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DESTINY The Game: How to Reach Level 34 for Less Than a Week in House of Wolves DLC (Guide)

Here's a guide for the newest and trending shooter game of Bungie DESTINY the game which will aid you on how to level up your character to Level 34 in the first week of playing the newest DLC of the game called the House of Wolves.

This isn't really a step but more of a prereq– beat the story ASAP to unlock the rest of the content. Rewards are currently unknown but it could include +42 light armor, Etheric Light, or something else that will shorten the grind.

Step 1) Ascend exotic armor of your choice to +42 light using an exotic shard which you should have plenty of.

Step 2) Beat the level 32 PoE weekly challenge for an armor core, go to Variks and exchange for you second piece of +42 light armor. This will bring you to level 33.

Step 3) Judging from what we've seen, this part will be tough: but if you can beat the level 34 PoE Challenge you'll get an Etheric Light, so you can ascend a second piece of armor, giving you 3/4 armor slots at 42 light. almost there.

Step 4) Get 5 wins on a single Trials Passage. If you get all the boons, this is easier than it sounds: favor of osiris starts you with a win. Sweet, only 4 more to go! But wait, if you buy the boon of osiris, your first win counts as 2, so if you buy both you really only need 3 wins. And finally, mercy of osiris cancels your first loss. So, if you can afford all 3 boons (which might be tough week one, they cost 3 passage coins each and we're not sure how easy they'll be to get), you pretty much only need to get THREE wins in ToO before getting FOUR losses in order to get your fourth and final armor piece required to get to level 34

Obviously, you need to know what's available from Brother Vance and ascend your existing exotics and legendaries appropriately so you don't end up with 2 level 34 helmets and no boots or whatever. I'm sure some of you have already knew this but I just wanted to spell it out if anyone was wondering the best way to go about it. The level 34 PoE looks like its going to be pretty tough for 3 33s, but we'll see. Lots of people aren't great at PvP either, but the boons make getting to 5 wins a lot easier.

Good luck guardians, and see you in the Reef!

EDIT: several redditors pointed out this strategy depends on Variks and Vance not selling the same pieces of armor. Given Bungie's history of slowing player progression (ahem commendations) they could totally do that.

EDIT 2: There's some confusion about buying PoE gear from Variks. According to the reef reveal the ONLY requirement for the armor is an armor core (and weapon core for the weapon). Your house of judgment rank only matters for ships and shaders. 

Note:Scroll down about 1/3 of the way for Variks

Credits: Special thanks to caltangelo for sharing this very helpful tip.