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Unlimited Stamina Cheat on WWE Immortals [iOs/Android]

Okay. Let's make this fast but clear.

If you are are piss off with the fact that WWE Immortals has a constraint due to its stamina feature. Obviously, stamina is a nuissance to the game and many want to get rid of this pesky feature.

Luckily, we have something to share to you that will give you unlimited stamina on WWE Immortals. 

Note: This cheat is tested working on iOs and android devices, and really helpful in the offline mode of the game.

The cheat is pretty simple...

First, login to your game and play right until the stamina of your characters are low or until they are totally drained.
Notice the date its 10:43 and the stamina of the characters are half

The next thing you'll do is go to your phone setting, then go to date and set the date. 
Now notice the stamina almost full when I set the date to 11:44

Note: DO NOT CLOSE WWE Immortals! I think all your phone has multi-tasking feature so I think there will be no problem at all. 

Bonus Tip: To access the date setting of your phone without closing WWE Immortals, swipe from the top of your phone going down to access the menu bar wherein you can pick to go to your phone setting. I think you get the picture and there's no need to explain it further.

Once you've done the tinkering on your date, go back to the game and presto!!!! FULL STAMINA.

If you are out of stamina, repeat the process again!

This is really helpful in terms of leveling your character through the offline play mode and also farming fo golds to buy new characters and upgrades.

That's all about it! Happy Gaming Web Junkies!