The hardest part of blogging in my opinion is choosing the right topic which will bear great fruits in the long run (what i mean here is a profitable blog topic in the future). And with the fact that almost everything now is on the web, the biggest question now is "What will you blog?"

It's hard. It's really hard as when you search on the internet the things that pops up in your mind, bummer... It's already there. So, how could you formulate a topic?

One way is to reflect and do a deep brainstorming of what you love to do the most... And then.... Oh hell! Who am I kidding! This will not work this 2015. In fact, taking time and digging deep to finally realize the topic you'll blog has been blog many times and this post is worthless...... Oh! Hold on a minute, don't leave yet as I got a bright idea for formulating a blog topic this 2015.

What to Blog this 2015?
Right from the moment the social media was born, everything that is interesting is trending. When someone shares a post that tickles your funny bones, awe you for awhile or even just a pic of a women exposing her boobs or booty, that gets trending! So, where does all this talk leading? It will end on me saying... Pick a topic that is popular now, or better yet, pick a topic that will be popular in the future.... Yes! yes! That's the right words!

Forecasting my friend! or what fortune teller often call as predictions.

How to choose a topic that will be popular in the future?
There are lots of stuff nowadays that are in development. For example, new gadgets that are in development. Why not blog about it? Another example is tv shows and this example is my favorite. The thing about upcoming tv shows are they are being broadcasted nationwide on tv and, people have always see them. So, if you are see an upcoming tv show that you think will be popular in the future, and you are blogging it for awhile, then for sure you'll gain much traffic sooner or later.

What if that tv show or that gadget suddenly becomes unpopular?
Then jump into another tv show or gadget to blog. What I am trying to say here is that you'll continue your old blog and post new content, on new tv shows or gadgets. And in time, you'll realize that you have a blog all about tv show reviews or episode summary or reactions, or a blog with all the gadget reviews, news, etc.

This is just a simple tip I want to share to you based from my experience blogging for almost 7 years now. Those advice that you blog what you love the most are shit nowadays as the year is 2015! We are not in the year where computers, internet, mobile phones, and other stuff that made this year and the following the digital millenium. All you need to do now is pick a topic that might be popular in the future, blog about it, and then love it! End of story....