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How to Make Your Shadow Mage OP in Kritika [Guide]

Hi and welcome all, this guide is specifically related to "How to play and become strong with a mage" so if your playing with another char i wud suggest go to some other guide cause some info here might mislead you!! 
Well first let me introduce a shadow mage!! He has a powerful alter who he uses to summon skills and also wields two guns!!

By now u wud have already discerned mage is a far range combat type, as his normal attack isnt quite that strong!! 
But his skills make up for it!! 


(*) Whereever i have used these stars it means i will explain them later.

Stoccato Shot- What this basically does is you move forward quite fast and shoot a few shots and one strong shot!

Gun Swing- In this, what we see is the mage shooting and the altar simultaneously swinging the monsters upwards. It also breaks enemies **Super armor.

EX. Geschupenschte Quell- Your altr goes underground and 2 large shadow hands come out clasping the monsters or boss, and then it tears them up!!It doesnt literally tear them up though as sometimes if your CP is not high enough you wont be able to kill him wiht just your EX skill. Also there is an ex gauge which fills up as you do more attack and fills faster with higher combos.

*Awakened Altar- This skill gives you extra additional damage for a short amount of time to all your attacks. You will see thunder sparks around your body when you use this skill. 

Geschupenscthe Quell- Your avatar goes and collects monsters in its arms and causes damage and ***Stun them for a short period time. 

Shadow Clap- Your altar goes underground and two hands come out and clap together, crushing enemies in its range, and also breaks **Super armor. 

*Bullet Storm- This is a wide range attack, and also pulls the monsters towards you as you shoot in all directions at all monsters. 

*Shadow Bind- Your altar makes a swamp of shadows which collects all the monsters in its range and keeps inflicitng damage on them while they are immobile as long as they are in the shadows( its actually like a circular ring which keeps the monsters immobile in between). Also it ***Stuns the enemies who were victim of shadow bind.

*Geschepenschte Hammer- You summon a gigantic alter that attacks the areas in its range 3 times consecutively. 

*-These are skills i personally prefer and use!! Bullet storm controls the crowds shadow bind is the stun and geschepenscthe hammer does the damage.

**-You will usually face some minibosses when your doing a stage who cannot be pushed back by normal attacks. They have super armor and hence these skills are useful against them to make them fall down.

***- Stun is one of the most important thing used, as against bosses it is generally plays a crucial role. Stun manages to make the enemy immobile for a certain amount of time, as in they are unable to move or attack, and are most vulnerable then.


Many newbies generally go with getting ruby(attack) and topaz(hp) gem. On Ruby you are spot on attack is important but i would personally prefer having a emerald(def) to a topaz gem. I actually made two chars and tested them against quarcry with same attack and hp and def, both mage, and the one with emerald fared much better than the one with topaz. Keep in the one with emerald actually had lower CP than the one with topaz.

At first you must go with ruby, emerald, onyx(critical), and then go for amethyst(additional damage) and peridot(damage reduced). I actually played till lvl 59 in my mage without a single topaz and instead preferred to keep two emeralds and i havnt used a revive yet.


There are many types like Life(hp) Psyche(mp) Concentration(additional damage) Evasion( damage reduce) Fury( Critical) Shield(Physical defence)

Now these meteors just increase basic stats!! They are actually same as pets grey gives 1 stat green gives 1 stat but value is higher rare gives 1 stat and a sub stat. 

Also these meteors when you enhance them to max level (like 2 green gems at +5) you can combine them to give a higher rate gem. 

Well as meteorites go into the side slots flares go into the center slot!! They give a % increase to your surrounding meteors if they have the same stat.
Which is if the flare increases xyz stat by 5% then if the xyz stat is present in ny surrounding meteor, it will get increased by 5%

Stage Clearance

Well now let me tell you how to clear stages efficiently. 
All stages have a few areas for which the preferable skills I mentioned are preferable to use. But when you face the episode boss there is generally only one area before boss, so it is advised to equip the second stun (geschepentsche quell). 

Also mages skills like bullet storm are wide area and give you large combo so helps you fill up your EX fast. 

Monster wave
Mages have high kill rates in monster waves and are easily best for monster wave. Just equip the 4 preferable skills and your set.
Also at each season reset, make sure to clear all the dungeons you cant, to get the gems from all.


Once u hit lvl 30 you unlock pets!! For lower lvls it is advised to get a pet with attack and def, as def helps a lot!!

Tower Of Tribulation
Now this is the most challenging aspect of the game. Remember the floors have certain cp requirements and the game doesnt allow to attempt after a certain limit if your cp isnt high enough.
You get a message "You are not prepared for this floor yet"

The tower of tribulation is a place where mana and hp conservation is essential. Remember the floors cannot be redone till season refresh so i usually attempt a floor once and intentionally die so that i know when and where each mob will come so that on next try i can kill largers mobs in lesser time. It is generally advised to conserve mana and use ex as many times as you can to preserve mana as mage charges up ex quite fast!! 

Now a few ending tips i figured out
1.Always enhance your weapon as much as you can, but dont go above +15, cause you will end up changing it for another one on later on lvls, until you hit max lvl that is.
2.Also your armor is an important piece of gear as it generally gives highest defence.
3.As for accessories, i would suggest you refrain from doing expert craft till max lvl. As acc mats are hardest to get.
4.And gold keys, it is advised to save these and premium chest tickets for max lvl too, as that is when you would want to equip all lg gears.
5.It is generally advised to farm on any blue stage you can on hard in 3x. blue stages give better drops than any other stages. If you dont mind the xp, then i would actually suggest farming on the previous boss, as they give best drops.

Credits: Special thanks to RykAce for making this guide.