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Kritika 2.10 Update: Guild Shop, Guild Tower, New Avatars and More

First! What is the Guild Shop?

Join the guild to access the Guild Shop. You can find great items at the Shop..
As long as you’re in the guild, you can access the Guild Shop anytime!
However, there is the level requirement on items you can purchase.

Well, then you may ask, “Don’t we just need Gold and Karats?”
Then, why would we have the Guild Shop feature in the first place..? Right?

This is where you need the GUILD SHOP POINTS in order to purchase items at the Guild Shop!

How do you acquire those points? Guild Shop Points are very closely related to Guild Tower battles! Join the Guild Tower battle to earn the Guild Shop Points! 

As long as you participate, you will be able to earn points. Any in-guild activities will result in some points as well!

All right, then. What can you purchase with the Guild Shop Points?!
Here are items available at the Guild Shop. More items can be added!

Newly added Guild Avatars are one of the finest! Make sure to check them out!

※ Item prices will be disclosed upon the update.

Second! What is the Guild Tower?!

Next up, the Guild Tower!

The Guild Tower feature enables the guild members to build the tower with numerous in-guild activities,
notably the Guild Tower battle!

You must defeat the evil subject within the time limit. More guild members mean more guild power!!
If you’re thinking about being idle in the guild, think again!

As you see from the picture above, there are many kinds of guild towers. Make each tower and expand to receive great buff effect on every guild members! 

Each tower will be unlocked based on the guild level. Each tower has its own buff effects on the guild members. 

When the Tower of Life is unlocked, you’ll receive HP increase buff.
Guild Lv.10 unlocks the Tower of Destruction. There you’ll receive Physical ATK increase buff! 

Expand each other for more powerful buff effect!

Then, how do you increase the guild level? How do you expand the tower?
That’s where the Guild Activity Points come handy!

Guild Activity Points are accumulated based on each guild member’s activities in game.

Guild Attendance
Stamina/Sapphire Use

Numerous activities will add up the individual points and eventually, to the Guild Activity Points!

Once you collect certain amount of Guild Activity Points, use them to expand the tower for more powerful buff effect!
However, expanding the tower is not an easy task!
Upon the expansion attempt, you’ll meet the big and ferocious Guardian. 

Your guild must defeat the Guardian to expand the tower successfully.
You must defeat the Guardian within the time limit.
Otherwise, you’ll need to start from scratch to build up the tower again!

Guild members will receive different buff effects based on the towers, so you’ll have to strategically think about how your guild can prepare with different attributes. Easier said than done. HOW?

That’s the whole Meteorite system kicks in!!

You’ll be able to use Meteorites feature even more once the Guild Tower feature is updated!

MAX Guild member limit? After this update, your guild will have more guild members based on the guild level!

Third! More convenient features!!

Several features have been improved! Just for kicks, we’ll show you 2 of them.

CP!! CP!! Had to go to the Inventory menu to check your CP?
Worry no more! CP will be constantly displayed under your character name.
Check out the picture below for an example!

Master skills!! Now you can upgrade your master skills easily!
Resetting those master skills was a painful experience.

This update will let you upgrade master skills!!
You may upgrade master skill by 1, 10, 100 or MAX points!!

Other convenient features will be implemented along with several bugs fixed!
More details will be posted on the next update announcement! Stay tuned!

Lastly, for your pleasure!


Check out these Avatars after the update!!

via: Gamevil forums