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DESTINY The Game House of Wolves DLC Preparation Guide

Here is the preparation list, break down into three categories based off of time investment, for the upcoming DLC of DESTINY the game called House of Wolves.

Casual: -Three guardians: If you have been slacking on lvling one of your character slots, now is a good time to catch up and triple the above material list.

-Reps: Making sure your reps with all factions are rank 3 or higher is important. You never know what is going to be the hit new gun, so having the ability to buy them all is important.

-Vendor class items: This might be the last time we see this style of marks,bonds, and cloaks. If you like the style of one, you should buy it before its gone.

-Ether seeds: the dark below has black wax idols as currency, so too might the house of wolves. Farming ether seeds can't hurt.

-Max glimmer: Having maxed out glimmer going into the house of wolves is not a bad idea.

-Saving glimmer cones: 2500 glimmer isn't enough for all you wanted to upgrade in the expansion? Take those 200 glimmer cones to the cryptarc and keep on upgrading.

-Dailies: Doing your dailies give you ascendant materials. In the new expansion. Ascendant materials can turn into motes of light for reforging. Dailies now are motes later.

The Yin Yang gamer:

-Vendor weapons: Have you been eyeing that vanguard heavy machine gun wondering if you should buy it? Now would be a good time until its gone for maybe forever.

-Raid weapons and armor: Haven't raided in a while? Maybe these are your weeks. Raid gear will be top notche with etheric light, its time to go get that one piece from the vog you're missing.

-Exotic bounties: You can save the bounties for turn in when the expansion drops to get the current gen of the weapon. Past that you should clean up your bounties so that day one of expansion you can grab all the story quests in one swipe.

-Full on Marks: Going into the House of Wolves with full glimmer and marks will allow you to buy the coolest gear at the start making you very deadly.

-Nightfalls: Keep banging out those nightfalls. You can still get a legendary weapon with great perks that you can ascend in the expansion. You never know.

Hardcore I am legend Guardian:

-Maxed weapons: If you were like me, I held off upgrading nodes to find out what bungie had up their sleeves. Now we know, and its safe to upgrade at will.

-Vendor armor: Put this under the most time investment because it feel to have marks going into the house of wolves with only two weeks left will take dedication to pull this off. This is destiny's current transmog fix. Being able to make any purple current gen is sudo transmog, thus loon around at all the vendors and grab what looks good before its gone.

-mat farming: Lots of people use their marks to buy spin metal etc. With limited amounts of marks left I would recommend farming your mats and having a solid stack going into the expansion. This is time consuming. This categord, however you will be able to upgrade those brand new vendor weapons to max DMG the second you jump in.

-High stat armor: have all the raid gear? There is a price out there that will have better stats. Etheric light will up the stats of the armor, so why not try to push the limits and max out the stats on your raid gear.

-Crucible tickets/coins: The trials of Osiris will have a coin currency that can be obtained through two ways. One is via the daily crucible game type. The second is via a game mode that you have reached rank two in. You can see your progress in the app under the crucible events. Is the daily crucible clash, the bane of your existence? Then go play cotrol since you have rank two of that.

-Trials practice: Get a team together and go play skirmish. See if you guys mesh well, and get your communication and strays ready. If you practice now you will win later. Get a leg up on the general player base.

DESTINY The Game House of Wolves DLC Preparation Guide video:

Credits: Special thanks to ninjaxnick for the tips.