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Cities Skylines Cheats, Unlockables, Tips & Tricks on PC, Mac & Linux

In this page, you will learn some of the known cheats, unlockables, tips and tricks for the latest city-builder game on PC, Mac and Linux named Cities Skylines.

Cities Skylines Cheats

How To Make Larger Cities with 25 Tiles
By default, Cities Skylines only lets you use a single area of the map. You can expand your city by clicking on the globe icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, as that icon lets you buy neighboring parcels of land. However, this only lets you grow to 9 tiles.

STEP #1: To go from the default 9 tiles maximum to the game’s real maximum number of 25 tiles, you will need to install a mod called the “All 25 Areas Purchasable” mod. To install this mod, go to the linked page and simply subscribe to the mod. To activate it select it from the Mod-Menu within the Content Manager. Restarting Cities Skylines may be required, but you do not have to start a new city.

STEP #2: The last Milestone (13) adds the permission in the game for you to buy the remaining 10-25 tiles instead of the 1 you start with. So you have to reach Milestone 13 to unlock all tiles / areas, since it does not work from the start of the game, as Milestones 1-12 are unchanged.

Note: Since the game’s achievements are tied to maps with the default’s up to 9 tiles, if you enable any mod including the “All 25 Areas Purchasable” mod that lets you have more than 9 tiles, then achievements get locked. However, there’s another mod — called the “Mod Achievement Enabler” mod — that will then allow you to still earn achievements! So it all works out in the end.

CE Bonus Content
The Cities Skylines Deluxe Edition includes 5 in-game historical monuments from around the world.

The included bonus content is:
• Statue of Liberty
• Eiffel Tower
• Brandenburg Gate
• Arc de Triumph
• Grand Central Terminal

These are the only available cheats for Cities Skylines for now. But, rest assured that when new cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables are discovered for the game, we will then update this page. So keep visiting this page constantly for future updates.

For now, you can also share cheats you know for the game Cities Skylines by writing it on the comment box below.