DLC (Guide)

In this page, you will learn the new weapon perks in the newest DLC of the famous shooter game of Bungie DESTINY THE GAME, called House of Wolves. But before you see the guide on the new weapon perks, check out first what you'll be getting or, you'll be experiencing on the House of Wolves DLC of DESTINY.

The Destiny Expansion Pass expands the Destiny adventure post-launch with two expansions, which will both include brand new story missions, cooperative activities and competitive multiplayer arenas and a wealth of all new weapons, armor and gear to earn.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves will feature the following:
  • New weapons, armour and gear to earn, including Legendary and Exotic items.
  • Light Level cap expected to be raised to 35 and five additional Bounty slots added.
  • Locations: The Cosmodrome on Earth, The Moon, Venus, and The Reef.
  • New story quests and missions. – One level 20 story mission on Earth is called “Gone To Ground”, where you must “Find a wolf baron and his conspirators who have betrayed the queen and are hiding in the Cosmodrome.” Another two level 20 & 22 missions on Venus are titled “Wolves
  • Harvest”, where you have to “Track down the queen’s traitorous wolves and recover what they’ve stolen from the Awoken.”; and “The Citadel”, where you’ll need “To ascend the top of the Vex stronghold on Venus, assassinate the wolves’ Kell.”
  • New co-operative Strike.
  • Four more new competitive multiplayer arenas are expected (4 PvP Maps).
  • New six-player Raid, titled “The Reef Raid” in the Asteroid Belt.
  • PlayStation 3 & 4 platforms will also get access to additional exclusive content for Expansion II, an exclusive co-operative Strike and possibly another exotic weapon, and more. This is timed exclusive content until at least Fall of 2015.
  • Expand your Destiny adventure with brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer arenas, and a wealth of all new weapons, armor, and gear to earn with the purchase of one of the following: Digital Guardian Edition, Limited Edition, The Ghost Edition,
  • Standalone Expansion Pass.
Note: If you purchase the Limited, Ghost, or Digital Guardian Edition with the Expansion Pass, do not also purchase the standalone Expansions, as you will be charged for them. – Pricing and release dates may vary by platform.

Watch the “Expansion 2: House of Wolves” leaked footage:

Now let's proceed to knowing the new weapon perks in House of Wolves...

Destiny The Game: The New Weapon Perks in House of Wolves DLC (Guide)


TRIPLE TAP: Rapidly landing precision shots will return one round to the mag.

HOT SWAP: Readying this weapon grants a brief period of bonus accuracy.

ARMY OF ONE: Unassisted kills with this weapon reduce grenade and melee cool-down.

GRAVEROBBER: Melee kills with this weapon equipped have a chance to refill the magazine.

BATTLE RUNNER: Kills with this weapon grant a brief boost to the sprints top speed.

HIDDEN HAND: This weapons gains better target acquisition.

ICARUS: Improved accuracy while airborne.

REPLENISH: This weapons magazine will be refilled when a super is cast.

Now all the PERKS that have a plus stat minus stat.

RIFLED BARREL: Increased range, slower reload

HAND-LAID STOCK: Increased stability, reduced range

SMALL BONE: Increased range & stability, slower reload and reduced mag size

INJECTION MOLD: Increased stability, faster handling, reduced range

REINFORCED BARREL: Increased range, reduced stability

CASKET MAG: Increased magazine size, reduced stability

OILED FLAME: Faster reload, reduced range

Here is the video going through all the new weapon perks in the newest DLC of DESTINY the Game called House of Wolves:

Credits: Special thanks to BomberFD for the video tip.