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Dying Light Complete Walkthrough Guide on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

Dying Light FAQS
How to survive in Dying Light?

LEARN TO CLIMB – Press and hold the JUMP button to jump and grab the ledge you’re looking at. You can start climbing while standing, walking or running. Remember to look at the ledge you want to grab.
COMBAT IS OPTIONAL – You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to. In most situations, the game gives you many other options, such as sneaking past the enemy or distracting then using decoys.
LOOTING IS A MUST – Always search lockers, chests, cupboards, and fridges. When outside, look for car trunks, vending machines, and ATMs. Looting brings you crafting components, goods to sell, and more.
BUY & UPGRADE WEAPONS – The best weapons are available in shops. If you feel your current equipment isn’t powerful enough, spend some cash at traders in hubs and safe zones. Look for upgrades to improve weapon stats such as balance and durability.
DON’T SKIP NIGHTS – Playing at night doubles all the Agility and Power experience points you get. It’s a great way to level up faster and unlock better skills.
UNLOCK SAFE ZONES – Safe Zones provide you not only with shelter but are also your respawn points when you die. Unlock new zones to streamline your exploration of the city.
USE SURVIVOR SENSE – Rely on your Survivor Sense. Just press the button to highlight your current objective, lootable objects around you, and the more dangerous enemies.
MAKE USE OF UV LIGHT – The UV flashlight and UV flares can be used to stun Night Walkers and Volatiles. It’s also the only way to drain stamina off the Night Hunter during asymmetric multiplayer matches.
SIDE-QUESTS & ENCOUNTERS – Complete as many side-quests as you can and help survivors in distress across the zone to level up your Survivor Rank faster and unlock new skills.
AVOID PURSUITS – If you’re being chased by night zombies, try to lose them by changing the direction of your run and use firecrackers as decoys. When your minimap turns white, find a place to hide and wait the pursuit out.
RECOVER AIR-DROPS – Bring them to the Quartermaster to obtain rewards and Survivor Rank experience. Here’s a pro tip: night airdrops are always more valuable!
ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS – Lure zombies to water puddles near electric wires and switch on the power; throw enemies at spikes or off the roofs; use explosive throwables and guns to blow up red gas cylinders; set fire to pools of oils, and much more…
WEAPONIZED MOVEMENT – Turn your parkour skills into a powerful tool of combat. Climb up and strike from above for additional damage and chance to knock down enemies. Jump off zombies to quickly attack from the air. Combine such skills as slides, tackles, and drop kicks with other moves and attacks.
CONSUMABLES – When you’re low on health and out of medkits, look for consumables – food packages that allow you to regain small amounts of energy. They can be found almost anywhere.
WEAPON DURABILITY – Durability of weapons depletes with use and you need metal parts to repair them. The number of possible repairs is limited and depends on the rarity of the weapon. Damaged weapons are practically useless in combat.

Dying Light Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1: Awakening
Welcome to the Dying Light walkthrough! Doug will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the City of Harran.

The introduction will show your main objective is to locate Suleiman and intercept the file with a toxic cure for the zombie plague.
Tip: You can check your collectibles progress in the Collectibles section of the Inventory Menu. Some of the collectibles will make you a better fighter and others expand the game’s backstory!

Chapter 2: First Assignment
Help a trapped survivor.
Note: Search dead bodies for Loot.

Chapter 3: Airdrop
Look for the airdrop in the Cauldron area.
Hint: The Agility Tree allows you to outrun your opponents. To increase your Agility Level, perform climbs, jumps or other freerunning moves and use skills from the Agility Tree.

Chapter 4: 2nd Airdrop
Take over the second airdrop.
Tip: The longer the pursuit, the more Infected zombies will start chasing you.

Chapter 5: Pact With Rais Part 1: Buy Antizin from Rais.

– Mother’s Day Side Quest: Bring the medicine back to Lena.
– Voltage Side Quest: Go to the central station and find the master panel to reset the breaker during the night.
Pact With Rais Part 2: Find a telecommunication antenna.
Pact With Rais Part 3: Get payment from Rais.

Chapter 6: Siblings
Part 1: Meet with Jade in the boxcar.

Siblings Part 2: Meet Jade in Storage C.

Chapter 7: The Pit
Part 1: Defend Dr. Zere and his lab.

The Pit Part 2: Look for Dr. Zere.

Chapter 8: The Saviors
Locate the people who can take you to Sector 0.

Chapter 9: Find The Embers, Chapter 10: Higher Education & Chapter 11: Public Face
– Find The Embers: Ask Troy to help you find Jade.
– Higher Education: Talk to Jade at the University.
– Public Face: Meet with Michael in the sewers.

Chapter 12: Rendezvous & Chapter 13: The Museum
– Rendezvous: Meet with Jade in the red building on Emerald Canal.
– The Museum: Find a way into the Museum.

The Museum Part 2: Leave the Museum and meet with Troy.

Chapter 14: Broadcast
Use sewer tunnels to reach the radio tower and hook up the amplifier before the bombing.

Chapter 15: The Clinic
Let Camden examine Zere’s Infected samples.

Chapter 16: Extraction
Confront Rais at the top of his Tower.

Chapter 17: Rais Final Boss Fight & Ending
At Rais’s Headquarters, Rais has made a deal with the GRE and now he’s about ot escape from Harran with the rest of Zere’s research. Don’t let that happen!
Get ready for the Final Boss Fight against Rais, followed by the game ending!

The End.

credits: guide by Warner Bros & Doug.


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