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How to Earn Lots of Coins & Get a Lot of Supplies for Free in Hay Day [Guide]

Wheating, and some other ways to get a lot of supply materials for free

For me, at a certain stage the game had turned into desperate rush for supply materials: barn expansion items (bolts, planks, duct tape), silo expansion materials (nails, screws, wood panels), land expansion items (land deeds, mallets, marker stakes), tools (saws, axes, shovels), and explosives (TNT barrels, dynamite). Some items I lacked seriously, others I had a surplus, but after all, I needed a constant source of supply materials. The answer was wheating.

This guideline observes the following questions:

What is wheating?
What do I need for wheating?
How do I get rid of all that wheat?
How do I earn money on wheating? (Spoiler: you don't )
Are there other ways I can get supply materials with?
What's the real meaning of life, the wheating and everything?


What is wheating?

Every good, a crop, an item, even lures, while collected, generate one random supply material from time to time. Wheat is the fastest good to produce, and can be produced in huge volumes, limited only number of player’s fields. So, wheating is the process of repeated planting and harvesting of as much wheat as you can.

The number of fields player has to harvest in order to get one unit of supply materials is complicated. It differs from crop to crop, and alternates when a mixture of crops was planted. However, if a player plants wheat and only wheat, a supply material is generated once per 68 harvested fields.

That’s the basics of wheating: have 68 or more fields, plant and harvest only wheat, and you’ll have your bolt, screw, or even land deed once in two minutes guaranteed.

Note that wheating is possible with lesser than 68 fields, but for me it was psychologically difficult to repeat routine action and have a result only once per two or three iterations.

What else do I need for wheating?

Obviously, wheating generates tons of wheat, and does it extremely quickly. In order not to sink in wheat in 5 minutes, a player has to prepare their silo.

First, try to expand your silo as much as you can. Don’t concentrate on barn expansion items only. In fact, the first result of wheating should be bigger silo. The frequency of finding this or that supply materials is different for different items. They also flood player’s barn quickly. The surplus can be sold in roadside shop or traded at this forum. In case of roadside shop, you don’t only make your visitors way more happy: while wheat grows, pay a look to newspaper. It’s only a guess, but I had a strong feeling that advertising a supply material somehow increases the chance that you’ll find other supply materials in Daily Dirt. At least, it was like that in older versions of newspaper.

Again, expand you silo at first place. Try to bring its capacity at least to 600. Accumulate nails, screws, and wood panels. If your barn is full, and you aren’t close to any upgrade, sell or trade other items in exchange for the ones for silo.

Next, get rid of all other crops, but 1 unit of each. This will bring you additional operational space. The only exception is corn: you may have some as well. Read more to find out why.

Finally, a very important point: you have to have free space in your barn. Unlike mystery boxes or wheel of fortune that ignore barn’s capacity limit, wheating will not generate you your supply item when there’s no space in the barn to store it. A tip: explode something in your mine or chop any dead tree, harvest and collect new item, repeat.

How do I get rid of all that wheat?

There’re three channels to waste you wheat.

The first one is your roadside shop. Fill all but one or two slots with wheat. Don’t be greedy: you’re making not money, but supply materials, and player’s main objective should be to sell as much wheat as quickly as possible. Other players report that wheat for default price (10 coins per batch of 10) sells sufficiently fast, but it depends on number of friends a wheater has. I sell close to absolute zero, 10 crops for 1 coin, and even with that rate from time to time I used to face wheat jams.

To accelerate your sales, add friends from this forum: they increase the number of slots in your shop, and buy your wheat. For me, 10 slots of wheat is the minimum for comfortable sales. Also, a few weeks of wheating had brought me a dozen of followers: I never had more than 4 before. Keep one or two slots to your far right wheat-free: one you need for ad dummy, another can be used for trading.

Don’t advertise the wheat itself: your ad will burn in minutes. Place an ad dummy instead: strawberry, goat milk, potato, eggs work fine, good old bacon and eggs do that as well. Place 10 units of any of those for a full price to the last or next to last slot: not everyone will scroll that far, and your dummy can survive for a bit longer. If your dummy was lucky enough and lasted for 30 minutes, put a second dummy, or advertise one crop of wheat for full price.

My observation that the best sales are at 1-3 am UTC: this is midday in China and South-East Asia, and hordes of Chinese fellows swiped my wheat faster than I could grow.

The last point about roadside shop: name your farm like “cheap wheat”, or something more creative, but with that point. You farm’s name is displayed in Daily Dirt and can attract some additional customers.

The second channel is little people. Yes, you can control them! They ask for two goods you have most at your silo and barn, and also for those you don’t have at all. How’s that important for wheating? Make sure your silo stores at least one of each crop, fruit, and berry. Obviously, wheat will be your #1 crop. Guarantee that corn is your second, and little people will only come for wheat (which you have in numbers) and corn (which you can replenish fast).

Same works for barn. Ensuring that you have at least 1 unit of each produce will guarantee that little people will ask only two items your barn has the most. Exceptions: they never ask for animal feed, ores, bars, and jewelry, as well as barn, silo, and land expansion items. Sweets are not confirmed. They do ask for tools and explosives, but only when those are #1 and 2 in your barn. If you don’t have an axe, it won’t be requested.

Little people ask roughly for 30 to 60% of your stock. If you have 30 wheat, they can come after 12. But imagine that your silo is almost full, and there’s, say it, 450 wheat. Would be nice to get rid of 250 in just one tap, wouldn’t it? So, it’s in player’s interest to limit the number of goods little people ask for to the number of four, and to half your volume of wheat (approximately) every fourth time they come.

My personal unconfirmed observation: browsing other farms, for example via newspaper, makes little people come faster comparing to just sitting at your farm and waiting for them. This observation can be wrong.

The third channel is produce. If not busy, I make bread, chicken feed, eggs, popcorn, sometimes corn bread. This is minor channel to waste the excess of crops, and it can jam your barn occasionally, but it contributes nevertheless. I use eggs as ad dummy from time to time, but more frequently sell all those for 1 coin as well. Shoppers love it!

If I grow only wheat and sell it for default price, how on Earth should I earn money?

Good question, fella! I’d say wheating and earning money are just incompatible, and it doesn’t seem a trouble for me, because high-leveled player does not need money, but… You know, I had a tough discussion at this forum about earning coins in general, but let me tell you something: while I do weating, I earn a lot of screws (screw it!) and saws. Axes are scarce, but saws… Once I’ve managed to accumulate 70 saws! And the trick is that they are not popular among forum traders; I believe everyone has a bunch. Desperate to trade them, I had decided that I will plant as much trees as I have saws. My favourites are cherries: not as widespread as apples, not as slow as cacao. After 4 days I found my farm clean and neat as it was, but my barn had become more spacious, my coin wallet – thicker, and my XP counter – way longer (in fact, I’d leveled up).

Are there other ways I can get supply materials with?

Yes, there are. The pets. They are not easy to get. They are ugly (some of them) and seem to be useless. They loiter around for no good, trample fields down, and hamper you to wheat. BUT! They eat milk and poo land deeds. Excuse of all excuses.

Step by step: a player purchases an animal. The animal is hungry and stares at its empty dish or rack. Player fills the dish with respective food. The animal eats and falls asleep (it can run a short circle sometimes). Player taps the animal or blows the whistle. It wakes up and generates XP points and one supply material. Then it loafes for 6 hours. If its rack had been refilled, after 6 hours the animal eats again without any reminder and falls asleep again. Circle’s closed.

There’s no time counter for pets’ hunger, so I use a trick: next to my pets I have 1 field. When I wake them up and collect my items, I plant a tomato there. The tomato takes 6 hours to grow and it has time counter, so I’m always aware of the exact moment my pets get hungry again. Also, as I plant nothing longer that wheat and corn, the standard notification “All your crop are belong to us”… sorry, “All your crops are ready to be hervasted” indicates that it’s time to wake and feed.

Mechanics is the same: you feed pets once in 6 hours, and they generate you supply materials. Cats produce items once after 4-5 meals, and the count is cumulative: 4 cats will give you one item per 6 hours guaranteed. 6 cats from time to time will gift a patient player with 2 items at once. Dogs and horses have to be additionally investigated and confirmed, but should work similar.

Same as for wheating, a player should have at leas one free space (better two) before WAKING the pets.

Of course, mathematically pets are nowhere close to wheating, but hey, 6 milk is nothing! If there were a trader at this forum, who daily, 3 times in a day would exchange 6 milk for nail, or marker stake, or sometimes both, that guy should’ve had hundreds of friend requests!

Anything else to say?

Yes, a bit. I’ve tried wheating twice. My first time was somewhere at level 26. I had no friends that time (meaning just standard 6 slots in my shop), I had a small field and even smaller silo. I had noticed by myself that planting and harvesting wheat can generate some bonus, but I had to plant twice to get one item, and after 4 or 5 iterations my silo had become full. I tried to trade, but hardly sold one set of six slots.

I didn’t know about little people management and ad dummies, about usefulness of friends. I didn’t know even the silo and field figures I should have for a successful wheating. And I had to run my machines 24/7 towards their masteries. I had to complete Captain III after all, and I did all by myself, stubborn! Inevitably I had dropped wheating that time.

Much later on, after a broad talk with tovarisch Kolonistje, I’ve given it a second chance, and it worked! Thanks to wheating and forum trading, today I expand my barn, or silo, or both every day. Everything that’s written here are guides of Kolonistje and my observations. With his knowledge, my wheating wasn’t blind, but enlighted. This is a story of success, and I’m happy to share.

After all, I have to say that a player has to find their rhythm. To try hard and save every second or to harvest when it harvests, to manage own farm or to look for mystery boxes at other ones, to have 1 of each crop in silo or to maintain sustainable minimum for machines, to spend diamonds on extra ads or to let dummy live and die, to wheat for 1 hour or 1 day – your success in wheating depends on your answer for these questions. Just take the basic facts from my story, then alternate. Try everything. I did. It worked.

credits: this guide is created by rplotnikov


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