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How to Host Your Podcast on Google Drive for Free

Do you host your podcasts on web hosting sites that offers a room for your file, for the a couple of bucks a month? Did you know that you can host your podcasts (both audio and video) for free and, without the bandwidth restriction? Yes you can! And if you have a Google Drive account, then you can start hosting your podcast now for free! Just follow the simple steps below.

Google Drive offers web hosting and you can make use of this feature to host to host your own podcast show in two minutes.

Essentially, what we will do is create a new folder in Google Drive to store the podcast files and then make this folder public so anyone on the web can download episode files stored in this Google Drive folder. Any audio or video file that you upload to this Google Drive folder will have a public URL that you can use in your Podcast XML feed for publishing on iTunes.
You should see this page once you've followed step #1 below.

  1. Click here and authorize the Google Script so that it can create a new public folder in your Google Drive for hosting the files.
  2. You’ll now be provide a link to the new Google Drive folder. Open the link and upload one or more podcast files.
  3. Next follow step #2 of the wizard and you should see a list of the uploaded podcast files and their public URLs like in this example. Copy-paste the file URLs in your iTunes RSS feed.
You should be on this page once you followed the steps above.
The podcasts will be served from googledrive.com.

Other than podcast episodes, you may also upload art work, logos and other image files that may be required for submitting your Podcast into the iTunes store.

Podcasts Files URLs on Google Drive

If you have created a podcast folder in Google Drive already and only need the URLs of the files for adding to your podcast RSS feed, here’s the trick. Make a note of the folder ID of podcast folder in Google Drive and add to the URL below (replace XYZ with your folder ID). Do make sure that privacy of your Google Drive folder is “anyone with a link can view” for people to be able to access your podcasts.

Credits: The google script and tips on how to host your podcast on Google Drive was created by Amit Agarwal. If anyone deserves credits, it should be him.