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Vainglory Vox Build and Strategy Guide

Here's a build and strategy guide for the newest hero on Vainglory named Vox. In here, you will learn how Vox operates in a team, the item and skill build which is great for Vox and some strategy tips on how to play Vox and dealing with other enemies.

Who is Vox?
Difficulty : All is about positioning again
Mobile Sniper with a high-energy playstyle, able to quickly and frequently dash around the battlefield. Vox deals significant damage either to a single target or to groups of enemies depending on his build. This flexibility allows Vox to react according to the needs of his team.

LEVEL 1-12
LEVEL 1-12


Julia's Song
Slot: Heroic Perk

Vox's basic attacks also deal crystal power as bonus damage and grant Vox an HP barrier, up to a max cap. When attacking enemies with Resonance, this damage will bounce to nearby enemies, refresh Resonance and also grant a barrier.

Very short range hero, that heroic perk is a must for him, as it gives him a shot HP barrier of 7 to 20 HP up to max 21-60 HP when auto-attacking. You won't be afraid to last-hit.
Also allows his auto-attacks to flipper-bounce between all enemies affected by your Resonance that it will refresh, and also grant a barrier.

+50% of his crystal power as bonus damaage !

Sonic Zoom
Slot: A

Vox dashes in the targeted direction, throwing two attacks to the nearest enemy (prioritizing heroes). Overdrive: The first attack applies Resonance.

This abilitie is a DASH, you can come across some walls (The arrows on the map will help you know where you can do it); allows to chase and escape aswell.

Bonesaw is preferable over Breaking Point in this weapon build because this item fits so much with Vox Sonic Zoom to shred the carry enemy's armor!

Indeed, you can shot a combo of 4 shots = auto-Attack + A dash fires twice + last shot !!! and that shred the armor of the ennemie carry for the whole team : shred 12% per stack (max 5) during 6 sec. so with this combo : 12% armor shred * 4 insta-stacks = 48% of the armor shred in a sec!!! (like Ringo's : the auto-attack cooldown resets by using abilitie)

Your ESCAPE Path is this : Reflex Block- Sprint Boots- Sonic Zoom
You'll trigger Reflex Block when being ganked and then use both Sprint Boots+Sonic Zoom to leave the fight.

Slot : B

Vox emits a Sonic Pulse that echoes off nearby enemies and applies Resonance. The pulse applies a slow that is significantly stronger near its center. Each upgrade to Pulse increases the damage Vox's basic & bouncing attacks deal to targets with Resonance.

This is pretty much a Sonar / RADAR that reveals the ennemy position by showing circle when pulse is crossing ennemies (creeps or heroes).

You won't be able to identify who is hiding, but even Taka under his box will be revealed!

Use it before FACE-CHECKING a bush !

Don't forget to use the SLOW wisely too.

Apply RESONANCE with this skill, to deal damage bonus to the whole players affected. (very effective with crystal builds)

Max this at 5 when crystal builds to reach 125% of resonance damage bonus + 30% slow at center and 20% at edge, for a energy cost of 80 and a cooldown of 8.

Level 4 in same order : 80% / 26% / 16 % / 70 / 12

You can use Pulse while being stunned

Wait for It...
Slot: C

Vox fires an ultrasonic wave that applies Resonance to enemies in its path and refreshes all Resonance. Shortly after, a wide shockwave explodes along the same path, dealing crystal damage and silencing enemies. Striking enemy heroes with the shockwave will also cause Resonance to bounce.

This sniper can SILENCE like Catherine 's Ultimate !!

It is a directionnal ultimate like his sister Celeste 's one; Firstly trigger a shockwave that apply resonance on his path and then deals crystal and silence with a true waveball!

Energy cost is always 80. Silence duration is always 1.5 sec.

Cooldown between level 2 = 55 and level 3 = 30 !!!

Shockwave damage : +50% bonus of your crystal damage. 450 at level 2 ; 600 at level 3!!!!


Crystal Builds needs to max your B and C abilities!

Skill Distribution per level

Crystal Sonar Build
Julia's Song- Leave as it is
Sonic Zoom- Take at level 2, 5, 10 and 11
Pulse- Take at level 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8
Wait for it- Take at level 6, 9 and 12

Weapon Waves Build
Julia's Song- Leave as it is
Sonic Zoom- Take at level 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9
Pulse- Take at level 1, 5, 7, 10 and 11
Wait for it- Take at level 6 and 12

Hybrid's Sound Build
Julia's Song- Leave as it is
Sonic Zoom- Take at level 1, 3, 5 and 9
Pulse- Take at level 2, 4, 7, 8 and 10
Wait for it- Take at level 6, 11 and 12

Item Build

#1 Weapon Waves Build

Max your A Sonic Zoom and B Pulse abilities and put your 6th and 12th level into the Ultimate C. Always start with Pulse as first skill, because on the lane, you won't be out-range through your RESONANCE, then first max A, then B.

Starting Items- Book of Eulogies and 2x Halcyon Potion

Early Game- Sprint Boots, Book of Eulogies, Six Sins, Heavy Steel and Oakheart

Weapon Core Items- Sprint Boots, Reflex Block, Sorrowblade, Blazing Salvo, Barbed Needle (you can also add Halcyon potion in case of emergencies)

Mid-Game- Travel Boots, Crucible, Sorrowblade, Swift Shooter, Bonesaw and Barbed Needle
Note: Get Swift Shooter to build into Blazing Salvo this will go towards Bonesaw or Breaking Point . Bonesaw is more preferable because this item fits so much with Vox Sonic Zoom to shred the carry enemy's armor!

Late Game- Travel Boots, Serpent Mask, Weapon Infusion, Bonesaw and Crucible

Note: This is the part when you become deadly and shine the most.
After that part, next step will be to choose between making even more weapon damage, wishing to be able to spam abilities, or building more defense item because they are all focusing you and your positionning skill isn't helpful enough

Final Build- Travel Boots, Sorrowblade, Serpent Mask, Crucible, Bonesaw and Fountain of Renewal
Note: About the last item Fountain of Renewal , choose between another Crucible , Shiversteel , Tyrant's Monocle , Tornado Trigger , Clockwork or Aegis.

#2 Crystal Sonar Build

Max B Pulse & C Wait for It... abilities. Put points into A only when you are forced too. Always start with Pulse as first skill, because on the lane, you won't be outrange through your RESONANCE.

Starting Items- Swift Shooter and 2x Halcyon Potion

Early Game- Heavy Prism, Sprint Boots, Swift Shooter, Oakheart and Eclipse Prism
Note: You'll get Oakheart to build into Reflex Block

Core Items- Sprint Boots, Reflex Block, Frostburn, Alternating Current and Void Battery (Take also Halcyon potion in case).

Mid-Game- Same items as Core items
Note: Void Battery is possible to upgrade into either Eve of Harvest or Clockwork .

Late Game- Sprint Boots, Reflex Block, Frostburn, Eve of Harvest, Alternating Current and Shatterglass

Note: Now, you can build either build Shatterglass or Broken Myth if you need more damage or getting a Crystal Infusion if a teamfight for Kraken is preparing (MEDiC's TRICK!), or get more defense by upgrading your Reflex Block into either Crucible or Aegis

Final Build- Travel Boots, Alternating Current, Aegis, Eve of Harvest, Shatterglass, Frostburn
Note: Replace Shatterglass with Broken Myth if the other team builds Aegis or few Fountain of Renewal.

Final Note: Do remember that the above item build are just suggestions. It is for you to decide if you will follow it or modify some to create your very own build, depending on the situation your at.

VOX and how he deals with other heroes...

Joule- Easy for you, so slow and predictable

Catherine- avoid her stun and you'll be fine

Ardan- Dad' is a threat only when he cages you for his teammates or slow you, but that's not the guy who's gonna kill you

Krul- Autoattack him, use your ultimate to silence him and he won't be able to Spectral Smite you, then apply Resonance and finish him up with your A. KITE!

Vox- CP vs WP in 1v1, WP wins most of the time.

Petal- She can OUTRANGE you, apply Resonance, kill her with using bounce on her pets.

Taka- CAREFUL! they often build tension bow or heavy weapon damage so you've to spend some gold on defense item, such as Dragonheart . He can cut your head in few secondes, he has 2 gapcloser and an invisibility abilitie. Use your B Pulse to apply resonance, localize him while he is invisible and slow him too. Kite him with your A Sonic Zoom .

SAW- Complicated matchup. His damages output in early game are huge. FOCUS ON OUTFARMING him ! Don't try to kill him, you can POKE with your Sonic Zoom and hit him through minions wave with Resonance of your Pulse . He is slow when spin-up so force him to use his A spell or boots to escape. His slow mobility makes it hard for him to roam and help his teammates : keep your eyes on minimap, follow your allies pings, and come into the jungle to help your teammates : you got much more mobility than saw!

Ringo- Use your resonance to reach him when you are on the lane. Hard hero to encounter tough. Don't fight him 1v1 in a long fight.


Credits: Special thanks to Nwk-MEDIC for the guide.