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Tera Online Reaper Class FAQs

This is a Tera Online Reaper FAQs write up which will answer basic questions about the class.

Q: How can I obtain the new character slot?

A: Everyone should have obtained a free one via item claim.

Q: Is the Reaper starting zone (Ruined Elinu) permanent? will it always be like that even to other classes?

A: No. To new players Pora Elinu will be in the exact same state. I'm pretty sure unless you follow the Reaper lore or make a Reaper will the zone change and you will never be able to go back. In case you didn't know; Reaper starts in burned Pora Elinu. It is *not* Baldera.

Q: Can Reaper's wear other elin costumes?

A: Yes. Just because they stand differently doesn't change that.

Q: Will other elins be able to wear the 'gothic lolita' like costumes Reaper have?

A: No. 

Q: Do I get an additional character slot when Reaper comes out?

A: Yes. You get a free shiny brand new slot to make your precious new elin. A code will be given out by Treeshark to acquire it.

Q: Can other elins have the Reaper hairstyles?

A: Yes. They are available to all elins, not just Reaper.

Q: Is elin the only race that can be Reaper?

A: Yes. It is elin only. Follow the lore.

Q: What gear will Reaper be wearing?

A: The way it works is Reaper will pop out of their starting zone as 58, level to 60 and then the gear process goes like this; 

Royal Escort set (Ashen Hope zone)
Oculus Set (tier 13, dropped in Balder’s Temple)
Artisan-Crafted Bloodhoned set (tier 14)
Wonderholme set (tier 14) 

Q: Does Reaper have to start at level 50?

A: Yes. It goes with the lore. 

Q: Can you level with other Reapers in the starting zone?

A: Yes. It isn't solo mode. 

Q: Do Reaper's have similar dmg to Warrior/Sorc/(insert other class)? 

A: See the 'Tera Today; Reaper Introduction Guide' for details on this. But, in case you want a tl;dr or can't find what I'm referencing, here are the base stats in comparison:

Q: Can Reaper heal?

A: Yes, they also have a self res which is usable in all BG's. 

Q: Will Reaper be available to other races in the future? 

A: Nobody knows. Possibly; but it would take any months to do so. So far, there appears to be no plans for it and thus this would also ruin the 'Reaper' lore.

Q: Is the jump animation that Reaper's have new for all elins? 

A: No. It is Reaper only.

Q: About the extra character slot.. do I need to delete a current character? What is this thing about being 40+? 

A: No, you will not need to remove any existing character to create a reaper. The 40+ works for example, you need to level to 40 or above in level. If you are 60 you can make a reaper since you are above the 40+ limit. The reason you need to be 40+ is to ensure you get a basic concept of the game, hence why it is at that limit. No, you do not need to convert any character you currently have to elin. If you are 40 and above, you can make the Reaper just like you would any other toon.