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WWE Immortals Guide: How to Beat the Game Fast and Without Spending Real Cash

Been playing for almost three days now and I must say, WWE Immortals are one fun wrestling game on mobiles. The only thing thay I can recommend is some bug fixes, a fix and realiable connection for online play and above all, more characters.

Okay, enough with that and let's get back to the topic at hand.

In this page, I will give some recommendations on how to play the game fast and without spending real money to buy WWE credits. Yes! you can do it! In fact, I earn 201,000 WWE credits to buy the super bad-ass Kings of Kings Triple H in the shop for 2 days playing it straight. How did I do it? Here's how...

Starting the right way
I have tried to reset my progress and see whether you"ll be given the same set of character in the beginning of the game and I conclude that you won't. At first, I was given Sheamus, Daniel Brian and Trish Stratus and when I reset and started all over again, I was given Sheamus, Big Show and Kane. So probably I concluded it is random.

But random or not, who are the best character in the game for starters?
On the Bronze pack, I would probably recommend Dark Sorceress Paige and The Devil Kane. 

Paige has this ability to drain stamina with her first special move which will come in handy when you face strong opponents at mid-game like Brock, Triple H and Undertaker.

While Kane has this ability to burn an enemy. Allowing you to apply continuous damage on them. His ability is best utilize on stages wherein enemies regen their life per second.

Aside from choosing the right starter characters, you should also consider what to get first.

1. PRIORITIZE GETTING ALL YOUR MOVES! You'll easily win a fight when you do more damage with your super moves. BUT JUST GET LEVEL 1 AND DON'T UPGRADE YET.

2. Also, CHARACTER CHEMISTRY IS A MUST. Pick wrestlers which have good chemistry with other wrestlers. That's why when I have 40k+ WWE credits, I then pick Undertaker (silver) as it has good chemistry with my Paige and Kane, not to mentiom the superb ability of the Undertaker in fights.

3. When you establish your main character for mid-game gameplay, give them talent cards. Talent cards help them boost their attacks or health.

Now I think you have enough knowledge on starting right, Now let's get into fighting. Here are some tips for the fight:

1. Learn when to block and when to attack. This is really based on your skills and I don't have any suggestions but to time your block and attack. It is all up to you!

2. When stamina of your opponent hits the second bar, tag in Paige to drain it!

3. Use your heavy attack wisely. When the opponent is down, time your attack to hit him when he gets up so that he will be knocked down again.

4. Use light attacks when opponent is at the corner but don't use the end combo which is a swipe gesture. Just continue tapping the screen until you build up enougj stamina for your special.

5. Always switch character whenever their stamina is full. Don't just use one character. Instead use them all. Remember that you have three characters to utilize. Use them wisely.

Okay now you are ready to fight. Now let's tackle stages and grinding to level up and farm for WWE Credits.

This is really the hard part as grinding to make a decent amount of WWE credits is really hard. My advice is to pick three silver character and upgrade them (just don't upgrade their specials to level 2 or further if not needed). Mine are Undertaker, Paige and Triple H (all are in silver pack).

Once you pick your maim character, then you are ready to grind. If your characters stamina has been drained, then use your stamina card. But if you don't have stamina card just wait for the time to full your stamina. That's too long!

That's how I beat the game in two days and without spending real cash!

If you have comments and suggestions, feel free to comment below.