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Comprehensive Neverwinter Soulbinder Fury PVP Warlock Guide


SW is an underdog of PvP but yet there are people consider this as "hardcore" challenge which is absolutely true. PvPing as a warlock is not a smooth walk in a park and often people just give up and roll some cheesy-easy class which is understandable, noone wants to be a try-harder that constantly gets beaten if one has not got a DC babysitter behind. We are very squishy, despite CON is our main stat, our shift mechanics is not the best in the game, our cast time is as slow as drunk behemoth. CW's often burn us through our tab with countless Storm Spell multiprocs, if they don't Entangle Force>Repel>Ice Knife>Disintegrate us to death first. High deflect TRs/GWFs/GFs/HRs just make us choke on our dot because of high deflect chance and intense DoT... that **** feythistle boon! And to be honest most of the pvpers think we are a cereal on a plate/free kill for them. Brings a lot of pleasure to look at their curses when they can't do anything with their cheesy BoTMs.

The owner of this guide's ingame name is Misery Anklast, He is Soulbinder Fury warlock and named this guide "Fury Soulbinder PvP guide because he uses fury build even though some say it's not as good as it used to be (people often say things). Yet did run around with temptation/damnation builds for a while though and will give some advices on improving their perfomance if somebody needs it.

He used to do a lot of PvE in m5, soloed all dungeons, got bored and decided a bigger challenge - PvP. He don't claimed to be the best PvP warlock out there but yet here is the leaderboard stats he had in m5:
The Pros of PvP as SW.
  • Supposedly the best DoT class in the game. (not...hi Righteous DCs!)
  • Very good mobility and almost permanent stamina for temptation builds.
  • Has relatively good damage burst.
  • It's very challenging and rewarding.
  • A sure win in long battles if played right
The Const of PvP as SW
  • Squishy.
  • Lack of dodge.
  • Very vulnerable to CC effects.
  • Lack of defensive mechanics.
  • Shift ability is very lag unfriendly.
  • Very long cast time.
  • Low chances against the properly spec'd classes.
  • Very frustrating experience sometimes.
So, that concludes we are the worst pick for PvP and somebody playing should rely on one's personal knowledge, awareness and cunning rather than broken game mechanics. Still, in some cases we can use such treatment as an advantage. Domination has always been about "dominating" and controlling the battlefield rather than just running around for kills which is the most common mistake.

Race and Attributes

The very foundation of any PvP build lies in what race and attributes did you choose. To crit a lot, or to deal more flat damage and endure some incoming damage before you die, this is where everything starts in my opinion.

Scourge Warlock's main stats are:
  • Charisma Our main stat, very good for PvE. Not a bad choice for PvP too since we get more sparks with critical hits.
  • Constitution 2nd best, if not the best stat for PvP warlock. Why? Survivability. And more flat damage over that.
  • Intellect the stat that gives us more Resistance Ignored, better ap gain and faster recharge speed for our encounters. I'd say it's not bad choice for PvP if you want better AP gain and recharge speed but extra damage ignored pales with the introduction of ArP resistance, period.
Now you have to choose how are you willing to play your warlock. Glass cannon for team fights, or an independent warlock that is able of doing something threatening even outside DCs astral shield or GF's KV? I personally went for the second, not just because I don't play in premades but I don't like to rely on somebody.


Here he will be reviewing races that are, in my opinion, viable for PvP. Of course there may be other opinions thinking that wisdom/dexterity bonuses is not a waste and he is sure somebody will find a build relying on those attributes in the same way somebody built permastealth rogues with INT maxed before the buffs once but at the moment he don't want to bother with vague ideas so...

Tiefling: best choice for PvE and arguably a good choice for PvP. More dps against targets below half HP is never bad. Oh and infernal wrath stacks, which used to be better for m5 intimidation/executioner wonders that built a ton of power stat for monstrous damage. Not as good as it used to be.

Human: 3 more Heroic Feat points but lack of 2 extra attribute points. Good race pick if you think that 3 more Heroic Feats would be better than a lose of 2 Attribute points. Up to you.

Half-elf: Weird but yet viable choice for PvP warlock because of the race attributes. He only pick the race if he liked half-elves too badly, otherwise human or Sun/moon elves just look better on a paper.

Sun elf/Moon elf: United these two races into one as they both have similar attributes/racial features. Good attributes bonuses, extra CR. Don't like the halflings?

Chromatic Dragonborn: very good choice for PvP soulbinder warlock. Increased stats and incomming healing boosting our regeneration/lifesteal/soul sparks healing. Can't do wrong picking this one unless you can't afford dragonborn pack or hate lizard-like look.

Metallic Dragonborn: same as dragonborn, just with extra HP pool instead of extra healing. Not bad, as you could build up to 150k HP with the help of the racial feats.

Powers/feats/class features

When he had conversation to other warlocks in m5, he always said that if we lost Tyrannical threat and MC/AD set in PvE our class would turn into single target dps mediocre and something very similar to pre buffs TR in PvE simply because there are no other options to compete with the other classes, too squishy, too slow, underperforming. PvP only proved it to be true. There are soooo many useless powers and powers that have a great potential but long cast animation just simply kills it all.

As for paragon paths, I believe that Hellbringer is more of PvE as it simply lacks of survivability, badly. I've tried running PvP with this for a while and it always paled comparing to soulbinder especially in long fights. Maybe in premades Hellbringer would shine but in solo queue...Misery was not impressed with the offerings of the nine gates :P Does not look like we can get much power for our souls nowdays though...

So yeap, soulbinder is the best viable option for us at the moment, if only we could build soul sparks faster.

  • Eldritch Blast: Fast at-will with AoE on the third strike, for reason very popular among warlocks in PvE, useless in PvP for fury simply because it's fire damage. He'd use it only if he went for HB damnation/temptation tree which will never happen.
  • Dark Spiral Aura: He liked this one when he had artifact weapon with bonus for dark spirals, sometimes I could hit my target for 30k in PvE and like 15k in PvP with 3 spirals. Damage is necrotic which really good too but it's slow and you gotta kill somebody to refill them, that's unpleasant. He'd not consider using it without main hand artifact weapon bonus at all.
  • Hand of blight : Slow but powerful necrotic at-will and has great debuff potential with artifact weapon. I always use it when he built 30 sparks and lack stamina to make a gap with melee oponent like GWF or TR.
  • Essence Defiler: Our main at-will, you spamm it, you get tankier and heal fast. Works very good with Hadar's Grasp. Empowered Hadar Grasp > Essence Defiler combo> HS>KF>Combo again>Brood of hadar. Voila - almost full sparks if you are lucky enough with critical hits.

First of all, he'd like to say there is no UNIVERSAL rotation for each PvP match. You have to choose careful between some CC/burst damage/reflect damage and survivability. He'd also advise you to look at your oponents before the match has started, make some guesses on what is going to happen in the match and decide who would you want to take down first. Predicting enemy's behavior is a big factor, you're not going to win just mindlessly zerging everything and when you can't win a fight, you should try win a BATTLE. 
  • Killing Flames: very good encounter against targets lower than 80% hp with some weird cast animation sometimes allowing, with good timing, hit your enemies right after they dodge since there is a small time frame for "guaranteed" strike. That frame rate is longer for CWs. Murderous flames in fury's tree makes this encounter even more awesome.
  • Infernal spheres: This encounter has very low damage but it has a chance to ignite your targets with lesser curse( Lesser and normal warlock curse stack). Besides you can cast it while shifting and it TRACKS INVISIBLE ROGUES/RANGERS! Making it alarm kind of encounter. Tenebrous enchantment, boons and feats proc from this one, so it's damage can skyrocket sometimes with curse and the smile of Tymora (RNG). I'd say it is not as good as it used to be in m5 but if you're in need of taking down a rogue in 1vs1 - this is a good encounter.
  • Vampiric Embrace: Has really low damage and suffers a lot from HD, but it's cast time is the shortest of all SW's encounters. I rarely use it in PvP, probably only when I need to hold enemy node from low geared/pve spec'd pugs. Bad choice
  • Dreadtheft: lovely PvE encounter and works well in PvP sometimes if your enemy has a lack of CC or you managed to dodge everything they had. It also tracks rogues in stealth. Just choose to use this carefully. (you can cancel it's cast by hitting the button for this encounter again)
  • Fiery bolt: Only used this for soloing the daily dungeons in PvE, would never slot it for PvP. Fire damage, long cast time, no additional effect = useless unless there are 18k hp green pugs running around.
  • Curse bite: Curse bite. Ooooooh what a great anti-rogue and overall annoying potential this power could have if not one thing....you don't see target - you can't Curse Bite it.
  • Harrow Storm: One of our main CCing encounters, sends our opponent into air and leaves them prone. Too bad CWs can cast a whole rotation at you while you attempt to cast harrow storm at them...
  • Warlock's Bargain : Good encounter, good DoT damage, reflects 15% damage dealt to us at the target, works as a curse and allows you to build 5 stacks of DT. The only Problem is it takes 15% of our current HP, highly recommended to use it as first encounter in a fight because the more hp you have, the more hp you will be able to reflect at your attacker. Heals a little during it's duration too.
  • Wraith's Shadow: Honestly this encounter needs a small buff, because overall it is not as bad as people usually say. Often it do some decent damage with it's DoT and also allows you to immobilize (the most dumb kind of crowd control if you ask me) your target for 1-2 seconds depending on their tenacity/CR. All well geared PvPers build a lot defense so DoT and CC usually is nulified turning immobolize effect into interrupt. 
  • Blades of Vanquished armies: useless encounter power, would make a good anti-rogue measure but it ends on any sort of CC.
  • Pillar of Power(hellbringer): A joke of an encounter, buffs the damage output when somebody steps on it. I think it should be reworked into something like icy terrain of CWs or has it's AoE increased by at least 200%, with root CC effect following after somebody steps in. At the moment, it's near to trash encounter both for PvP and PvE.
  • Soul Scorch(soulbinder): Nice encounter, massive DoT at 5 stacks. The only weakness is we have to waster our soul sparks to boost it which is lame... No soul sparks = no survivability. Use it wisely
  • Hadar's Grasp IMO must kind of an encounter, it's dot is better than DoT from WB and it controls the target for much longer than entaggling force with a small difference in casting times.
  • Arms of Hadar:Interesting encounter with prone effect and very low CD. However, it's AoE seems to be unsynchronized. Optional encounter.
  • Brood of Hadar: Fast cast time, CC, necrotic damage. Makes it a very good daily power for PvP.
  • Accursed Souls: Supposedly a good AoE daily against rogues if not it's laughable damage. Should work well in synergy with curse against low geared pugs though.
  • Flames of Phlegethos: Longer cast time than Brood of hadar, fire damage, no CC. Never liked this daily power, probably would never use it even if I respec'd for temptation. It's only use is to mark rogues in stealth for a short duration with shift cancel.
  • Tyrranical Threat: Something that used to make Cuntroll Wizards cry about us in PvE. It's only use is to mark IWD golems in OPvP, stack DoT and literally melt any TR troll comming near by since golems take more damage than players. Useless to power if you intended to use a player as a beacon of dmg from TT.
  • Gates of hell(hellbringer): It's animation is cool. It's effictiveness is zero.
  • Immolation Spirits (soulbinder): Consumes all our soulsparks to spawn some immolation spirits to attack our enemy with fire damage. Those spirits can die easily but make a good shield sometimes. He say it's something to be used for team fights where you're not affraid to die too fast under some buff of OP/DC/KV.
Class Features:
  • Shadow Walk: increases our shadow slip speed. In my opinion, must have. Allows to make a gap between you and your enemy minimizing loss of stamina. Basically making slipping cheaper for us. Besides, there are often situations when you can't kill your enemy so you just pull Grand Turismo on them if you think it's ok There is also an offhand feature that allows us to have even more speed! (unfortunately, the recent testings proved that shadow slip artifact offhand feature only increases your movement speed. Shadow slip speed remains the same)
  • Dark One's blessing: Heals us a lil once we kill an enemy. Useless not just because of HD but the ridiculous ammount of heal it gives. Pfff... 
  • Deadly Curse: could be a good choice but the damage is kind of low even though it's necrotic. 3k is laughable.
  • Warding Curse: Decreases the damage output of our enemy, works good with 4 stacks of artifact weapon and hand of blight. (had some test with a fellow oneshotting rogue in m5. Normally he hit me for like 30-40k HP with First Strike class feature, after debuff that damage went to 12k-15k lol). Beeesides, offhand feature gives it some CC, slowing our enemy's speed by 25% and this effect IGNORES TENACITY and is not subjected by duration reduction.
  • Flames of empowerement (hellbringer): increases our damage output when our daily is up. Good encounter for PvE not bad for PvP either, when you build for glass cannon. Daily or damage bonus, the choice is yours.
  • No Pity, No mercy(hellbringer): Hellbringer's permanent class feature. Grants your combat advantage when you crit your target thus allowing to land some nasty numbers. It is as good for PvP as it is awesome for PvE, for HB warlock.
  • Prince of hell(hellbringer): Do you feel you need more depressed ArP STAT? Do slot.
  • Borrowed Time(soulbinder): The class feature that makes SW regenerate HP rapidly at 30 souls sparks. A must have for PvP soulbinder. Make sure you have that offhand feature increasing deflection chance by 15% at 30 sparks too.
  • Dust to dust (soulbinder): Refils AP meter while our soul sparks heal us and increases our damage by 5% max with offhand feature. Something you should go for if you think Sigil of the Devoted is not good enough.
  • Snuff out (soulbinder): When a target dies nearby, grants us a soul spark. What kind of joke is that? USE-LESS
  • [B]Dark Prayer Does not look so good in PvE dungeons where most mobs just don't leave you a chance to survive more than 2-3 hits, not a bad alternative to shadow slip if you need to hold 2 with cleric or fight on a node most of the time. I find shadow walk more useful though.
  • [B]All-consuming curse Feels like a good use for DPS PvE warlock, allowing to build 5 stacks of DT without WB. ATM it's bugged and works even if you don't have it slotted in your currently used class features.
Not going to leave a word on Weapon Mastery, Toughness as these are obviously must have and Battle Wise and Scornful curse as these two are practically useless.

Heroic feats :

Tier 1 :
  • Energizing curse: Build 30% more AP while hitting your target with an at-wills. Good heroic feat if you don't use Sigil of the Devoted.
Tier 2 :
  • Shadow fold: allows us to consume less stamina while shadow slipping. He have 5/5 of that feat which allows to cover longer distances before I run out of my stamina.
  • Empowered Rituals: Encreases our damage with encounters. Allows to kill our enemy faster. Ignoring this heroic feat gives us an opportunity to invest more in Blood Pact of Cania or Devastating critical, which he don't consider worthy as this feat would give us more rough dps in both cases.
Tier 3 :
  • Determined Casting: Reduces our cooldowns on encounter powers by 10% at 5 points invested. I like building more soul sparks in between my rotations so he ignored this one and saved some Heroic Feat points for Desperate restoration.
  • Desperate Restoration: This is what makes our soulbinder annoying when we have 30 soul sparks and our HP goes below 30%. More survivability! (AFAIK works with regen/lifesteal too)
  • Soul Reaping: You want more lifesteal despite Healing Depression and feel like you got extra Heroic Feat points? - _ - Then go for this one. Such a waste in most cases except for tempation-support.
Tier 4
Basically, here you choose between Devastating crit and Blood Pact of Cania. The choice should depend on what weapon enchantment are you going to use. Flat DPS over higher crit or vice versa. (Blood Pact of Cania is additive. He mean, your CON gives you 23% damage bonus if you have 28 CON and put 5 feat points into it, rather than 18%)

Paragon feats:
Currently, damnation is considered to be the strongest path for PvP due to it's extra DR and permanent soul puppet that tends to eat some powers target at us if we are clever enough to use positioning. Fury is still a path to go for, in my opinion, even though our capstone is nerfed, extra damage from feats is still here, e.g murderous flames. There are also some good temptation damage reflecting builds but most of them lack damage and need more wind-up. I'm going to give a loot at fury's feats only though.

Tier 1:
  • Daughter's Promises: deals necrotic damage to a target nearly recently slain. It's not like we are going to kill a lot of people in PvP and 900 damage is not much with such "conditions"
  • Critical Promise: a paragon feat to go for even if you don't crit much, in any case this will grant extra damage more often than Daughter's Promises.
Tier 2:
  • Offering to the Prisoner: gives us extra 5% damage after the target is killed, for 15 seconds. "After the target is killed"...nah, 5% extra damage does not worth it.
  • Gatekeeper's Empowerment (hellbringer): if you chose Flames of Empowerment as one of your class features then this is where you should put your Paragon Feat points in.
  • Burning Soul (soulbinder): Increases our damage by 9% at 30 soul sparks. More bonuses at full stacks, yay!
Tier 3:
  • Killing Curse: not much to talk about, you attack cursed target, you deal 5% more weapon damage with this heroic feat. Not much but yet if you got no other ideas where to put your Paragon Feats - go for this one.
  • Executioner's gift: One of the best dps paragon feats in fury's tree. You deal up to 15% extra necrotic damage as the target's hit points diminish. Even if your encounter powers/at-will are not necrotic damage based (proc fury cap stone too)

Tier 4:
  • Infernal Wrath: He don't yet know how exactly is the ArP resistance formulas working, but last time I bothered to check, the percent number of how much ArP it allows a bearer to ignore is calculated in this way: flat number of attackers ArP divided by ArP resistance of a target in %. The formula is ArP-(ArP/ArP resistance in %) E.G an attacker has 80%(80) ArP, the target got 20% ArP resistance. 80-(80/20%)=64, that's how much ArP would the attacke have in end. And then different DR debuffs(not defense debuffs!) like Infernal Wrath kick in. He think this feat is not bad at all in synergy with all-consuming curse.
  • Helltouched: Not always works, but we often get hit in PvP.
Tier 5:
  • Brutal Curse: Deal 10% extra damage to cursed targets, must have.
  • Murderous Flames: So, this is Paragon feat people often debate about. Some feel like the fact it spreads it's damage among targets is not good, He say 30% more damage against single target is too good to pass.
Gear, boons and weapon/armor enchantments

He'd like to devote the 2nd post to SW's PvP gear, enchantments, artifacts and boons that would help us improve our survivability. And yes, some of the boons are bugged like hell at the moment and seem like everyone is using them for an advantage. I do hope they will get fixed soon

First of all, unlike in m5 where we could get some tankiness from BI purified set, in m5 there aren't any armor pieces that could boost our deflection/defense by great deal like before. Of course we get a ton of HP from Grim and Burning with lots of tenacity but still, boosting deflection/defense isn't as effective as it could have been in m5 unless you invest in one of those stats really much.


Armor sets:

Unfortunately, Cryptic decided to remove all the armor sets from the game in this module. Temporarily or not, it's unknown. So now we are free to use any piece of any "armor set" we want as long as it boosts the stats we need. There are currently 3 "sets" with different stats allocation: Burning Elemental Set (Duelist/Executioner), Grim set (Duelist/Executioner, basically it's an inferior version of buring set) and Purified/Corrupted Black Ice.

Fury SWs main roll in this module is a striker, thus he find Burning Executioner's set the best. Corruped Black Ice would probably do well too if fully empowered but it has significantly less tenacity on it so...

As for Grim/Burning Duelist sets, He think those should do really well for temptation build with INT and high recovery. There also appeared an idea of CC immune perma-WB temptation warlock with maxed recharge speed so burning duelist would might be a thing to go for.

Weapons, rings, neck and belt:

For main-hand/off-hand there are two options: Artifact or Ensorcelled Mulhorand weapons. Mulhorand for economy or expensive artifact weapons for boosts to class features/at-wills. Weapon damage for legendary artifact main-hand is slightly (LOL) better (1230-1504) than 1229-1502 but Mulhorand does not posses set and class feature/at-will bonuses which make significant difference. he'd recommend running Mulhorand till you get your artifact weapon/mainhand to purple.

As for neck/belt and rings everything is quite simple, go for what fits well in terms of stats. I'd go for AP generation necklace/cloak for fury/damnation and AC bonus for temptation. Sets bonuses are not very significant since the damage is not big, probably only Lathander is something worth mentioning but without Soulforged enchantment it's pretty much useless. And Soulforged itself is not the best enchantment in use for PvP nowdays.


The most popular main artifacts for PvP SW in m6 so far are: Wheel of elements (fire damage is broken to hell and does piercing damage), Devoted Cleric's sigil (daily spamm) and Oghma's token (for CC break/immunity). Devoted Cleric's Sigil is probably the cheapest alternative for a warlock now, since it only takes to lvl devoted cleric to 60 lvl and do artifact quest in IWD. Wheel of elements should do very well even if they fix it's OP fire piercing damage and tone down heal from water buff a little bit. Earth bonus is a little bit bugged now though, for some reason non-temporarily HP is drained first.

Oghmas Token is expensive but if offers so much - CC break and immunity for 5 seconds each 60 seconds at mythic, it's just so good in the current PvP tyranny of crowd control that recently he decided to save up some cheap purple lockbox artifacts so he can trade them during lockbox even for these tokens. This artifact should make temptation build CC immune all the time too, even if somebody manages to CC you out of shadow slip. He only wish the price wasn't as high so everyone could get one

Some PvP beginners use Ravenskull too, it's not as effective as the artifacts above but it comes free and it gives nice ammount of temporarily hit points.


Boons....developers reworked and boosted some of them in m6 to the state of disaster. In PvP they are simply must to have because some of them heal/hit too much and multiproc.

Here are the boons he picked for my Fury SW in m6 with explanation:
For stat boons he decided to go for as much crit/arp and HP as possible. Higher crit = better sparks generation, More arp is never bad, without any you won't simply penetrate any DR and HP synergizes better with SB warlock than deflect or defense because of borrowed time class feature. (unless you invest a lot in one of them). Also took regeneration where it's possible for in-between the nodes healing, regeneration now heals % of max HP unlike in m5 where it was HP missing percent.

As for non-stat boons:

ToD campaign: t5 boons, IMO there is only viable boon - Dragon Thirst. Since it's +3% chance to lifesteal at first lvl is really a lot. In his case he have dark revelry feat in temptaton tree so the more he lifesteal, the more often he have speed bonus. Speed bonus is essential for warlock because it affects our shift ability allowing us to spend less stamina bar to make a gap from melee strikers. Dragon's Revival and Dragon's Grip don't give much and crit severity is totally useless against high tenacity targets (i'll explain later with some parsing)

Sharandar campaign: t4 - Went for elven Ferocity. Elven tranquility is a good boon too but after all, SW is a striker. And that boons procs of all kind of attacks, including some other boons. t5 - fey thistle, hands down. Elven resolve +10% stamina regen is not bad but 3k dmg from deflection is proved to be much better once you get artifact off-hand for borrowed time class feature boost.

Dread Ring campaign t3 - illusion shimmer. Why? 3% deflect = 1200 stats, 3% ArP = 300 stats. Besides with 80% ArP resistance 3% is like 0.8% extra ArP. t4 - shadow touch, procs CD. t5 Augmented thayan bastion...this thing is broken, it's better than t.Barkshield plust it reflects the damage back at the attacker and MULTIPROCS, what.

Icewind Dale campaign t1 - AoE resist. Supprisingly, some attacks like Indomitable battle strike of GWFs or Daze Strike of TRs is an AoE. he'd pick Combat Advantage bonus if he was a conservative Hellbringer though. t2 - incomming healing is halved in PvP so just some stamina gain bonus. t3 crit severity is under big hammer of tenacity so more recover is way to go. t4 cold shoulder is bugged, unlike stated in the tooltip it reduces any hit by 2k for 10 seconds. t5 avalache is bugged in the same way like thayan bastion and procs weapon enchantments and other boons, disgusting feat yet it's must
here is a thread with parsing for it http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/sho...-start-helping!

Weapon Enchantments:

*Included only included those he consider viable.
  • Vorpal: used to be a good enchantment for PvP in m5, still good against low tenacity targets but against high tenacity targets... here is the parsing http://pastebin.com/mftLheGu. Only like 2% damage increase for perfect vorpal. Without it normal hits deal more damage than crits. (not viable, but still included since many people may be using one at the moment)
  • Feytouched: most people considered this enchantment the most useless enchantment in NWO's history in m5 but they were so terrible wrong. There are some possible SW's builds that can nulify opponent's damage output to zero, literally. Negation enchantment + feytouched + warding curse + hanf of blight melee/artifact hand debuffs...stop poking me!
  • Terror Enchantment: He find this one overrated, the only thing that makes it good now is it's root procs more often than 10 sec. It's also proc'd off avalache.
  • Plague fire: not the worst option, some defense debuff included.
  • Lifedrinker: necrotic damage, procs CD like terror and increases lifesteal chance, not a bad enchantment overall plus it sometimes allows to lifesteal twice on once hit (no eta on fix)
  • Holy Avenger: the enchantment he'll probably use and upgrade to transcendent. It heals 1.2k hp each second after HD on Pure quality and provides some DR over that. Heals and buffs your team too.
Armor enchantments:
  • Soulforged: our second life, it procs, we revive and get free from all negative effects to strike back/fly away. In m6 is obsolete without lathander set though.
  • Bloodtheft: is not bad, procs our Creeping death (CD) capstone and heals a little bit. Not the best enchantment still.
  • Negation: the best enchantment for PvP imo, grants 30% extra DR at perfect quality. Combining shadow slip DR, tenacity, damage debuffs from our powers make SW as tanky as armored bulette.
  • Elven Battle: helps a lot against root and CC effects like entaggling force hadar's grasp, also grants 30% stamina regeneration at transcendent quality. Yet, very situational.
Also, he'd recommend you get one tenebrous enchantment for one offense slot. It scales with damage and proc Creeping death, no other offense slot will help you more with DPS than this one. However, using more than one would be useless since CD for this enchantment is universal.

Tactics against the other classes...

...Or "OMG my team is so busy, they sent me to our base node fight a broken perma daze TR Q.Q"

So we probably moved to the most difficult part of our life as PvP warlocks since almost any other class can easily and succesfully counter us (except maybe for GFs that don't run Ferocious Reaction) and it's usually hard to do anything against them as soon as they guess/see our rotations. But he tend to be rather optimistic and will always find a way to be a pain in the...you know where. So here we go:

Trickster Rogues .

They are supposed to kill us and they do that with EASE with any tree! There are 3 kinds of bul...rogues. Saboteurs, aka "I stealth all the time, try to catch me if you can"! Scoundrels that deflect a lot and sometimes just simply "permadaze" us not allowing to do anything, what a low kind of people they are! And Executioners, aka (no debuffs on me, same tanky gear as now) boring people.

Most of the rogues will usually aim for your base point and occasionally roam 2 while your base node is captured. And most of the time when your team has no rogue/gwf to counter him/her you have to play a sacrificial lamb which is frustrating but yet, important part. Just remember one thing, be aware that the rogues will always come back. In other words, never relax when you fight a rogue and I highly advise you to learn their rotations and how do they work.

It's very hard to kill well geared/experienced rogue of any tree. Probably permadaze rogues is the least annoying tree as with some good timing I manage to shadow slip all their CC. While executioners, even mediocre geared, can just destroy you with one rotation even if the damage wasn't so high overall. Saboteurs remain in stealth most of the time and refil their stealth so easily that they barely even use Impossible To Catch, those that do are immortal, literally.

Anyway, here are the encounters he usually use against rogues depending on the situation: Infernal Spheres, Dreadtheft, Killing flames, Vampiric embrace (yap), warlock's bargain and blades of vanquished armies (aaand yap).

Infernal spheres: Rogues aren't true invisible and these nasty darts work as a good alarm against them, not much damage overall but sometimes it's really helping to track them/avoid cc.

Dreadtheft: It's simple, once you see a rogue, you dodge all they have to say, see them rolling in stealth - you use dreadtheft on them. Just watch their rotation.

Killing flames: this power has some weird cast animation, for some it's easy to land on a rogue in between the dodges. Makes relatively not bad damage on rogues with non-empowered ITC too (they are gonna stealth or dodge after that so why not <.<)

Vampiric Embrace: Necrotic, almost instant cast makes it some kind NEVER GIVE UP AGAIN YOU PRICK, kind of encounter when rogue's soul forge procs. Works in the same way as Killing flames with timing except for it hits for less.

Warlock's Bargain: Best use for executioner's and permadaze bastards. Allows us to redirect some damage at them while those perma-cc us or land those monstrous hits.

Blades of Vanquished Armies: Warlocks barely use this one because it stops working right after warlock got dazed/stunned/interrupted but it's area of an aoe is quite wide allowing us to slowly grind a permastealth rogue trying to hold a node. Why not use this one if our encounters go invain usually anyway. Also, necrotic damage + some additional effects on cursed targets.

Rogues never play fair, you damage them too much - they pull Grand Turismo on you. They bloodbath you making themselves immortal. They Shocking Execute you for 50k+ even when your HP bar is full. So I encourage you play in the same way, use all dirty tricks you know. Fighting on a pillar/ fighting AROUND the pillar. Show them you're not a cereal on plate or easy kill, make them being ashamed of themselves rolling cheesy BOTM and not able to do anything. Oh and yeah, prepare to play aggressive and die a lot.

Guardian Fighter's

He like this class, probably the class with the highest skill cap for PvP now. You have to choose your rotation wisely, you gotta...oh well, we are talking about how to counter this one right? 

It's usually not important what tree GF has, the tactics is always familiar. For them it's either lunging strike > bull charge frontline surge > indomitable strike > guard > repeat. Or bullcharge > move closer > gryffon's wrath > anvil of doom > indomitable strike/crescendo. Our objective is to flip up this little turtle. In most cases he pick Harrow Storm > Infernal spheres > KF for fighting Guardian Fighters. Harrow storm them > rapidly shadow slip behind >curse> hit with KF while they are in mid air and can't deflect > Brood of Hadar (if you have it) > some at-wills > try repeat till they die.

There also existed some occasions when I didn't have the required rotation to kill GFs and had to use a combo of KF>WB>DT while they used Supremacy of steel to reflect damage back at me. Once they turned on their SoS on he tried to use WB on them and then built some DT stacks to almost nulify their damage and made sure he had a gap between us while casting DT because they could still bullcharge me, ending DT cast. In this scenario SW usually wins most of the time till bugged Ferocious Reaction procs like 10 times in a row D:

Great Weapon Fighters

Brave class that always kicks in the front gates and slams everything on their and for some reason their community always finds a way to build tanky and deal a ton of damage. Anyway...

He wouldn't recommend facing a similar geared GWF if you got no Soul Sparks stacks, if the fight happens on a node and you see GWF running into it - try to attack them and build some sparks before you enter it to stop them from capturing a node. Most GWFs he met in such case usually just let themselves being beaten like pillow and then decided to charge at me once he got them below 50% and built all soul sparks. Win scenario in 9/10. Yet, avoid facing them in 1vs1 without any obstacles you can fool them around till you build enough sparks. My usual rotation against GWFs is HS/IS/KF or KF/WB/DT (2nd is meh, because he always get CC'd) and he only won 1vs1 while he lured them across the map building soul sparks and occasionally throwing some encounters at them. Once you have all Soul Sparks up and somewhere above 80% hp it's the time for you to face them and try to dodge all their CC. Once you're sure they have nothing left, start hitting them with hand of blight inflicting damage, building CD stacks and debuffing their damage output (works even better with artifact weapon!). Usually a win scenario too unless there is a significant difference in GS/enchantments.

Control Wizards

"To control or not to control or both. There is no question" Annoying guys. Build tanky and hit like a truck, burn us like butter while we shadow slip and able to throw a whole rotation at us while we cast harrow storm oh and yeah, CC us like there is no tommorow too. Friggin hate them, the most broken and pseudonerfed class in NWO's entire history IMHO.

He is not a buff of CWs, he only bothered to lvl his for the class artifact and learn how their encounters work so for me there are only two kind of CWs. Broken and Not. Broken guys are the people that have shield on tab, build themselves tanky and still net MONSTROUS numbers on you. He once got 40k icy rays crit as first strike, what a joke that was. He heard there are some broken feats/offhand features widely exploited though. And there are normal CWs, dealing damage comparable to us and usually perma control us if we let them.

The tactics is usually the same for both kinds. Rotation - HS > WB > KF. Try dodge their CC once the battle starts and use WB first so they choke on their own DPS. Once they missed all their encounters and start dodging your attacks, use harrow storm on them and time their dodges to send that nastly black dyed halfling into air where he won't be able to deflect our KF. Oh and if you have Brood of Hadar GO FOR IT! Use it first, it will allow you to harrow storm them while they are CC'd! And pray all your strikes crit.

Devoted Clerics

Didn't they make an error while they were naming clerics in the recent patches? He think they should name Them Scourge Clerics.

There are two popular builds for DCs: "Oh don't poke me, I am laughing!", and "Alright, he just DoT you for 4k a sec non crit". In the state clerics now they are something very similar to the title of messiah. Tank cleric usually is a sad picture on 2 when your team got no pushes/lack of CC. These clerics sometimes are capable of carying entire party even GS difference is quite big. DPS clerics are something similar, the most ridiculous ones I've seen just stand on astral shield and spamm brand of sun.

Tactics for tank clerics: in team fights try to CC them as much as possible. Time their Astral Shield casts and CC them with Brood of Hadar and then use HS to send them into air and hope your team has enough to kill that cleric TWICE, as most the time they have Gift of Faith on them. DPS clerics: well, these guys are very vulnerable to CC and don't last as long as their tanky brethren. Try to provoke them to use Astral Shield (if they got one) and then CC and attack them with what you have. WB works well too, just make sure they used break the spirit already. And remember, in this case time works against you.

Hunter rangers

Usually a fair fight, unless the oponent is pathfinder with a wall of root/daze. Highly geared Pathfinders are simply impossible to beat in 1vs1, especially those with a knowledge of our class, everything we can do is to hope they don't notice us long enough to let us CC them. Stormwardens are not as annoying and I usually come up as a winner in 6/10 cases which he believe is quite fair. Just all those UNTARGETABLES make it too frustrating sometimes.

My universal rotation for hunter rangers is HS/IS/KF. Not using WB/dreadtheft (tbh, sometimes it did work just watch their interrupting shot) because he know he will shadow slip a lot to avoid their roots/interrupting shots. The fight style is similar to CW in both cases, try to lure all their CC while you shadow slip and then play mind-time game with them with harrow storm.


"Crowd Control is so annoying, what can I do against that?"

He have been wondering since he have started PvP as SW. Probably many SWs find themselves perma-dazed, perma stunned or simply perma frozen quite often. That's indeed annoying and most of the time the only way for our opponents to kill us. So, to counter that and compensate our lack of cc immunity/resistance he have decided to look at the most obvious thing that should protect us from being CC locked - Control Resistance stat despite everyone says it's useless and not worth it.

(http://laggygamerz.com/forum/index.p...n-neverwinter/) So, with 1k tenacity (25% CR) and two artifacts (CW class artifact + oghma's token) with +800 CR total we have sum of 35% CR which should reduce CC duration by roughly 35% buuuut... Recent testings with 1k tenacity, +800 CR and CW's entangling force proved that the math is either wrong or it "works as intended" a.k.a bugged and noone got a clue how are those stats calculated. Because while the duration of entangling force CC effect on target with 1k tenacity was 2.6 sec, it got drastically reduced to not more than 1 sec once we applied bonus CR from the artifacts. That's without racial +10% CR feature.Thus, it may be a way out for some SWs to struggle CC tyranny of PvP. I'll come up with more tests or even videos once I get a chance to test more so don't get over excited yet :P

"So friggin tired of noobs GWFs/GFs oneshotting me with Ferocious Reaction/Bloodtheft bugged procs"

Sadly but it's true that both class feature of Vanguard paragon path and bloodtheft enchantment are broken and sometimes proc multiple times depending on how much DoT the bearer has thus allowing them to get a huge advantage over DoT based damage dealers and especially us warlocks (He once had sum of 500k FR procs and yeah, that stuff crits...).

What can we do to prevent that from happening? Not much, either hope we luck out and it won't instantly kill us or just have soulforged armor enchantment which is pitiful workaround too. Best thing I can advise is to attempt to time those procs and lower our DoT output once our enemy has around 60%. Single but powerful strikes help overcome that too (KF for example). Yet, not focusing/avoiding those GWFs/GFs would be the best advise, I think. But in my PvP experience there were situations when allowing GWF/GF with FR or an opponent with bloodtheft so either it's playing role of sacrificial lamb or good timing.

Oh and yes, no ETA on fix.

OPvP as a SW

OPvP IWD etiquette

A lil bit offtopic but some people usually lack of it so he'd better start with it. Sometimes approaching to the entrance to Ebonfrost Scree you may see a group of both ABs and TTs flagged for PvP but not fighting each other. Don't attack any of them, those guys must be waiting for a 1vs1 or IWD PvP domination, usually a good chance to get some revivals for IWD campaign too. So the main unspoken rules for 1vs1 IWD OPvP duels usually are:

- Attack once you both are ready.
- No cockatrice companion.
- No healing pots.
- Don't finish your opponent once he/she is down. The ally will revive them.


Sadly, Open PvP zone offers even more advantages over warlocks for the other classes than advantages for warlocks against them. Our main enemy in OPvP is just a little pet - Cockatrice and it's root, basically permanently immobolizing us making shadow slipping impossible once you stop holding a button. Fortunately, it now respects tenacity and any kind of CR resistance. Elven battle proved to be extraordinary good against that bonus combining with some tenacity. Basically, if you get Perfect Elven battle the duration will be down from like 2-3 seconds to hardly 0.5-1 seconds so root will look more like interrupt yet allowing us to shadow slip.

TR Wanna-bes and Skilful Executioners

Another problem would be a lashing blade heroes, aka TRs that are just itchy to SE/oneshot something that can't even dodge. Infernal spheres proved to be a good alarm system against them. Also, some TRs are dumb enough to run around with summoned augment pets. Watch the snow, if you see an augment stone approaching to you alone - that must be hostile rogue preparing for an easy kill thinking SW is just a ship for him to cut the way he pleases. Make sure he changes his look over SWs.

Asking some friends to team up for daily/black ice mining would be a good solution too. Just make sure you don't chase that rogue for hours. Some of them are very good at pot drinking contest.

There is also some tactics against very annoying rogues that keep chasing you. Put on Tyrannical Threat daily, find a hostile golem, cast TT on it and keep building stacks of CD. Usually TR run into it's area of effect and use ITC, make sure you curse them. Once their ITC expired, they may die in just a blink if you build enough DOT on that golem. Just remember, won't work twice on the same rogue unless one is really dumb.

Credits: This guide is created by Misery Anklast