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How to Build the Best Tank in Chaos Fighters (X-Fighting) on iOs/Android

Okay. Let's make this guide straight-forward...

In this page, you'll learn how to build the perfect tank in the game Chaos Fighters/X-Fighting for iOs/Android. We will tackle here, the stat you need to increase, the perfect skills for a tank and the perfect fighter as a tank.

The Stats you need to increase
DEF- To make you more beefy
RES- To get more chance of activating your skills more often
HIT- Allows you to not miss your opponent.
ATK- increase your attack power.
STA- To have more HP.

Another notable stat is SPD. Of course, you don't want your enemy to attack more often don't you? So we suggest buffing up some speed up to average like 190+ at end game.

How do I increase my stat? 
Through reforging your weapon and armor of course until you achieve the most effective number for that stat.

Note: Don't waste money reforging just yet when you are at low level. Just level up first to 80+ before doing some reforging as what we are trying to aim here is get the most stat from a high level weapon or armor. Also, save those engraving crystal for goodness sake! Do not waste it as once you got a high level orange equip, you'll need that to lock a certain stat (max) on your equipment.

In addition, don't forget the Soul Nexus. Make sure that every stat you mentioned above are part of your Soul.

Also there's the stat you'll get from your pet. Make sure you get all those recommended stat on your pet. 

Speaking of pet, our most recommended pet is the Slime. Why the slime? To give you extra attack option. As a tank, you'll rely most on skills that are DoT oriented and a slime has that poison skill that can do the thing. 

Why not focus more on DEF? 
With the DEF, HP plus the defensive skills you'll take, we think that is enough to say that you are already an ultimate tank. So it is wise to invest some on the offensive sector.

Who is the perfect fighter to be the ultimate tank?
People will say that those fightee that has the most STA gained are the best tanks. They are right with that! Obviously, you'll need to find a fighter which has 8 or lesser points to gain STA. And of course, it's also a wise decision to pick a fighter which is STR based also as you need that to increase your attack. 

In addition to choosing the right fighter, choose those fighter which are mastee of healing or cursed seal jutsu.

The healing part is obvious but the Cursed Seal Jutsu... WTF? Why??!!!
It's because of the Earth-Style Wall. When you are master of Cursed Seal Jutsu plus you have high RES, then rest assured that this skill will activate more often.

What's with Earth-Style Jutsu that you love?
It's the skill that makes those hard hitting fighters drop to their knees when they attack you. Remember that it does not only lessen the damage taken by your fighter, but it also return back half of it. Just imagine when a fighter hit you with full crit? Would that be lovely?!

And based on your experience playing the game for almost a year now, fighters with Cursed Seal Jutsu mastery are better tanks than those with Healing mastery. A counter-attacker tank is way more efficient than a healer tank.

Okay...okay.. I'm now convinced.. So what fighter do you recommend?
In the sea version, we got Ichigo so we recommend him to be your tank fighter. But on worldwide wherein X-Fighting is known as Chaos Fighters, we recommend Chrome.

Now with the skills....
The best skills for a tank are:
Earth-Wall Style- As we mentioned before, it lessen the damage and reflect a part of it back to the enemy. 
Golden Shield- No damage taken from all direct hit when activated.
Energy Shield- Create a barrier (which is based on a certain percentage of the amount of your HP) to negate all enemy attacks. 
Arrival of Thunder God- Your first main DoT skill.
Poison Fog- Your second main DoT skill.
Rejuvenation- And lastly, this skill... For healing of course.

Note: Do remember that this is only a suggestion. Use this as your guide to formulate your very own tank build on X-Fighting/Chaos Fighters.

Want some proof that this build is 100% effective
See the images below. Later on, we will post a video which will totally make you a believer that this is the best tank build eva!

Start lf the fight
End of the fight
WTF!!! Four high level fighters taken down by Chrome so easily!