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Mortal Kombat X Complete Walkthrough Guide for PS4, Xbox One, PC , PS3 & Xbox 360

Welcome to the complete walkthrough guide for Mortal Kombat X on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This walkthrough guide will give you the tips and strategy on finishing each chapters of the game easily and quickly.

Mortal Kombat X Walkthrough

The tutorial is available from the start in the Main Menu. It’s completely optional, since not playing it doesn’t hamper your progress in the game. It consists of four parts to help you up your beginner’s game: The Basics, Kombos, Special Moves, and Advanced Tutorial.
Canceling Tip: Certain normal attacks allow you to perform a Special Move before the attack animation is finished. You “cancel” the animation of the normal attack to perform the Special Move and pave the way for more devastating combos. Note that not all normal attacks can be canceled, so be sure to experiment in Training Mode.

Chapter 1: Johnny Cage
Welcome to the Mortal Kombat X walkthrough! PapiG will be your guide showing you through the game’s battles.

Intro: The story begins just as Shinnok’s plan to escape the Netherrealm comes to fruition, tasking you with stopping his conquest of Earthrealm as Johnny Cage. Twenty years later, Earthrealm and Outworld have formed a non-aggression pact, which brings an uneasy peace between the two realities. However, there are those who would undo this truce for their own gain. Outworld’s current empreror, Kotal Kahn, is dealing with a rebellion led by Shao Kahn’s daughter, Mileena, who claims to be the rightful heir to the Outworld throne. Quan Chi, Shinnok’s most trusted servant, continues to plot against Earthrealm and Outworld — determined to free his master from Raiden and the Elder Gods’ prison.

The story of Mortal Kombat X is comprised of 12 chapters, each putting you in control of a specific character. Each chapter is full of several epic battles and stunning cutscenes that put past fighting game story modes to shame. Story Mode is not just entertaining — it’s a great way to become familiar with several characters over the course of normal play. Story difficulty can be adjusted in the Gameplay settings, found in the Options Menu.
Interactive Cutscenes Tip: Mortal Kombat X has several interactive cutscenes that play out over the course of the Story Mode. When the screen switches from a letterbox display to full-screen, prepare to match the on-screen button prompts to emerge victorious.

Chapter 2: Kotal Khan
Stage Interactions Tip: Each stage has several interactive objects that can be used to damage your opponent or put some distance between the fighters. An interactive object glows with a white outline when you’re within range; press the R1/RB shoulder button to use the interactive object at the cost of half of your Energy.

Chapter 3: Sub-Zero
Chapter 4: Kung Jin
Chapter 6: D’Vorah
Chapter 7: Takeda Takahashi
Chapter 8: Jax
Chapter 9: Scorpion
Chapter 10: Raiden
Next, we have a Raiden flashback to when Liu Kang & Kung Lao were still part of the light side.
Chapter 11: Jacqui Briggs
Chapter 12: Cassie Cage & Ending
Cassie Cage gets ready for the final battle against Corrupted Shinnok.
The End? Not if you keep watching for the post-credits scene that shows the secret ending.
It seems Raiden has transformed himself after entering the Jinsei and now is Dark Raiden.

Credits: Special thanks to Warner Bros. Games, XCVii007r1, to a youtube user who calls himself PapiGfunk, and to Powerpyx for the tips, guides and videos.