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Freestyle 2 Guide: How to Play Small Forward Like a Pro

Here's a guide written by Condone on how to play as a Small Forward on Freestyle 2. It will show you some good skills an SF should have and tips for all sorts of SF on the game.

First let's talk about that kind of SF you have built? With 3 types of SF's being shrewd, power and balanced which one did you make?

Shrewd SF has Better scoring attributes, Power has better defensive attributes and Balance is in-between.

This guide will use a Shrewd SF but has an all-around playing style.

As we all know SF is the backbone of the team, the team plays off of you, you are the main scorer on the team. Your teammates play better when you play better, if you end up taking the blame after a loss then take it then deal with it cause when you win a game you can make the claim that you played a big role in it.


The road to level 50 is the toughest, mainly because your limited depending on your level. Another reason is your playing against level 50 players and you're a mere level 12 and without VIP or sponsors that road to 50 is very long but push through it ! you won't regret being a SF when your level 50.

- Regular SF's ( with no GKash )

You only get 100 attribute points and you better use them wisely....

Middle Shot - People claim just because you're a SF you don't have to put points on middle shot, that is absurd. It is recommended to allocate 15 points (yellow and orange bar should be filled) on middle. Why? you make more middle shots in lag, and it people's faces. You ever wonder why you miss pull up jumpers or quick jumpers in people's faces then this might be the reason.

3 Point Shot - This attribute need a lot of attention, the game goes not 2s and 3s it's not all about 2s mix up some 3s so your defense can recognize you from that range, keep them on their feet. It is recommended to allocate 15 points for this also.

Speed - Speed is important as a scorer, you need to be quick on your feet and you need to be able to blow by those big PF's and escape those pesky PG's. It is also recommended to allocate 15 points.

Stamina - this is just important as speed, you need to be durable and must be able to last per possession and must be able to recover quickly, 15 points is recommended

Long layup - you need layup range when attacking. The closer you get the easier it is to block and with the longer distance you have time to to change your mind just in case u want pass in air or double clutch. 5 points in recommended.

Block - Since you're a SF you're not going to be camping paint and blocking dunks but from time to time you will be in paint rejecting dunk and shots, also blocking shots on the perimeter your going to need some range. 5 points recommended

Since these are basic attribute that need the attention the most your left with 30 points to use. If you want to be aggressive defensively the add some steal or more block, if you want to help out big's then add some rebound and tussle and go scrap around in the paint, steal some rebounds, there's many ways you can be effective SF is not pure scoring do not be one sides be a threat in most common places -SPC SF's & SF's With Gkash

Since you have some extra points to spare use them on whatever makes you happy but use them in a what that you know is going to help you, like extra 3pt Stat or Speed & Stam, even rebounds and tussle ( A SF who can rebound and block is OP, Daft Punk is a good example of one. If you can rebound on a SF then you can play SF, SG, PG as a starting 3 and believe me it works

Also stat clothes won't hurt a fly, use item balls to get some plus 10 clothes and buy some. It never failed my regular SF and I'm sure it won't hurt you.


Here is a list of the basic skills for the SF position. Regular SF's with no GK to buy extra slots are stuck with 9 slots when they reach level 50. Feel limited? Don't you'll be just fine.

Quick Jumper - This skill is a must. This simple skill can be used in more ways than you think. If you're playing with a pass first PG then you'll love this skill. if you have a defender that bites a lot then let him. Don't shoot in his face, give him a pump and let him bite, sprint to an open spot even though the big might meet you there but you have some time to catch and shoot with this skill, if sprinted in the right direction then its buckets. Another way to use this is when you have PG that switched on you and they are spamming steal, that's good because they are dumbasses who are looking to get 10 steals per game, just quick jumper in their face. most of them don't even upgrade their block attribute so they might not be able to block you at all in the 1st place. You can also quick jumper when someone is playing right defense on you no matter the position. to block this jumper it's all about reaction time, catch them Sleeping !

Manual Layup - Why go straight up? that's a 95 pct block unless you're playing DPOTY then it's a 100 pct block for him. Most pro bigs will block a straight up manual but it's worth a try to do it. If you have range on your layup then quickly double clutch out of it or catch a big that's leaning on one side on the paint and manual around him to the other side.

V Cut - This is used in real life, this is actually a fundamental skill. V cut is to get open. You can use this to escape a pesky defender, or if you catch a defender sleeping just V cut to the hole and get by him but be careful of those big who's waiting for you.

Behind the back - (step back) this is used to get away from your defender. A step back and a pass with no pump fake is enough to get your defender in the air. You most likely will get a open shot with a quick pass back from the PG or a Big will rotate to you. If a big is on you he's getting cooked keep that in mind and have some confidence.

Jab Step - this is again a real life fundamental move. this is also know as a triple threat position. In this position you can Shoot, Pass, Or Drive in. This can be used when Iso is called on someone, maybe a big is on your or a pesky PG. The mind games start here. Use jab step early and have then guessing. When it comes to shooting off a jab doing it carefully. Shoot over those PGs who's swiping all day. Pump fake a PF who's looking for a block or you can chain jab with behind the back and make some space for an open jumper. you can also blow by your defender which will most likely draw another one and hit the open man.

Double Clutch - this is mandatory. you need to confuse the enforcer down low in the paint. make him guess what you doing. Don't be too repetitive or your getting erased. Double clutch out of your dunk to sell the move more. make it look convincing.

Pull Up - Just ask Tracy McGrady how many people got abused with this move. pull up is mandatory. i win games with this move. you can pull up out of a jab step, or moving with the ball or even chain it with the pump fake move. this move gets me out of sticky situations. it can be used when guarded against anybody, this move is all about buckets and you unlock it at a decent level which is very good.

Infinte Dribble - Why do you need to be spinning around the court? And why waste slots on dribbles? if played defense correctly these moves all result to one thing...a TURNOVER. You only need about one. This is the dribble that lets your crossover left and right. One cross to one direction is enough to get buy someone. You can even step back out of this dribble, or even Hop step or pull up, this skill the most highly recommended out of all the dribbling skills, You don't need to be dribbling anywhere to make a shot you should be playing off the pass with your PG.

SP3 - this is also mandatory. you need to make all the 3s you can as a SF, in fact you need to consistently make as much 3s as you make mids. You will be a huge offensive threat.

Those are the 9 basic skills that will helped you out as a SF in FS2. IF you have the extra GK to unlock all 4 then do so ASAP you will even be more of a problem.

The extra 4 Skills, use them on : Screen dash, Spin Layup (V+D Move), Hop Step and Pass in air. These moves gave me more variety on offense.

Screen Dash - Ask all the SG's why this is abused. it's not a op Skill cause it can be stopped easily no matter who's using it. It gives you a speed boost and you can pop a quick jumper right after or a Hop step or a Pump Fake Dash Chain in to a behind the back and confuse the hell out of your opponent but this moves drains stamina.

Spin Layup - this has a manual animation to it so it can't be blocked straight up. You can score on pro defenders with this move and it gives you another option then manual layup, put a spin to it and you can also stop the layup and have the big air born

Hop Step - use this against PF's and PG's, you don't even have to pump because right after the animation is done they expect a shot and they will be in the air and you can either pass or shoot it after or just shoot it anyways. this can also be used when losing out of a jab step or one of my favorite chains is Pump fake dash forward out of a jab then hop step immediately, don't be basic !

Pass in Air - When you in the air you have 3 options : Fake it, Take it, Pass it. Why not have them guessing which one? I'm sure a big will bite on this move as a SF no is expect you to pass. your big should be open for a dunk.


Don't hog the ball, yes it's your job to score but people will be open share the rock.

Don't force ! Please don't waste possessions trying to be fancy, share the ball !

Stop sleeping ! SF can virtually guard any position don't be afraid to take them on let them know you are there !

When passing watch the intercept motion by the PG's Pass to the other man if you have too.

Use cards and toys to give you as much of a boost as you can get.


Also make the game fun, taunt your opponent, talk some SH*T, Start rivalries !!!

Credits: Special thanks to Condone for making this guide and sharing it to other FS2 players like us.