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Support Carry Tanky DPS Joule Build and Strategy Guide in Vainglory

Joule is the strongest support in the game currently if played right, you can dominate early game, feed your team mid game, and wreck team fights late. Joule can secure Krakens and finish off turrets fast and unexpectedly. Something kind of troll you can do if they have an open base without any turrets; Hop over the wall into their base from the jungle (you will be behind them while they are guarding) throw some Thunder Strike in there if needed then end it with a Big Red Button . As stated above, she is a tanky DPS, so its not like she cant carry her own wait in a 1v1. You don't need some carry style build to slap damage against your enemies, you are tanky enough and have enough base damage to get kills.

Jungle Support

When jungling with someone else you should act as the CC play maker. Get your Thunder Strike first and your Rocket Leap second so you can clear jungle early. It is important to get an Iron Contract so you don't have to get last hits on jungle monsters, instead have your "carry" jungle make the money while you get 20% of the gold. Communication is important and is hard to use, but telling your carry to go lane or go counter jungle to try to get a kill is important. The new meta is duo jungle the only hard part is that you wreck your own side of jungle so you have to go into theirs or gank lane. Save your Big Red Button for ganks, counter jungles, team fights, and most of all, securing Krakens and stealing minion/Gold mines fast.

Laning Faze

Your job when you are in lane, is to set up kills for you carry and jungle. At the same time you want to prevent the enemy team of doing the same. Joule is a tanky support, you are able to face check bushes and eat damage for your carry and jungle. If needed you can tank minions and turrets, you able to do this because of your passive that gives you 22 armor level 1 - 90 armor level 12 for basic attacks to the front of you. To prevent ganks, put Scout Trap in the bushes that connect the jungle to your lane. If they do the same, the go and eat them by walking over over them. Your Thunder Strike has a much larger range then it looks like. Use this to poke down the enemy, you can do it even when they are under turret. Rocket Leap is a crucial move that takes some practice, but after you learn movement and positioning you can lock down and engage like the bully you are.

Support Role

As a support you are in charge of a couple of things. You are the engage, lock down, tank, and defense. The engage will be explained in the team fight chapter. For lock down, you use your Rocket Leap to peal (slow/stun enemies) for your team then use Thunder Strike to slow because of the item Frostburn . Being a tank is face checking, leading your team eating damage, eating Scout Trap , tanking turrets if needed. Defense is mainly setting Scout Trap in bushes and buffing, healing, pealing with Crucible , Fountain of Renewal , Atlas Pauldron . The item Scout Trap is very useful because it makes your laning faze safe, you aren't playing scared about being ganked.

Team Fights

In team fights are are the engage which means jump into their team with Rocket Leap . After that your job is to position yourself to get the best ult off. If you can get all 3 enemies in one ult you have just won that team fight. Your ult Big Red Button is a melter that is game changing.


Frostburn is useful mostly because of its passive which gives you a 35% slow every time you use an ability (Thunder Strike ) the slow last for 1.5 seconds; The slow can only be used on an enemy every 2.5 seconds (for 1.5 of that they are 35% slowed). Along with this wonderful passive, it supplies mana & mana regen along with some crystal power.

Crucible is a deceptive item because of its active. Once you get this item, you will survive in team fights and be able to be the "Tank of your team" that I talk about in the "Supports Role" because of the +700 to Max Health. Back to the active, in team fights, the enemy may not be expecting the extra tank to you and your carries. This can also be used to save people that are low and being chased.

Atlas Pauldron Is when you can start 1v1ing enemies because in a 5 meter range, enemies attack speed is lowered by 65% for 5 seconds. To some this is just a number... 65%!!! This is a lot, this will make a WD Ringo or SAW useless in team fights or 1v1's. It gets tricky to use because it only last for 5 seconds, but if used right, GG.

Fountain of Renewal saves life's. This item can be build sooner if you are struggling to stay alive but WARNING I have a problem where I forget to buy items because I don't die and roam with my team for too long. 13% health regen is huge and should keep you alive in lane or when roaming. The active is really only useful against things like the Kraken because The regen takes to long to heal in a team fight (not to say don't use it then, because it can help if you run but doesn't win team fights).

Clockwork should always be the last item you get at least as a support. This item lets you spam Thunder Strike and helps your A and C be up more (50% CDR!!!) for those crucial late game team fights.

Ironguard Contract is used so that all the minions can go to your carry. 20% of gold goes to you that your carry gets if you are nearby. If you decide to go with this then make sure you still get a Void Battery your first back or as soon as possible. You would sell this when laning faze ends (most likely after the first tower goes down).


HEAVY PLATING Joule damage from basic attacks are reduced to the front and sides of her by 15 - 33% (level 1 - 12). This can be used to face tank for your team eat damage and Scout Trap . Keep in mind that you are vulnerable from behind and turn slowly.

ROCKET LEAP Joule leaps to a desired location. When you land there will be two circles of two sizes; one (the larger of the 2) will knock back and slow any enemies in its way while taking 1/3 of damage that you would normally take if you were to get stunned, the other circle (the smaller of the 2) stuns any target in the small circle then slow them.

THUNDER STRIKE Joule thrusts her electric sword into an enemy/monster/minion in its range. Thunder Strike deals weapon and crystal damage wherever directed. Once you land a strike, the next Thunder Strike yo land in the next 7 seconds will deal bonus damage and take extra energy. This buff can stack up to 5 times and is lost when stunned. Fully upgrading Thunder Strike is important for two reasons, it what makes you a DPS, and when fully upgraded it can crit.

BIG RED BUTTON Joule shoots a beam of mass destruction that slows anyone in its path while melting them down. While activated you cannot move and it pushes you back. This is great to use when being chased because they will probably die, it slows them for that moment while creating distanced between you and the idiot chasing you.

The three bushes to keep mined

These three places need to be Scout Trap constantly and need to be face checked to get rid of Scout Trap so your jungler can gank. The high bush in lane does not need to be Scout Trap as much, only if their support is hiding in it then engaging from it.