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How to Upgrade Badges in NBA 2K15 with Cheat Engine on PC [Offline Mode]

What are badges?
Badges makes your player more skilled in a certain field. For example, when you have the PET MOVE SIZE-UP badge, your player will have more chances of breaking down your opponents defense once you've performed your size-up move. There are 77 badges overall in the game ranging from personality badges which basically boost your personality and, the skill badges which boost your specific skills like shooting, defending or other factors that can increase your players productivity. Your goal is to collect all badges and, upgrade those badges.

Talking about upgrading badges, you can upgrad badges to silver or to gold to make those badges more powerful and effective. However, take note that only skill badges can be upgraded to silver and gold and, haven't tried this yet, but I think you can only upgrade badges on online mode wherein you must get enough VC to get the upgrade. I know, that's a total bummer! But don't worry will fix that! As we found a way to upgrade it for free and quickly and far better, upgrade those badges even when you are playing offline!

How to Upgrade Badges in NBA 2K15 with Cheat Engine on PC [Offline Mode]

It's pretty simple. You just need to download the latest version of cheat engine. Once you have the cheat engine, you will just edit some numbers on the game and you will have that badge in gold in no time. Just follow the steps below on how to upgrade your badges in offline mode:

1. Download Cheat Engine.

2. Open NBA 2K15.exe

3. Open Cheat Engine

4. Then "select a file to open" by pressing the computer with a magnifyer icon below "File".
5. Then select the NBA 2K15.exe

6. Go to NBA 2K15, MyCareer

7. Once you are on MyCareer, check the number of points you have.

8. Input your points on the "value" on cheat engine and press "First Scan".
Note: At first, there are many values which will be found by cheat engine and all we need to do is to find the right one by breaking it to just 2 or 1 values. So proceed to the next step on how to do that.

9. The next step is to go back to NBA 2K15 MyCareer and spend some points on upgrade. Once you've spend something your points will decrease (duh obviously).

10. Then copy that new points you have and input it on the value on Cheat Engine and then hit "Next Scan".
If you have done this correctly, then you will see 2 or 1 value now and all you need to do is change the value. 

11. But don't change the value into positive numbers. Instead input -1.

12. Now go to NBA 2K15 Player Upgrades, select attribute upgrades, then press 3 and then, select the badges you want to upgrade.

There you have it! Now all you need to do is collect all those skill badges, upgrade them to gold and waste you opponents!