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How to Lower the Ping of DOTA 2 or Any MMO Games [100% Working]

Hello MMO fanatics!

I just want to share something I have learned from my fellow gamers....

I know one of the main problem in playing MMO games is the LAG. ALL gamers hate it as it hinders us from playing an MMO smoothly. Well, I got something to share that will probably remove all your LAG problems!

This is just a quick step on fixing that LAG and anyone can do it.... So here's how to fix the LAG or more specifically, lower the ping of DOTA 2 or any other MMO games.

Step 2: Download Leatrix Latency Fix (Just click the one circled in red in the image).
Step 3: Extract the Leatrix zip files.
Step 4: Install the .exe program.
Once you have seen the notice that the program is "Installed" (see image above), the last step will be to restart your computer or, you can just turn off your internet connection and then turn it on again.

That's it! Your LAG or PING problem has been solved!

Here's some proof:

Note: I am only playing on my laptop, with an average WIFI connection, and currently playing on the SEA server. Just look at the numbers. From 1405ms to just 262ms! That's a big change! Just imagine what it will do if you have a good PC and a stable internet connection!


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