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Taichi Panda Newbie Guide (First 5 Hours of Gameplay)

Account Creation and Log-In

1. Register for a Snail Games account. You may register either in the Taichi Panda App, or through our web registration found here: http://games.snail.com/reg.html?from=ht ... en/&gid=38

2. Select a server. Make sure you select the server you are intending to join! Perhaps your friends are on a particular server and you want to make sure to join them. Select the current server at the log-in screen in APP. 

3. Choose a character. There are currently 3 roles you can select from. The might brawler Pan Da, the sneaky assassin Lauren Catcher, or the heroic warrior Lulandore. Each role has a different play style and you should select one that fits you the best! Or, simply create one of each to enjoy on the same account!

Your First 5 Hours of Play

1. Complete the Tutorial. The tutorial will teach you the basics of Taichi Panda, such as how to enter scenes and the difference between treasure scenes and boss fight scenes. The tutorial will also teach you how to strengthen your gear, and the basics of progressing your character. 

2. Upgrading Your Gear. You should also be on the look out for new gear to upgrade. Make sure to try it on to see if it will increase your might score. You may also strengthen your gear, so recycle all the equipment which are useless to you by using it to strengthen your gear!

3. Battle Companions. Do not overlook these awesome helpers! Make sure you keep them leveled up and also evolve them if you need! They provide a large amount of Might Score and that helps you to do more damage. Strategically deploying your battle companion is also a skill to be learned. As you level up, you will be able to deploy 2 battle companions per scene, one at a time. 
4. Diversify Your Bonds. There are over 7 different currency types in Taichi Panda. Make sure you know how to get all of them, and what rewards you may exchange for through each vendor. Plan your character progression by collecting your desired currency daily! 

5. Daily Tasks. Take advantage of the daily tasks which refresh every day. You will want to perform each type of task once to receive the daily reward! These add up and are key to a rapid character progression. Some vendors even have a daily limit of certain items you may buy. You will want to cap out on certain purchases such as Strength or Stamina pills every day!

6. Join a Guild! One bamboo may be strong but just imagine a cluster of bamboos. Get ready for higher level content such as group dungeons or group PVP arena by joining a guild!

This concludes our New Player Guide for the first 5 hours of play in Taichi Panda.

credits: guide by MoonWalker


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