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PVP Templar Build and Strategy Guide in Aion Online

Group PvP: Templar class in group pvp is very well known for supporting group members with shields like BG and the mini shield panolopy. You're main role is to disrupt thier carries with pulls stuns and kd's and please do not make the mistake of using greatsword the entire time. What ive seen bad templars do is not use thier 12s taunt cry of ridicule to enable mace/sword and shield counter skills which really come in handy. 

If you are using greatsword most of the time, then you are going to die faster then you think, you are excluding a ton of defense along with it. Do not let people tell you that you're damage only lives in your templars greatsword, because with shield block skills you will be surprised how much they will come in handy, especially when you abuse courageous shield for that extra boost in power and having shield counter up for stuns (Penetrate plate UD) will help you and your team destroy that carry. 

Solo PvP:When solo pvp'ing, macro your sets, so don't rely on just 1 but many, thats the great beauty of being a templar is that you can build yourself to counter specific classes. Often people under estimate the damage of a templar because of being a tank class, but they forget you're greatest offense comes from your defense alone.

Even with that, we have tons of buffs that come along to help boost our attack to the point we can go up to par with glad zerking + dps (this will depend on main weapon primarily). Be sure to always be using your secondary shield and sword/mace along with taunts here aswell, they greatly help with harassing back until you need to pull them, then switching to GS and pulling them for massive burst damage. 

Cry of Ridicule: Always spam, this taunt is your savior.

You're Typical Rotation With GS:This is used when you pull someone so most of the times expect to be using this as follows: Dazing always first, (to ensure maxium duration from start of rotation) > ferocious chain (Rage if you need to bait a pull against temp) > shining slash chain> and jump away and press punishing thrust to stay mobile.

Stigma Tree: Open your stigma tree and see the top and bottom half, 1 half is for pvp entirely and 1 half is for pve. You are to use the pvp half that ends with shield burst (Which is not a recommended stigma tbh) and not the pve half that ends with empyrean providence. The following are the stigma skills use for solo and group pvp.

Important Note: One other thing new templars talking about is wether to go sword or mace. Swords give you more crits, maces you give you more magic boost on your skills like magic smash and divine justice. It is a simple matter of preference, but for majority opinion, choose mace because when up against certain classes that can bind them, it will have magic smash up (Glad lock downs, chanter binding word etc...) Also one last thing, people say they will use greatsword only, this is highly not recommended because a good templar needs to learn to learn to switch between GS and Mace/sword and shield in order to use all of the defensive abilities aswell.

Below are just some stigma builds switch around but you can use to your liking aswell.

Solo PvP Stigma Build

(Aether armor is a personal choice, if you have a high MR set (2500 MR+), go without it and use stubborn spirit)

Group PvP Stigma Build:

(Take inquistor out and use Stubborn Spirit for that resist to slow and root you wont get cc'd so easily from your team and lastly replace AA with BG, which will definitely help you're carries not take any damage, unless you are up against an AT or SM that strips it off you.)

Important Note Regarding Aether Armor: Do not let people tell you that this skill is cheap, seeing its 5 minutes, not DP reliant and its our defensive buff against mages. Yes people will say things like "I will fear all i want, its part of my skill" Well to be honest, theres a difference between how many fears an sm can throw at you to win easily and how we templars have a mere 1 way to fight against pet bodyguard duration and multiple fears. Theres no shame in abusing Aether Armor, considering in 4.7 it is going to become 3minutes, so by the time a duel ends it will be up again. Again you are up against your anti classes, you have more right to abuse it then any mage will ever give you a hard time for.

Now let's discuss how to face several classes as a templar. Below is a summary on how to face each class in details, just to give you more insight on how you need to deal with them when in times of trouble.

Important Note: Below are just ways to deal with certain classes, but not every class you vs will be the same, it will vary depending on the other players skill, ping and gear. Again this is just to give you a broader insight on what you should be expecting to do at the very least, this is not a 100% win format. By the time you have atleast developed the skills from the fights mentioned below, you will have enough reactions and skills to over come different obstacles and situations.

Templar vs Gladiator: Gladiators should not be a problem for a temp but they will give you trouble if you dont own a block set, considering they will have high enough acc these days, it will only help so much. Always use you're Steel Wall Defense skill when turtling against them (Mostly when pulls are down) and try not to waste fury buffs until you have harassed them enough to force them to waste more buffs. Also try to rotate refreshing spirit and empyrean armor, do not use it together. Using empyrean armor is highly recommended at 75% hp drop. Try to reserve you're remove shocks aswell, templars wasting RS so early in the game with tons of HP still left.

Spam you're 12s taunt cry of ridicule with you're shield always for those UD penetrating stuns and harassments, then when you have pulls up, pull them in and switch to GS for DPS and switch back to turtling. Do not ever prepop anything else besides UD and Reflect, good glads can recover from it with thier heal and sustains from thier life leeching abilities, leaving you like a stick in the sand while they pop zerking and finish you.

Templar vs Templar: This is one heck of a long fight, includes ton of RNG and who ever gets the most break powers in. Abuse stance mode and taunts straight off the beginning with UD and holy shield, when you get hit, return the favor and always try to bait RS fast asap to get them to waste thier heals away, then freely stun them over and over. Key thing to remember, when you see UD wear off, stun and KD as much as you can, this is the only time a temp becomes completely vunlnerable.

Next thing you should know is to test the level of awareness the enemy templar has, when kiting use anti shock scrolls and see if they pull into them, if they do then GG thier pull got wasted and you realized they arent that clever and always use inquistor before pulling to break any shields. To further embarass when shock scrolls are on cd, use ferocious strike > Rage it will also block another pull if they use one, then retaliate and pull them for punishment from your GS rotation, dazing, feriocous and punishing trust, immediately try to switch back to shield mace/sword and taunt for constant harassment from shield skills. 

Templar vs Assassin: Always start off in stance mode, this class should not give you any trouble at all. What we always see from certain templars, is that they pre pop UD and reflect but while they do that, the sin jumps into hide and kites it off until it wears off and then he comes in to stun your ass to death. Reflect alone can do up to 40% of the damage to themselves so always save it for when they attack. Sprint at them use inquistor to burn thier FE and pull them while buffed, dps them for an easy kill, incase they try to escape switch to s/s and shield bash and taunt them, if they attack u after that, jump and stun then again and finish them other then that they should not be a problem. 

Templar vs Clerics: This fight can depend on how well your ability to hit and run is. These guys will most of the times have a block set to counter you and harass you, but if they are in block they will not do alot of dps. The idea behind beating this class, is stubborn spirit which you will need to resist all roots and slows and a crit/acc set to help land those heavy hits. Do not rely on greatsword heavily unless you are geared and their block set is a pansy 3.4, always chase in shield and sword/mace until your pulls are up, thats when you switch to GS for heavy damage. Taunting ridicule helps to counter hallow strikes with your shield counter stuns. Bait RS fast as you can so they cant escape your break power aftwards and go for the kill. 

Templar vs Chanters: The idea behind beating this class is nearly the same as when you fight clerics, RS bait asap because this class has 2 RS, (remove shock and rise) once you have them do that, the fight should be in your favor. Stick to this class like glue and stun when they are about to heal. Whatever you do, do not just prepop everything at start. If you want you can save 1 fury dps for chasing them, and when that wears off pop another one and finish them off with your stuns and KD.

Templar vs Spiritmasters: Maybe the hardest class you can deal with in aion. There is a way if you dont have a decent mr set, is to bury your AA buff appropriately with scrolls and pots then your buffs, so they cant strip it away immediately. You will have to sprint at them near the start and inquistor + melee stun to break shield fast and pull them for dps and switching to shield mace/sword for shield bash constantly interupting them with a good amount of stun lock and KD from sword storm is the way to win. Alternative way is to use stubborn spirit on them and make them waste thier slows and stuns, then sprint and buff at them immediately and do the same thing.

Templar vs Sorcerer: This class is designed to kick your butt so becareful. Dont be upset if you get nuked to death, cloth > plate in general but there is ways to get around it. You have to play smart here, do not prepop everything at start because they can endless sleep it off, instead just let them sleep you with your stubborn spirit stance so it remains on, after they realize they cant root or slow or bait RS with arcane, go in for the kill and be fast about it. Use inquistor to break shield and ranged stun then pull, but do not pull into llusion just weave it off. Like said earlier, an mr set helps but there your anti-class so cant really expect alot.

Templar vs Songweaver: These guys are tricky, they have silences roots and binds so becareful. The way to beat these guys is to bait RS and use the same tactic as if u were fighting a cleric, but they will have longer cd on roots. Do not pot before para once they see you have, they will para you to death easily. To counter para you need to be ready to pot it right after they slept you so it removes and then continue chasing them, also saving pull for when shield is down. Do not prepop everything here either. 

Templar vs Rangers: Again, DO NOT PREBUFF UDor say good bye to it. Start off stance mode (Stubborn spirit recommended to negate slows/roots) until they come out of thier pansy hide, then buff up and use inquistor on thier FE to remove it and pull for DPS and stay on them. They will sleep you sooner or later to bury sandstorm, use stance again and kite it off then go up to them for a shield bash. Also taunting will enable shield counter stuns that will help u KD them with swinging shield counter for an easy break power leading to huge damage. Again this class can beat you regardless of being leather, if you dont abuse your stance you will be forced to pot slows and roots and be stuck in blind afterwards so use that stance and then time your pulls.

Templar vs Gunners: These guys are really not that tough, but the extremely geared ones will just melt your HP if you let them. Most gunners will FE at start and think your stupid enough to pull into it, but again just like with rangers and sins, use inquistors to remove it and then pull, follow up with KD's (sword storm) and break power this pansy class to death. AA is required here also seeing as they can hit 300+ MA with a single buff. 

Templar vs Aethertech: The idea is to abuse stubborn spirit stance here, once they see you havent been binded in one place or slowed by thier aoe, its time to retaliate and buff up for some heavy damage, which they will not expect because they are heavily reliant on a single combo to do big damage. They have a resist skill so pay attention to not waste pulls into it, again burn it with inquistor and then pray for them to get KD'd due to that kinetic battery, it provides them resistance to all stuns, kd and other sorts of disables.

Kiting: DO NOT LET PEOPLE TELL YOU ITS CALLED "RUNNING AWAY" This is something important. Kiting is the term used to avoid the enemy with a little tactical retreat. Many people hate this because they think you are supposed to be in thier range while they freely dps you away, well no its based on what cool downs are effecting the both of you. For example he/she just popped beserking and you see him chase you, you are not going to stand in one place and be aggressive if your on cd right? Every class has to know when to kite, there is no rule that says you cant, smart players know when to and when not to, its one huge thing that will help you realize your potential.

Jump Casting Sword Storm/Divine Justice: This is just something that comes in handy to know when you want to draw more distance to your enemy you are casting towards. When casting sword storm or divine justice, about 70% of the meter completion, jump forward and you will see your character complete the animation few spaces ahead, allowing you to break power quicker or catch up to the target. Will take some practise but you can do it easily after a few tries.

Now im going to move onto the gearing up section of this guide, to help the templars that have asked me what sets to have by end game. The following is an idea of what you need to be a late game developed templar: 

PVE HP set: This you can get from kahrun coin gear very easily, its still pretty much viable in the new 4.0 and up 65 instances considering its one of the stepping stone sets to achieving the mythic gear. You will need to use this for instances like Infinity Shard, upper instances if your the main tank, Ophidian Bridge, Danaur Sanctuary and Sauros supply base etc. 

PvP Block set: Blood mark gear is where comes in handy for this set. This set has a great built in amount of block that only greatly gets enhanced by block stones so make sure to use this to counter melee classes, also enables constant shield block skills so always use this to remain tankier. You will need to also have atleast 2.9k acc - 3k acc so be sure to socket some acc in 1-2 pieces until you hit that mark. Another great thing is to socket cheap level 50 crit 15/block stones so you can keep your crits and block at a decent amount, thats just luxury tough. Most glads can tear through block set but its great for turtling with when you need to in stance.

PvP Accuracy set: Aug 2 60 sets go well for these, this will help you land your hits against those heavy block temps and clerics, parry glads and chanters and annoying evasive sins that some how are still in evade sets at this time lol. It would help to socket atleast 1 piece with Attack/acc to keep your weaving strong. 

PvP Crit/HP: This set helps you remain high HP while fighting, its great synergy with healers in groups to keep your HP high while fighting. This is effective in certain parts of pvp but not entirely recommended seeing as HP is very under rated nowadays with crit in pvp all together.

PvP Crit/MR: 65 aug 2 best for this set, which is completely made to counter those annoying mages and physical classes that have some magic based skills aswell. You must have atleast 2.4K + MR to see the effect (without AA) or else there is no point in socketing because of the increase in MA most mages get these days they can tear straight through it but the point in Crit/MR is to further boost your aether armor buff to tackle magic users even better. In 4.7 they are capping MR to 2.7 so there is even less importance to this seeing as you can use the 3min AA soon to abuse the cap.

Macros: Make sure to have a macro for your sets, an example in the following format would look like something like: 

Esc Key > Macro

Title: HP Set 


/Use Kahrun's (insert boot name)
/Use Kahrun's (insert pants name)
/Use Kahrun's (insert chest name)
/Use Kahrun's (insert shoulder name
/Use Kahrun's (insert head piece name)

Important Note: Some of the most important things to mention is how well your camera control is, some people see spend more time chasing ineffectively rather then directly where thier enemy is going to be. This will allow you to input more dps when you chase seeing as you wil be more precise with your movement. Another thing is templars not keybindimg thier skills well enough. You should not be clicking even buffs by now, you need to be fast and effective and once you start clicking those buffs in a straight line, your wasting that same time you could of put into using other skills.

The keybinds are as follows for curious templars that want an idea of some easier ways to access certain skills without the need for clicking or stretching your fingers across the keyboard like a gringo. (This is my personal way so dont rely too heavily on it, but for me it works and allows alot of quickness to my skills/buffs so i dont need to click on them)


Q- Holy Punishment
R- Divine Justice
V- Shield Bash
F- Remove Shock 
E- Inquistor Blow

Cntrl + 1 - Doom Lure 
Cntrl + 2 - Illusion Chains

Alt + Q - Sword Storm

Gaming Mouse: (optional)

Side mouse button 1: Cry of Ridicule 
Side mouse button 2: Steel Wall Defense

Cntrl + Side mouse 1 button - Empyrean Fury
Cntrl + Side mouse 2 button - Divine Fury
Cntrl + Side mouse 3 button - Reroute power

Shift + Side mouse 1 button - Holy Shield IV
Shift + Side mouse 2 button - Unwavering Devotion
Shift + Side mouse 3 button - Sprint

Mouse Scroll Button - Weapon Switch 

Shield skills: 

(You can bind any here yourself, ive yet to so give it a try)
Shift + Q 
Shift + E (shield counter stun)
Shift + R
Shift + F 


Update for 4.7: Do not bother with MR, if you want to face magic alot more effectively, buy an ancient coin leather set and socket the ancient slots with MS. Socket Crit/HP or Crit/Acc, but do not bother with MR since MS will become a huge counter to magic in 4.7 and you will get alot more benefit out of damage reduction from using it. MR will be further useless and is really no point to it in 4.7.

Credits: Special thanks to MOGYTHRON for making this guide.