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Broken Age Act 2 Complete Walkthrough Guide on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, iOS & Android

Here's a walkthrough guide for Broken Age Act 2 which will teach you the puzzle solutions and different strategies to finish the game from beginning gameplay to end. This guide is suitable for the PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, iOS & Android of the point-and-click graphic adventure of Double Fine Production.

Shay & Vella’s Story Continued

Welcome to the Broken Age Act 2 walkthrough! 

The game’s creator Tim Schafer recommends you play through Act 1 again before you start Act 2 to get a story refresher course. To quote: “There are just so many hints and story set ups that happen in Act 1 that you need to remember for Act 2 to make sense. Anyway, whatevs. You don’t have to start over. That’s just my recommendation. I’m like that waiter that tells you how to eat your food. No actual legal authority, but you know he’s right about the ponzu sauce.”

Vella begins inside the beast that she knocked out at the end of Act 1. Whereas Shay emerges on the Shellmound Beach where Mog Chothra fell, where he meets his dad and wanders to the left to look for help.
Act 2 Finale Last Puzzle Solution & Ending
Here’s the detailed Shay & Vella Finale walkthrough courtesy of the creators. After the the Mog ships have collided in front of the Plague Dam, Shay and Vella need to figure out a way to get unstuck.

Choose Vella:
• Go to Hallway Bedroom
• Pick up the bustedSafety Hexipal
• Look on the back of the Safety Hexipal to get the correct Safety Ability Codes
• Go to Mom’s Room
• Use the Laser Trigger
• A series of cutscenes will play, in one of which Alex will run through the door leading to the Lower Deck. Door to the Lower Deck is now open.

Switch to Shay:
• Split Screen plays and cuts to Pyramid Interior.
• Go through the now opened door to the Lower Deck
• Click on the Logbook to get the Harp Ability Code
• Head towards the Power Room, encountering the Droogs.
• Droogs prevent you from going to the Laser Switch.
• Go to Music Room
• Pick up the Broken Radio
• Go upstairs to the Dead Eye God Interior
• Use Broken Radio on Electrical Genius Hexipal who is dancing with Rocky (a cutscene plays where the Genius fixes the radio). Electrical Genius
Hexipal is added to Shay’s inventory
• Optional – Give Fixed Radioto Alex
• Program Electrical Genius Hexipal to use the Harp Ability
• Head to Empty Hull, towards the Power Room
• Use Electrical Genius Hexipal on Droogs. They now worship it and you by association — they will follow you around. Unfortunately, they’re still blocking the entrance to the Power Room, so you have to lure them to the music room to distract them.
• Go to the Music Room
• The Droogs stand by the door and as soon as Shay makes a motion towards the door, they appear to exit (ahead of Shay)
• To distract them, use Electrical Genius Hexipal on the Harp that’s in the room. The Droogs will now pretend to play the Harp and will not follow you out of the room (since their real object of affection is the ELECTRICAL GENIUS)
• Head to Power Room
• Get the Mallet from the power switch
• Walk round the back of the pillar
• Hit the Power Switch to restore power to the laser
• Go back to Music Room
• Pick up the Electrical Genius Hexipal from the Harp
• Reprogram the Hexipal for Safety Ability
• Combine Electrical Genius Hexipal + Mallet in the inventory
• Use Electrical Genius Hexipal + Mallet on Drum in the room. All the Droogs begin to make wild noise that summons Alex.
• Head back to the Pyramid Interior

Switch to Vella:
• From the Main Bridge head to Situation Room.
• Pick up SCRAP WIRE from console.
• Go to Nav Room.
• Wire the Safety Hexipal to Harp Playing Ability
• Climb down the stairs
• Use Safety Hexipal on Space Weaver’s Scarf to tickle him. Cutscene plays that summons Mom from her room.
• (If Shay has messed with the Grabbing Gary, causing Mom to shut it down, head to Mom’s Room, else head to the Main Bridge)
• Verify that the Boom Arm Controls setting is “Manual”
• Head to Main Bridge

Switch to Shay:
• Alex should still be distracted in the Music Room.
• Head to the Dead Eye God Interior
• Use Grabbin’ Garry Button

Switch to Vella:
• On the Main Bridge. Mom should still be distracted in the Nav Room.
• Use the Laser Trigger again!

How to figure out the Hexipal Wiring Puzzle Solutions:
The six glyphs each correspond to one of the six nodes on the back of the hexipal.
Let’s give them numbers…

6 – 2
5 – 3

Wire the hexipal like this using the three pieces of wire allowed for rewiring.
Note that the direction of the electrical pulse, does matter, and is denoted with “to” below…

1 to 2
3 to 4
5 to 6

Place the hexipal in the charge slot and it’ll show you a glyph corresponding to the node
numbers above. Draw these out next to each number.
Using this chart you can wire the hexipal in the correct order to match the patterns…
• Charge Up: Is the pattern for Shay in Act 2. Acquired from the photo in Hope’s Room.
• Dance: Is the default pattern for Shay’s Hexipal in Finale.
• Harp: Is the pattern used for Shay’s harp and Vella’s scarf. Pattern is acquired in Finale, Lower Deck.

After completing the last puzzle, you will get to see the Act 2 ending, credits and final cutscene.
And once you've finished all that, its...... THE END. :)

Credits: Special thankst to Double Fine Production and NukemDukem for the walkthrough guides.