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Kritika Guide: How to Enhance Meteorites Effectively [iOs/Android]

Meteorites. The latest addition to our beloved game. They come in so many shapes and forms, and like everything else in the game, they can be Enhanced to heighten the amount of influence they have on your champion. Now, many of these Guides will tell you ABOUT the Meteorites (and the Flares and Astral Shards that come with), but I'm here to answer a different question. "What is the most effective way to Enhance my Meteorites?" 

I. Value of a Meteorite

So we all get Meteorites from Stages, the Tower of Tribulation, and occasionally from the Daily Dungeon. But how many do we need to get Legendary Meteorites? Should we use 7 Karats in the Daily Dungeon to try for one of the Normal/Rare Meteorites? How many do we need to farm to get what we want?

Well, let’s start from the beginning – the Poor Meteorite. To upgrade a Poor Meteorite via Combine, you have to merge two of them at +5. When Enhancing Poor Meteorites, one Enhance raises their level by ~130% – that is, +1 and 30% toward the next level. This means four Enhances will make one Poor Meteorite +5. In total, this means it takes 10 Poor Meteorites to make 1 Normal Meteorite (or Flare) via Combine.

Now let’s look at Normal grade Meteorites. They too must be at +5 to Combine; however, they take more effort to Enhance. Here’s a rough estimate of what you get when trying to Enhance a Normal Meteorite:

- 1 Poor Meteorite (unenhanced) = ~18%
- 1 +5 Poor Meteorite = ~108% (so +1 and 8%)
- 1 Normal Meteorite = ~175% (so +1 and 75%)

There’s a significant difference in those numbers. So clearly, when Enhancing, you want to use the same grade and not just Mass Enhance your Poor Meteorites.

The amount of Enhance given to Rare Meteorites has similar numbers to those of the Normal Meteorites (Enhance a Rare Meteorite with another Rare and you get ~174%). But what does this mean for the values of the Normal, Rare, Epic, and even Legendary Meteorites? I’ve yet to earn a Legendary myself (so anyone who can tell me how many Epics it takes to get to a Legendary, I’ll update with credit to you), but I do have values for the others based on these Enhance numbers:

- 1 Normal Meteorite = 10 Poor Meteorites
- 1 Rare Meteorite = 80 Poor Meteorites (remember, it takes 3 other Normals to make one a +5, so that’s 8 Normal Meteorites total)
- 1 Epic Meteorite = 640 Poor Meteorites

Certainly, these are startling numbers! Just how are we supposed to get to Legendary Meteorites at such a rate of inflation??

II. Value of a Shard

Shards come daily, but because of the variety of them, we only get one type of Shard weekly, and only up to two types a day. Factor in that re-visiting a Daily Dungeon starts at 500 Karats, one can only assume each individual Shard is valued around 250 Karats (save for the Concentration and Flare Shards, as they do not come with other Shards and thus must be worth around 500 Karats apiece). But we’re not here to talk about Karats, so let’s break Shards down to a Meteorite-based value.

When you Evolve, you use a +5 Meteorite and a Shard of the same grade. So to start with, a Poor Shard is worth 5 Poor Meteorites. 

Combine takes two +5 Meteorites to perform; the only difference in using Evolve is one of the items (the Shard) does not need to be +5. This cuts the cost in half.

So what about the higher grade Shards? Again, I’ve yet to reach any Legendary Meteorites, so I’ll update with the value of Epic Shards later.

- 1 Normal Shard = 40 Poor Meteorites
- 1 Rare Shard = 320 Poor Meteorites

That’s quite the discount in upgrading to an Epic Meteorite, and it's far greater when Evolving into Legendary.

Now, here's a thought -- is it worth it to Evolve Meteorites I don't want to use? Absolutely. 

Why? Well, eventually your Legendary Concentration Meteorite needs to be Enhanced to +5, right?

So, you upgrade, say, your Defense Meteorite all the way to Legendary, and then Enhance the Concentration. Remember, if you Enhance with a lower grade Meteorite, you get less of the overall effect. AND, because you Evolved it, you saved half a Legendary's worth of Meteorites.

III. When to Combine vs. when to Evolve

Now, first and foremost, if you have yet to obtain Flares, Combine is the only way to do so at this time. So if you are trying to farm those, use the Combine system. HOWEVER, do not use your Shards in this process, or even as Enhance fodder for your Meteorites – as detailed prior, these are very valuable. So when seeking Flares or new higher grade Meteorites, use Combine; when looking to Enhance specific Meteorites or upgrade them with other less important Meteorites, use Evolve. And remember, the higher grade Shard you create, the more Meteorites you save in the long run (I estimate that creating an Epic Shard to upgrade a Meteorite into Legendary may save well over 2,000 Poor Meteorites!).

Hope this has been helpful to you all.

Credits: Special thanks to CrimsonImpact for making this guide.