If you’re asking the same question, then probably you are desperate on looking for answers . This happens to me too. As an Adsense publisher for almost 6 years, I have my ups and downs. Mostly downs on the first few years and the rest are good times.

So let me share to you my experience on using Adsense for the past 6 years and answer the question “Why does my Adsense earnings still low?“

So what are the major things that makes your Adsense low?

1. Location of your traffic
This is pretty basic and I know that you’ve heard a lot of this from forums but pay attention to what I will tell you. Normally, people from forums will tell you to target countries like Europe or USA as they pay more per click. However, they don’t tell you how to do it and most of the time, it will be hard for those bloggers which are from Asia to start targeting traffic on those countries due to their location. In my experience, when you are from Asia, then majority of traffic on your blog will probably come from Asia. Which by the way, has the lowest Adsense CPC countries.

So, how can you avoid this scenario?
Social media my friend. Learn how to advertise your blog not only to people who might become your potential loyal readers, but to those people who came from US and EU. What I did was befriend people from EU and USA once I have gotten in to their network (or should I say their friends), I then tried to befriend their friends and the friends of their friends. Until such time that I have plenty of foreign friends, I then tried researcher what communities they like and luckily I have spotted some foreign communities that might show some interest on my blog. And that’s how I end up having huge traffic on one of my tech blog on US and EU. I know this is kind of tedious but it is worth it in the long run. My last piece of advice is to do this first before you start blogging. Expand your connections before you do some blogging.

2. Your blog has the lowest Cost per Click
My first blog was a gaming blog. It averages 500,000 pageviews per month but generates $121 earnings a month which is totally a bummer. Imagine all those traffic converting to very low earning. So what’s the reason behind this? It’s because gaming has the lowest CPC for adsense. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this but believe me, don’t go with Adsense if you are a gaming blog. You’ll just waste all those traffic. Instead, try affiliate programs or buysellads or, if you are doing some vids on gaming walkthroughs and guides or reviews, then try Adsense for youtube. Most gaming blogs earn a lot on those platforms. Bonus Tip: I have two blogs that has good cpc: One is a tech blog and the other is a health blog. These two blogs has good amount of traffic which converts good amount of adsense earnings as they got good CPC. Lastly, don’t believe those people who are telling “High Paying keywords this 2015″ as they are only looking for attentions. They tell that lawfirm blogs are the highest paying keyword but they did not tell you that this topic has a low amount of searches per month. How can you earn money if no few will look at your blog?

3. You are not using the right ad-size
Adsense will recommend ad sizes that they say has the most benefit. The ad sizes that they recommend are good but they don’t specifically tell you what ad size is perfect for your blog. The larger the ad but, I don’t advice picking the largest ad unit. What I am trying to emphasize here test all the ads for a month or so and see how they convert. Bonus Tip: I usually got hugh clicks from 300×250 ads and 728×90 ads.

4. You got the right size for your ad, but not the right placement
One of the most crucial part in making some cash on adsense is proper placement of ads. Adsense has a heatmap for it but does this work? Not everytime obvuously. The key to finding where to place your ads is finding where your readers are often reading. Go to your analytics and find out where are they looking most of the time. In my food recipe blog, most of my readers look on the body post. So what I did was place a 300×250 on the end of each post and centered like my content. And luckily, it caught some attention and in fact, it is the highest ctr blog I have atm.

5. Your blog may not be suitable with Adsense.
If you have done all the things mentioned above but still has low earnings, then I suggest you quit blogging and look for a job. I’m just kidding… Oh yeah, before I proceed to explaining the fifth and last part, I would just like to emphasize that “Blogging is not a job”. Don’t quit your day job for it if you don’t earn much on it. One reason why most people fail in earning money through blogging is they are focus on the money itself. Blogging my friend is sharing ideas that can benefit others or simply sharing your ideas, and not making money. Learn first the true meaning of blogging before you pursue this kind of life.

So anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand. If you fail with Adsense despite of large amount of traffic, the  Adsense is not for your my friend. Like what I did on my gaming blog, instead of focusing on Adsense, I added affiliates and buysellads on my blog and that’s were my gaming blog became a money blog. Don’t just stick with Adsense, as their are many ways to earn money on your blog. You have just to find the right one.

And that’s all folks. Thank you for reading my post. Hope you reshare it and let others learn too from my experience.