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Sting Breezer Build and Strategy Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Note: Potential Sting Breezer players practice the class in Heroes Battlefield (HB). It is, from my experience, likely that you will discover what works best when it comes to DPS under the conditions HB provides, which will most likely reflect what occurs often in a PvE environment compared to many of the faster casting classes. Once you get the hang of Sting Breezer, HB becomes a joke. Without ANY of the potions you get by clearing X number of HB runs, it is possible to wipe 1-1.5X HP bar off a HB boss in a single perfect rotation, nearly instant death when used in conjunction with your ultimate’s light attack boost.

Sting Breezer is probably one of the classes that has the most spare SP after taking all the core skills.

Sting Breeze Core Skill Build:

90% or more of your DPS comes from this (the skills that were allocated with SP above). Whatever else you do with the rest of your SP does not have much impact. The class that is most similar in situation is Majesty, where you basically focus your effort on setting up one giant nuke (Piercing Spike + Poking Beehive in this case).

When it comes to our base class skills, none of the so called DPS skills is worth a thing, it is all about the (massive) utility that the Lencea base class provides. Regardless of if you choose Deep Pierce or Wheel Blade, there is no meaning to spamming either off CD. Wheel Blade is better for basic dungeoning, the hitbox on Deep Pierce can be misleading. I have Deep Pierce on my skillbar for the movement, which is pleasant to have but unnecessary. No real recommendation for either, it is not important.

Noteworthy Skills:

Butt – This skill is awesome in the early levels, when you have little to no skills to use you will probably resort to spamming it. The utility of this skill includes movement and more importantly, the ability to push objects. Just spamming this alone is sufficient to deal with the Lava Golem in VN/VCN Stage 2. A one-point wonder.

Hornet Touch – This is the most important skill in the Lencea base class for Sting Breezer. It functions similarly to an active Block, but this is the skill that allows you to pull off Poking Beehive safely and at 16s, syncs up with the CD of Poking Beehive after a -CD plate. There is very little reason to pull off a Hornet Touch outside of Poking Beehive in PvE, if you are utilizing it that much something is wrong…

Harmonize – Instead of affecting the blue numbers, it affects the green numbers of your characters INT/AGI/STR, similar to Paladin’s Divine Avatar. The timing for Harmonize is very delicate – it has to be after Divine Avatar and Genie (and Cocktail, but let us presume that Cocktail is always on, there also won’t be time to wait for Cocktail if a Crusader is in the party), but BEFORE Judge’s Power. Kali who play with Lencea, please take note to prioritize Genie at the start of a burst window, especially if a Crusader is there too….

Unfortunately, Harmonize itself holds very little benefit for Sting Breezer, particularly for L geared ones.

Erratic Power – The first true FD buff in the game, since it affects everything. (Magical Breeze does too, but it is more due to the combination of skill effects) Fatigue management later, but being in the “Powerless” state is very bad for Lancea, since their action speed is slow enough as it is. This is a must +1 with the technique earring, if you can get a skill+1 plate, Erratic Power will yield the highest DPS gain. (I will discuss gearing later on too….)

Scar Maker – A nice +%DMG increase.

If a Piercing Spike lands on Scar Maker and you detonate it with Poking Beehive, it gains the amp from Scar Maker (possible to have been changed since release)

If this still works, in a raid party. it is advised to prepare Scar Maker for where the Spikes will detonate (and for towers, if Gear Master is present) than for yourself. It is highly likely that you will have capped your +%MDMG way before Scar Maker. In a raid party

HoC – 46.8%
Striking – 24% (Can substitute with Battle Howl, Grudge Formation etc.)
RoB – 10% 65 Passive – 30%

It is obvious that you hit over 100% easily. On the other hand, summons (and Piercing Spike) start at 0%, and will not benefit from RoB and +%dmg passives, so they could use the boost from Scar Maker.

Will Maker – A % damage reduction buff, in the vein of HoC EX, Protection Shell etc. However, it has a benefit that none of the others have – it is perpetual and cannot be broken (HoC EX) or buff wiped during multi hit party wipe attacks. This is also the reason why Ring of Energy (LF’s ultimate) feels so much more broken than HoC EX + Protection Shell, and why it is much better than Miracle Relic. The problem with this is obvious as well, RoE gives 70%, all Will Maker adds is another 5% when it comes to face tanking party wipe attacks. If RoE is not available… 28/30% damage reduction will in most cases be insufficient to tank those party wipes.

In short, Will Maker is more or less useless in a Light party (with LF and Priest), but remember to use it when face tanking potential party wipes. With or without Ring of Energy it might save… someone?

Flag – This gives your character mobility on the ground. A short 5s CD with negligible fatigue generation. It doesn’t negate stomps that hit the ground, so only use that option with stomps that can be iframed. I don’t bother with the left click for PvE…

Hovering Blades – Too slow and negligible damage, do not use Erratic Power with this skill, it isn’t worth it. All the real damage from this skill comes with combining it with Arcane Focus, but there isn’t much point to using this for raiding.

Slipping Hand – Your instant mini nuke, don’t bother to let it launch, always stick close to the target and left click detonate. Recommended to use with EP, it doesn’t affect Fatigue Management much. Bonus Tip: Chain into this after PS+PB.
  • Piercing Spike – This is where MOST of your power is, so learn to abuse this skill well. This skill grants insane air time, allowing you to perform stunts such as using PS to dodge a stomp -> land -> Poking Beehive to detonate PS right away. A few things to take note of for Piercing Spike
  • Under Time Acceleration, it is possible to throw up to 3 sets of PS before using PB, but it is easy to have the boss run off if you do so (or mechanics can occur, since people will probably have snatched all the required DPS by then). My personal recommendation is using 2 sets of PS before detonating with PB. (And please, don’t let PB cast fully, cancel with Hornet Touch and proceed with PS again)
  • It is not necessary to land PB on the Spikes, as long as you cast PB the Spikes will detonate no matter where you are or where the PB lands.
  • Always use your PS+PB combo with Erratic Power. (and as buffed as you can of course)
Fling Fling – The board damage isn’t too bad in theory, but you will hardly ever see people use it for DPS. It’s greatest use is in allowing you to reposition after Piercing Spike, if where you are going to land is dangerous. No iframes during this long move, makes you quite vulnerable to be honest.

Denting Blows – It is something like a weaker and slower version of Half Moon Slash and serves the same purpose in regular dungeons. For boss fights this is followed up with Arcane Focus of course. This is your best DPS skill after PS+PB, but is still not a spectacular source of damage.

Champagne – One of the shittiest ultimates in the game. Takes forever to cast, and the +% light attack is lost once you step out. Recommended to ignore for its damage and cast it pre-emptively for windows with long setups. Actually this skill is pretty rubbish, since it lengthens your setup time without any outstanding effect. Oh, and it is easily broken too, you have like negligible SA when casting it…

Arcane Focus – A skill with some characteristics that Sting Breezer players should take note of (please read Azure’s notes on it too, not going to repeat those here)
  • It will only reduce the light resist of the enemy it impacts against, same for damage 
  • The resultant explosion ONLY gives the light attack % to allies in range (no damage done to enemies in the radius) 
  • If you require a quick buff for light attack%, particularly in parties where you have already hit the 100% light resist cap, fire it into the ground
Poking Beehive – Before you reach Level 80, this is one of your only 2 real skills (and the other is obtained at Level 70, Denting Blows EX) so you will pretty much learn to love it. If time is tight, don’t focus on hitting the target with both PS and PB, the spikes will detonate when PB hits the ground after casting. Majority of the PS+PB damage comes from the explosion of the Spikes. This skill can be cancelled by Hornet Touch.

Should you consider the Flurry tree? 
You have the choice to consider it or just skip it. The SB skills are extremely bad for breaking SA/objects, while Flurry’s are decent. Considerably, you can take Lollipop Chop (Level 11) - that iframe is extremely useful and does great damage under Harmonize. Not required to have, but extremely nice to have.

Standard Rotation

Scar Maker > Ultimate (if available and you want to) > Arcane Focus / Harmonize (depending on how others have setup, always watch for Genie and Divine Avatar) > Erratic Power > Piercing Spike (x2 under TA) > Poking Beehive (Hornet Touch if required, under TA go back to PS) > Denting Blows EX + Arcane Focus (priority) OR Slipping Hand > Off Erratic Power

If you are focused on support, by all means give Will Maker (negligible in most cases though). Note: Don't use Erratic Power for anything else outside of those skills.

Skill Plates
  • Harmonize -CD 
  • Piercing Spike +DMG 
  • Poking Beehive -CD
Last plate is negligible. 

Plates from Butt + Action Speed, Denting Blows +DMG / -CD, Champagne -CD, and Arcane Focus plates aren't that impactful overall, though people who run regular dungeons often might want Denting Blows -CD, it being our best crowd clearer.


As usual, full 70L is the best, so nothing much to comment on armor/weapons. The difference in power level between a 70L Lencea and a 80A Lencea is extremely huge in comparison to many classes, with our low base damage on weapons and high stats on L enhancement. However, L Sting Breezers will lose even more potential from Harmonize.

The accessory choices for Sting Breezer


Erratic Power +1 Earring

Other choices Full techniques

Scar Maker +1 Necklace(extends radius by 1M) Will Maker +1 Ring (extends radius by 1M) Arcane Focus / Piercing Spike +1

70L Necklace (Crit version) + 2 70L Rings

70S/L Necklace (Crit version) + 2 60L Rings with MDMG +Light

Some SB like to use Scar Maker +1 plate over Erratic Power +1 plate if they are NOT using the Scar Maker necklace. Erratic Power +1 brings the FD up to 65% though (personal preference).

Credits: This Sting Breezer guide was made by Sieg from FreedomPlays


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