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Level 80 Spirit Dancer Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Dancers at level 80 cap.

Unlike 60 cap where dancers were one of the classes that dominated the dps rankings, now dancers are mainly taken for their dance 2. Their dps slowly fell short compared to the other revamp'ed classes such as swordsmaster, engineers, artilleries, chasers etc.. It doesn't mean that a dancer's dps is low, it just means that other jobs are doing much better on the dps aspect while we can support them with our dance 2.

Are dancers' dps low? 
Here is a screenshot praetor ex' last hit taken on a 4 man team (using a Full Moon chakram)

Not too impressive but not low either.

Kali Tree

This is a standardized build for both dancers.

Fancy Turn Lv21/26 - Opt to get a lv26 fancy turn because its dps is far superior compared to spirit blow. The damage of this skill is good enough for a filler skill. It is recommended to level this skill either 21 or 26.

Mental Mastery/Mind Conquer Lv0 - You can allocate some of your sp for this skill if you really need the mp recovery. In a raid situation where a Light Fury is normally present, this skill becomes useless because of Healing of Chakram.

Dummy Ghost Lv1 - Reducing dummy ghost's cd will not help (unless you're a screamer), since dancers have a lot of iframe skills. 

Spirit Dancers

Spirit Dancers uses their fearlsome summons to destroy everything that comes in their way. Her skills play around between middle to close range. She has a bigger AoE skills compared to her sister. Her skills has a shorter casting time and a faster cooldown. Unlike her sister, she can be categorized as a burst damage dealer.

Spirit Dancer Tree

Wide Stinger Lv1 - You only need the additional critical rate given by wide stinger.

Praetor Lv11 - Along w/ Hurricane Gust, this skill ranks second as the highest damage skill in the dancer tree. Recommended to be maxed.

1. (Pure Build)
A pure build spirit dancer focuses on maxing the spirit tree. Your best bet are general gunblade and sufi dancer which has a lower cooldown compared to its level 26 and 32 counterpart. Your main filler skills are Duskhunter ex and Abolisher ex/Elegant Storm.

Dancer Tree

It is recommended maxing both Sufi Dancer and General Gunblade as both of these skills are the best ones in the dancer tree. Along w/ Praetor ex, these 3 skills are good enough for 1 burst rotation.

Stalker Lv6 - Maxing stalker is not worth it. It has the worst dps in the dancer tree w/ the worst damage growth even with a 1.3 coeff in its EX.

Dusk Hunter Lv16 - This skill's dps is about the same as Graze Dance ex. It's a good filler skill and is better compared to Abolisher's dps. It is recommended making this skill at least level 16 for a pure build.

Abolisher Lv11/15+1 - Same with twinkle spin's dilemna, the +1 skill acce takes up the ring slot. This is a good skill to have because of its iframe. Its ex skill makes it even better by raising its coeff to 1.6. If you decided to get a skill ring for it, you can get the sp from inner fire instead.

Storm of Ewinia Lv1 - Storm of Ewinia is pretty strong, but its long casting time turns me off. 

Why do you consider this a pure build if you have elegant storm maxed?

Using a pure build, both stalker and elegant storm will be considered your filler skill. It is already stated above that its important to squeeze in as much dps as possible.

Damage Growth - Elegant Storm wins
Cooldown - Stalker ex wins(but will you even use stalker everytime it's up, considering it's only a filler skill?)

If you really want to max stalker ex then feel free to get those sp from elegant storm instead. But i wouldn't recommend this.

2. (Hybrid Build)
A hybrid build spirit dancer utilizes both core skills of the blade dancer and spirit dancer trees. Its core skills are praetor ex, general gunblade ex, and sufi dancer while its main filler skills are elegant storm and deadly drill. In numbers, a hybrid build is definitely the better choice to produce a higher amount of dps compared to a pure build.

Dancer Tree

Deadly Drill Lv11/max - Deadly drill is a good dps skill with a low cooldown. Any hybrid build should definitely have this skill at level 11 minimum. It has a better damage growth compared to some, while serving as a good mobility skill.  Should you want to max this skill, get the needed sp from dusk hunter (3 sp).

Elegant Storm Lv11/max - This skill is your main damaging filler skill. It is recommended making this at least level 11. Should you want to max this skill, feel free to take the needed sp from dusk hunter (2 sp).

Dusk Hunter Lv1/6 - The remaning unused sp can be allocated in this skill. As stated, the damage growth is better compared to abolisher and dusk hunter.

Abolisher Lv11 - Abolisher has the upperhand because of its fast casting time compared to dusk hunter and stalker so make it at least level 11. It's a good skill to spam because of its low cd while giving a small iframe on the initial punch of the summon.