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How to Protect Your Google Account With the Use of USB Security Keys

Protecting your Google Accounts is a must! Especially to those who generate revenue using their Google Accounts. Say for example, if you're a YT publisher or an Adsense publisher, you should prioritize making a long-line and hard-to-remember password so that no one, except you, will be able to acces your account. Others may resort to changing their password as often to heighten the security.

However, Google provided an easy step for you to make your accounts more secure. Web services which uses Google Accounts like Gmail, Microsoft, Evernote, WordPress and Dropbox now support 2-step authentication to improve the security of your online accounts. Once you enable two-factor authentication, you'll need to enter your password and a verification code which will be sent to you, via your mobile phone so only you, and you alone could access the account. 

However, the problem with this two-factor authentication is that there are certain times that you'll be limited on using your mobile phone. Say for example, you go to places wherein there is no mobile signal or, you go to other foreign countries. Most of the time, you will not be able to access your Google Account because of these restraints. But don't worry as there's a solution to this.

The solution is to use a USB Security Keys for the second factor authentication instead of a mobile phone verification.

How to Protect Your Google Account With the Use of USB Security Keys
The first step is to associate a USB security key with your Google Account. Go to myaccount.google.com, click on 2-step verification and then switch to the Security Keys tab. Here click the Register Device button and then insert the USB key into the computer to attach it to your account.

Once registered, you can use your USB security key to log into your Google Account from any other desktop or laptop computer without requiring the mobile phone. Simply open the Google login page, type in your username & password, click the Sign-in button and then insert the USB key. The lights will blink on the device, you need to tap it once and it will instantly log you into the account.

The USB security keys require no software and they are compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux computers. They need no batteries, they are tiny like a regular USB thumb drive but also rigid. You can also associate multiple Google Accounts with the same USB key which can be a huge timesaver for some users.

USB Security Keys make 2-factor authentication painless but you can only use them inside Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers. You’ll still have to rely on SMS messages, or the authenticator app, for logging into Google on your mobile phones or in browsers like Firefox and Opera.

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