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Level 80 Blade Dancer Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Dancers at level 80 cap.

Unlike 60 cap where dancers were one of the classes that dominated the dps rankings, now dancers are mainly taken for their dance 2. Their dps slowly fell short compared to the other revamp'ed classes such as swordsmaster, engineers, artilleries, chasers etc.. It doesn't mean that a dancer's dps is low, it just means that other jobs are doing much better on the dps aspect while we can support them with our dance 2.

Are dancers' dps low? 
Here is a screenshot praetor ex' last hit taken on a 4 man team (using a Full Moon chakram)
Not too impressive but not low either.

Kali Tree
This is a standardized build for both dancers.

Fancy Turn Lv21/26 - Opt to get a lv26 fancy turn because its dps is far superior compared to spirit blow. The damage of this skill is good enough for a filler skill. It is recommended to level this skill either 21 or 26.

Mental Mastery/Mind Conquer Lv0 - You can allocate some of your sp for this skill if you really need the mp recovery. In a raid situation where a Light Fury is normally present, this skill becomes useless because of Healing of Chakram.

Dummy Ghost Lv1 - Reducing dummy ghost's cd will not help (unless you're a screamer), since dancers have a lot of iframe skills. 

Blade Dancers
Blade Dancers uses their graceful yet fatal moves to inflict serious damage on their foes. Her skills are mostly close range and is harder to control since her signature skills requires precise timing to use to deal the whole board damage. Her category falls under the constant dps since she has a long channeling time to deal the full hits of her skills.

Blade Dancer Tree

Squall Flaker Lv1 - Level 1 is enough since the purpose of this skill is only for evation purposes.

Hurricane Gust Lv11 - This skill is a must max since this skill has the highest board damage in the whole dancer tree for 80 cap.


1. (Pure Build)
A pure blade dancer is a viable build to play. All of your hard hitting skills are maxed like elegant storm and deadly drill. Your filler skills in a pure build will benefit the additional 60% damage from breeze call dance. Going pure build is also based on your preference, just as long as you max the essential ones.

Dancer Tree

A pure build normally max the essential skills while making the filler skills stop at peak levels. However, make graze dance, sweet circle stop at lv 16 because the damage growth of these 2 skills are negligible to consider.

Twinkle Spin Lv11/15+1 - Recommended to stop leveling this up at 11. A level 15 twinkle spin is not good enough for me. Sacrificing a +1 skill ring for it when you can use a DDN L ring (for elemental conversion jade users) is not worth it. A budgeted player can level this up to lv15 and get a +1 skill ring for it.

Deadly Drill Lv14 - This skill is one of your hard hitting skills in PvE. Recommended making this Lv14 since the damage growth is worth it (and there'll be too many leftover SPs if you drop this to 11)

Elegant Storm Lv13 - This skill is one of your core skills.

Why is sufi dancer and general gunblade included?

Even as a pure build dancer, it's important to squeeze in as much damage as possible during burst. You can drop general gunblade to 0 and invest the SP to sufi dancer/ twinkle spin (if you're planning lv15 +1) instead. Sufi Dancer is a good filler skill for me, it's also a good breaking skill (e.g. Destroy barriers at TKN solo, DDN sand bind, etc..). Recommended getting both to level 1 just for filler skill.

2. (Hybrid Build)
A blade dancer with a hybrid build utilizes both core skills of the blade dancer and spirit dancer trees. Although sufi dancer and general gunblade doesn't benefit from breeze call dance, it still hit strong as both of these skills have a higher damage growth compared to the previous ex of the BD tree.

Dancer Tree

Since we have an overflowing amount of SP in 80 cap, a hybrid build can now max 1 of their previous ex skills. You can choose to max between Graze Dance, Sweet Circle and Twinkle Spin. Out of these 3, twinkle spin has a higher dps (sweet circle is highly recommended). Feel free to move the sp from sweet circle if you like to max another one.

Sweet Circle Lv1/16 - This is a filler skill, and most people like it because of its fast cooldown and aoe range. The damage growth is only average in PvE and would not be enough for it to be considered your main skill. 

Sufi Dancer Lv11/max - The peak level of sufi dancer is level 11, so it is recommended getting it to at least at that point. Even without the additional 60% damage, this is a good filler skill in nests and raids. Recommended at level 12.

General Gunblade Lv11/13 - This is your main filler skill under burst period. It is recommended making this skill at least lv11. The damage growth is good, so maxing this will be worth your sp.

Is maxing illusion dance worth it?

The highest dps skills in the dancer tree are already in the blade dancer side (Elegant storm, deadly drill), that is why there's no need to include Illusion Dance in your skill rotation since sufi dancer and general gunblade are good as it is.

You can check out the level 90 skill build for Blade Dancer in the link below: