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The Easy, Fast and Fun Way on How to Learn Touch Typing (Learn How to Type Fast)

For those who does not know what is touch typing, then let us enlighten you a bit. Touch Typing is basically a term which means typing on without using your sense of sight.

Now that you know what Touch Typing means, then now you know how important it is to learn how to do it fast. Basically, typing without looking into your computer's keyboard will make you more productive on your work. If you use your computer or laptop a lot for word processing, then you better learn Touch Typing right now.

So how can you learn Touch Typing? 

You can practice Touch Typing manually. You can select a book and then type the words on it. But if you want a more precise way of learning then you can check out some free tools on the internet which will help you Touch Type fast. Basically these tools that we will recommend are free, and some offers a fun way of learning Touch Typing. Let's discuss them below.

Free Tools to Help You Learn Touch Typing

For starters, the BBC’s Dance Mat Typing should be your go-to resource. It is a browser-based game for kids where each lesson touches a different set of keys and there’s a game at the end of each level to test what you have learned. The lessons would require the Adobe Flash player enabled in your browser.

The next recommended resource is Typing.com, a free website where you’ll find interactive tutorials and drills to help you learn typing step-by-step. Typing Study is a similar resource but unlike other typing lesson that focus on the English keyboard, Typing Study has lessons for keyboards of most popular languages including Hindi and it requires no Flash Player either.

Tipp10 (Mac, Windows) and Typist (Mac only) are desktop software that teach typing offline and you also have the option to upload your own text – like pages of your favorite novel – for practice.

How about the Fun way of Learning Touch Typing?

The best way to learn typing is through practice and there are a plethora of online typing games that will help.

The very-addictive Z-type and QWERTY Warriors are shooter games where the ships are assigned a word and you’ve to type as fast as you can to shoot these advancing ships. Type Racer and TyprX let you test your typing speed while playing a basic game of car racing with other users. 10fastfingers lets you practice typing the most common English words while Typing Club allow you to practice individual keys that you you need think need more training. Advanced users can try the Typing Karaoke to test their typing skills.