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Level 80 PVE Inquisitor Skill Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Newbie Friendly Level 80 Build

Cleric branch

MP Passives:
– ‘Most’, if not all, Priests have high MP amount or pool since our primary stat is [INT] and with that we are stacking MP pts indirectly which gives us a lot of MP to burn during nests not to mention the higher our armor’s enhancement is, our MP increases along as well because of the enhancement bonus. but that’s the basic, right?

You have the option to relocate the SP of your MP passives to another skill that you prefer which CANNOT be obtained from items alone.. or let’s just say.. gears …

To those who are in need of MP, you may do the following options if you want to have:

A. MP Mastery Lv.1 & Mind Conquer Lv.2
– Remove [Avenging Wave] to free up 3 SPs

B. MP Mastery Lv.1 & Mind Conquer Lv.1
– Remove [First Aid] and lower down [Heaven’s judgment] to free up 2 SPs

That’s all for the Cleric branch, so… moving forward, let’s talk about..

Priest Branch

There are a lot of things we can talk about here with regards to different variations of skill build, but let’s focus on what’s being shown at the moment… and I’ll only be covering the notable skills..

Chain Lightning
Recommended level: Lv. 16 or Lv.17

Yes, ‘most’ skills reaches their damage peak on Lv.6/11/16/21 etc… however, Chain Lightning is different… aside from damage peak, you may also want to consider the ‘Jump’ of the lightning.

Make it Lv.17 for the additional jump for mobby areas, since there are nests with mobby stages (i.e.: PKN, TKN, and GN, etc..) … so.. basically, it’s up to you to decide.

Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0
There were some players that consider this skill to be in their skill rotation, regardless if they are in a party or not. For what reason? it’s the only burst damage skill we Inquisitors have! -and it honors the debuffs as well …

HOWEVER – the ugly truth about this .. is… it neutralizes the target, which means.. all electrocution debuff/layers on the target will be reduced to 0%.. so.. it’s a conditional skill (in a sense that the target should be electrified first) and at the same time.. a ‘washer’ skill. which reduces the (light) party’s damage output.

Lv.1 for utility/cancellation purposes (coupled with its EX for faster casting) just like the one from Arendel Ordeal Nest – Lycan Stage

Grand Cross
Recommended Level: Max as possible

want to drop it? well then you’re as good as 60_cap Priest >_<

Avenging Wave
Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0
To those players having trouble with the high Paralyze/Stun of the mobs starting from Anu Arendel dungeons and flinch/stagger effects from nest bosses just like in GN’s poison stage and Ignacio’s stage… this skill helps you to recover quickly or get on your feet as soon as possible coupled with a split second iframe – as long as you won’t fall to the ground or else the skill won’t be activated.

It’s an escape mechanism or to repel some targets.

First Aid
Recommended Level: Lv.1 or 0
Inquisitors can have utmost 2 Active Healing Skills.. which is most of the times used and/or spared for party members to support… so adding First Aid means that you’ll have a self-recovery along with +10% additional Mdef/Pdef buff that lasts for 10 seconds.

the only downside is.. it will activate on a certain rate once you’re hit.. so you might think that it’s kinda redundant, right? but hey~ the heal amount is dependent from your M.atk value and the damage you will receive depends on how high is your Pdef/Mdef is.. so… it’s still up to you if you want to take it… it saved my butt for several times in GN before.. i must say… it’s a good supportive skill especially when you’re new and/or exploring the nests

The 3 Blessings
Recommended level:
Striking – Max
Protection Shell – personal preference -> Max
Blessing of Light – Max
Who doesn’t love buffs?
it’s a good thing that in 80_Cap, we have enough SPs to max our 3 blessings w/o sacrificing any skills which will lower down our damage output … sooo… TAKE IT ! max them all~!

Healing Relic
Recommended Level: As high as possible
well… ? you’re a priest first and foremost before you became an Inquisitor… any complains?

Miracle Relic
Recommended Level: Lv.1
just leave it at Lv.1, it’s taken for its buff (damage reduction and cure) not for damage

Heavenly Judgment
Recommended level: Lv.1 – 2
In this build, it was left at Lv.2 to act as additional damaging skill whenever the player wishes to do so..

Shock Transition
Recommended Level: Varies to your personal preference.

Recommended Level: Max!

Along with its EX Version, it became more fantastic!

Level 80 Build for Advanced Players
With regards to this build, the only difference is…

It invested most of my SPs to Charge Bolt and my 3 Blessings by not having the Support Skills from Priest Branch and lowering and/or changing the usage” of my Ultimate Skill: Heavenly Judgment.

Cleric Branch

MP Passives:
After allocating all SPs to my chosen/preferred skills, this build left with 2SP which led it to invest them in MP passives.

Charge Bolt
Pushed it to its max level for utmost potential it could provide especially on huge targets… Optimal damage output (skill level-wise/coefficient-wise)

Priest Branch

Lightning Bolt
Left it at Lv.6.

Thus will be tackled later on the guide.

Chain Lightning
Made the skill level of this as flexible as it could be. how?
If ever you decided to couple it with a Skill Necklace, you'd gain +1 Lightning Jump..

If ever you decided NOT to couple it with Skill Neck, you'd still have the Damage boost…
so… either way, your good to go.

Healing Relic
gawrsh.. do you even hafta ask? it’s given~
so… yup!
(PS: Tho you can adjust / lower it down by 1-2 or 3 Skill Levels if you have good amount of Matk to compensate for the Healing amount )

Cure Relic
Left it at level if you plated it with cooldown plate, and you don’t have to worry about the waiting time… unless it was cancelled during casting or has been wiped out

Heavenly Judgment
This time, the build is treating this SS as a debuff instead of a damaging skill. It will be treating this skill as a ‘utility’ skill in a sense that – to provide an additional layer of -33% light debuff instead of using it as a damaging skill

Removed [Avenging Wave], [First Aid] and lower down by 1 level [Heavenly Judgment] to make my Charge Bolt Lv.26

Reason being… in the long run, once you managed to learn / understand how the nest works or the target moves… you won’t be needing these supportive skills any longer unless for a sudden change of tide in the battle…

How you gauge your experience in handling your character (i.e.: dodging/ timing/ etc) along with how you react to the current stage and/or boss.

||   Charge Bolt Vs. Lightning Bolt   ||

As mentioned earlier, you do have an option whether to invest your SPs to LB or CB…
Here’s a comparison of the two, to make it simple…

With Lightning Bolt, it’s good~ in a sense that it only takes 1.5 seconds to be casted
not to mention it’s a long range which grants you safety while casting it, and it’s movable/flexible.. (you can cast it in a sweeping way or forceful way or straight cast)

while on the other hand…

Charge bolt requires you to be in close-quarters with the target to apply the maximum possible damage output from it, and at the same time risky to cast “IF” the caster if NOT FAMILIAR with the target’s pattern, and on that note – positioning of your character or HOW YOU CAST the Charge Bolt also affects the ‘HITS’ made by it.. on where you are facing (with respect to the camera and target)

Overall, pick the best that suits to your gamplay.

Credits: Special thanks to Xaldin for making this level 80 Inquisitor skill build guide.