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Cities Skylines Walkthrough Guide on PC, Mac & Linux

Here's a walkthrough guide for the latest city-builder game Cities Skylines. It will give you in-game tips and strategies on how to finish part of the game.

Cities Skylines Walkthrough

Quick Start Guide:

You can start playing the game in 10 easy steps by following the instructions below.

1) Select “New Game” from the main menu.
2) Select a map.
3) Start building your city by selecting the road tool from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
4) Draw a road connecting to a highway. You can start drawing a road by clicking the left mouse button at a selected point on the map. Place the road by clicking the left mouse button again.
5) Set up zones for housing, commercial services, and industry with the zoning tool next to the road tool. Buildings are created in the assigned zones as soon as they are set up.
6) Select the electricity tool to build a power plant for your city. You can see your electric network as a light blue area around the buildings and power plants. – TIP: You can build power lines to transfer electricity over longer distances.
7) Build a water pumping station next to a water source.
8) Draw a network of water pipes from the water pumping station to provide your city with fresh water.
9) Build a water drain pipe and connect it to the water network to handle sewage. 10) Continue expanding your city by building more roads and assigning new zones next to them as needed. As your city grows, new services are unlocked. Build landfills to take care of the garbage, health care to keep your citizens healthy, and schools to provide education for your citizens as the services become available. Police and Fire departments will keep your city safe from crime and fires.

Part 1: Introduction To A New City Builder

Welcome to the Cities Skylines walkthrough!
Part 2: “Fire Fire!”
Part 3: The City Grows
Part 4: “Stop Dying!”
Part 5: Big Town
Part 6: Garbage Crisis
Part 7: Pumping Oil
Part 8: City Management
Part 9: “1 Million Dollars!”
Part 10: So Much Noise
Part 11: “No Oil!”
Part 12: Small Steps!
Part 13: Lack of Customers
Part 14: No More Traffic Lights
Part 15: Public Transport
This guide is a work-in-progress. If new missions are available, then it will be posted here in this page. So keep visiting this page often.

Credits: Special thanks to Paradoxplaza and GameRiotArmy for the video guides.