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Tera Online Level 65 PVE Berserker Build and Strategy Guide

General PvE Berserker guide for level 65 patch. I’m not going to hold your hand 100% of the way and tell you there is only one way to play it; what you use should depend on the situation. I’m also not always right, but here’s my opinions:

Important things:
1) Gear, Accessories and Stat Rolls
2) Crystals
3) Glyphs (and master glyphs)
4) Skills and Rotations (will depend on glyphs)
5) Consumables

Each of the aspects above play an equal role in your overall effectiveness with any class so don’t neglect any of them. But your skill and hands-on experience is by far more important than your equipment. Item level is also not a representation of skill.

1) Gear, Accessories and Stat Rolls:
This is not a guide on getting gear itself, do your own research on what you want to get - there are a lot of resources out there.

Balance power and crit rate and don't go overboard on either. Get a power/crit hybrid jewelry setup to get the most out of their set bonuses. You don't need 200 crit rate. Attack speed does affect charge-up time but isn't worth going overboard on. No matter what gear you have it will suck unless you have it rolled to suit your needs.

Intense is the best weapon type for PvE. Don't choose Keen for PvE unless you are an Archer or Sorcerer and you need to compensate (low base crit rate DPS classes). I know this is an especially touchy subject for Berserkers, but I'd still choose Intense. But I will be rolling for more crit rate on accessories. The raw white damage gained from your weapon rolls outweigh rolling it for crit, getting crit elsewhere will make up for it.

Here are some good rolls for your gear:
• Weapon: Enrage dmg, overall dmg, back dmg, (and crit rate if you have a 4th roll). Do not roll for crit dmg.
• Chest: Max HP, decrease enraged dmg, decrease (overall) dmg, (and increase incoming healing if you have a 4th roll).
• Chest (Class Skill): Thunder Strike dmg.
• Gloves: Power, crit rate, attack speed are the only way to go.
• Boots: Movement speed, endurance, whatever you want on 3rd.
• Necklace: Crit rate. Make sure you have a necklace with built-in +6% attack speed.
• Rings: Crit rate and crit dmg if you can use semi enigmatics.
• Earrings: Max HP and Reduce duration of stun (or decrease poison damage - either is fine) if you can use semi enigmatics.
• Brooch: Power and crit rate.
• Belt: Power and crit rate.
• Innerwear: The best crit rate bonus you can afford.

2) Crystals
Weapon: Focused, Bitter, Savage and Pounding. (Pounding is more consistent than Forceful now) If you don't have at least 100 crit rate, use a Carving in place of the Pounding to make up for it.
Armor: 4x Hardy
Jewelry: 4x Powerful

3) Glyphs
First thing’s first, get Master Glyphs. To earn Master Glyphs, simply run Sabex Armory (level 61) and Macellarius Catacombs (level 64). Master Glyphs are going to be easy to get now, and you should not ignore them. Get them, there is no excuse now and they help you significantly.

Here’s my build, done manually since glyph builder is bugged:
Axe Block: Mindspark (2)
Cyclone: Power (6) + Haste (3) + Carving (5)
Thunder Strike: Carving (4) + Sanative (2) + Slick (6) + Swift (4)
Vampiric Blow: Power (5)
Tenacity: Infusion (3)
Fiery Rage: Pump (5)
Evasive Smash: Power (6) + Carving (4)

Reasons: You should always fully glyph Cyclone, Thunder Strike (Sanative optional), Vampiric Blow and Evasive Smash. These are your core DPS skills. Tenacity's MP proc may not be 100% but it always procs when I need it to, and it's a lot of MP regeneration when it does. Tenacity's HP glyph is interesting, but shouldn't be a concern with a healer in the group and 12% isn't as much as it seems. I use Sanative on TS because I don't like giving stress to healers. Fiery Rage's 10% power proc I have mixed feeling about, but it feels like the best use of the last 5 points in my build. Raze's Powerlink into TS is a big fat trap since it actually makes casting TS longer since you have to wait for Raze to finish. Fiery Rage's glyph only lasts 20 seconds, not the full duration of Fiery Rage.

4) Skills and Rotations
Everything you do will be to support your 2 main DPS skills which you should be spamming on CD: Thunder Strike and Cyclone.
• Thunder Strike > Vampiric Blow (instant cast) > Cyclone - become dizzy and repeat
• Evasive Smash is your hardest hitting skill. Its high damage comes from overcharging your skills - the more overcharge ticks the better (and Cyclone has the most overcharge ticks). It will interupt the skill but you'll have 5 seconds after activating ES (the roll) to finish the attack. It's also a useful repositioning tool (and subsequent damage) and the roll is also your only iframe. Master this skill as soon as you can and get it into your rotation and hope that it crits.
• Spam Fiery Rage (unless you are getting hit a lot - since it lowers endurance) and Flurry of Blows for charge speed.

Optional Skills:
• Dash is useful in any case, but sometimes you'll want to save it for certain mechanics where you need the movement.
• Mocking Shout will make you invulnerable to stuns and KD and has a chance to stun enemies.
• Staggering Strike and Flattern is your most reliable KD.
• Raze can also KD or be used as filler in the rare case of your main skills being on CD.
• Tenacity, Unchained Anger and Triumphant Shout are for managing your MP pool if needed.
• Bloodlust you should try to save for shield/burn phases. If there are none, spam it since it offers a large increase in power.
• Lethal Strike (consumes HP) and Leaping Strike are for evasion, get comfortable with them because they can save your life - especially when you need to avoid something you cannot block. And iframing on Berserker is difficult.
• Tackle is another KD if you're desperate, not really worth putting into your rotation.
• Unbreakable is good when you know you're about to take a lot of damage, such as failing a mechanic that causes massive damage and you're unsure. Very situational in PvE.

5) Consumables
• You should have your own set of charms: Power, Enduring, Infused.
• Bring HP potions & draughts as well as MP elixirs & restoratives. I don’t care who you are, you should bring a handful of these always. Each has a separate CD. Tier VIII or better, only use them if you need them.
• Nostrum of Energy V and Scroll of Savagery V (or better) are necessary. Savagery is always best for a melee DPS.
• Noctenium Infusion is not a MUST in most dungeons but it will help you greatly in any case.
• You can also bring Scrolls of Dash to give you extra combat movement speed if you need to relocate in a hurry.
• Warding scrolls are nice, but not needed.
• Bring Panaceas, don’t be a scrub.

Closing notes: 
• You can pull off the back of the boss while charging attacks to avoid attacks that have a large range or may hit you even when behind the boss, and then come back to land the hit.
• Don't cancel your attacks to block everything - don't throw away a perfectly good overcharged attack if you know it's an attack you can take without losing too much HP. Play aggressively but don't be suicidal.
• You can block-cancel if you need to stop charging a skill or remove the animation frames after an attack. Takes practice but it can make a small difference.

Credits: Special thanks to BowlingBall for writing this guide.