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Gamevil's Elune Saga Will Be Receiving a Big Update Called "The Miracle Updates"

Elune Saga to Introduce New Rewards, Content and UI with Miracle Updates

Big changes are coming to Astoria as Elune Saga releases the first of three “Miracle Updates” today. The three updates will be implemented from now until late May to improve rewards and UI, introduce gameplay changes, and add new stages and content.

The first update, available now for both iOS and Android users, is dubbed the CARE update, as it will increase player convenience through revamped rewards, balanced stages and characters, and other UI changes. Some of the improvements include:

Login Rewards: Players receive three 6-star Souls for logging in for 28 consecutive days.

Quest System: Newly added quest system for additional challenges and rewards.

Stage Balancing: Decreased difficulty in Normal mode.

Character Soul Slot Balancing: New Soul Slot to be opened every 5 levels to provide more benefit for leveling up characters.

Improved UI in Tainted Dungeon: Simplified process of progressing through the dungeon, i.e. doors open automatically with a Key.

Expanded Storage: Increased Bag capacity from 600 to 700 to allow room for more equipment and items.

The next two Miracle Updates are called the CHANGE and CREATIVE updates, and will be released in late April and late May, respectively. Developed by Waplesoft and published by GAMEVIL, Elune Saga is a hybrid RPG with a combination of trading card and strategic battle elements. It was launched in December 2014 and is available worldwide on App Store and Google Play.

Download on App Store: http://bit.ly/EluneSagaiOS

Download on Google Play: http://bit.ly/ESGooglePlay

For the full details of the update, you can check it out here: Elune Saga Miracle Updates