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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Cheats on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360

This video shows how to unlock all Superpowers & Upgrades by reaching Level 20:

The unlockables are available as cheats to enter (full list below), Upgrades & Superpowers to buy (shown above), and DLC items to download.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Cheats

Cheat Codes Return

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell sees the return of Saints Row 4 codes, confirmed cheats are at the top.

How To Turn On Cheats: Codes are added by selecting the “Extras” & “Cheats” menus after you pause the game. They can be (de)activated at any time.

Important warning before using codes: Activating cheat codes will permanently disable both the autosave feature and your ability to get Achievements / Trophies on that save file, so make sure to save your game before using these cheats and do NOT save after using cheats!

[This page is a work-in-progress: Please comment if you know of any more cheats that work]

Cheat description — Followed by code

Best cheats:

All Unlockables — unlockitall
All Weapons — letsrock
Give cash (Money Cheat) — cheese
Heaven Bound (killed pedestrians fly up) — fryhole
Infinite sprint — runfast
No notoriety — goodygoody
All pedestrians are mascots — mascot
All pedestrians are pimps and hos — hohoho
No vehicle damage — vroom
Vehicle smash — isquishyou
More cheats:

Bloody mess — notrated
Firearm kills with one shot — goldengun
Repairs car — repaircar
Brings down a light rain — lightrain
Brings down heavy rain — heavyrain
Clears up the skies — clearskies
Overcast — overcast

See the weapons in action that you unlock with the cheats in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected:

Saints Row 4 Codes

Unlockable Pre-order Bonus DLC

At select retailers & Steam. “Pre-order Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell and receive Exclusive Plague of Frogs Pack and the Devil’s Workshop Pack!”

What’s in the Bonus DLC Packs: Pre-order to receive the “Plague of Frogs Pack” as well the “Devil’s Workshop Pack”. Rain amphibian death onto Zinyak’s army with the Lil’ Croaker, and look good doing it in either with the “Internal Guard Armor” as Johnny Gat or with the “Hellish Princes Costume” as Kinzie. In addition, fly over hell with the purple wings of a Saint and fight the devil with Shakespeare’s flaming skull that acts as the source of his infernal power.”

Credits: Special thanks to Volition & Maka for the videos.