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Helpful Windows Shortcut & Tricks You Might Not Know Of Yet

Here are some windows shortcut and tricks that I have learned.

The Windows Key Shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts:

Windows + D: Minimize all windows.

Windows + E: Open Explorer to 'Computer.'

Windows + R: Open the 'Run' prompt.

Windows + T: Scroll through taskbar.

Windows + P: Change display configuration.

Windows + Tab: Scrolls through open windows in an awesome 3D way that will make people think you're really cool. If they're the kind of people who think keyboard shortcuts are cool, anyway.

Windows + Arrow keys: Snap your window all over the place.

Windows + [+] or [-]: Activate magnifier. Then hit Ctrl+Alt+I to invert colors. If you want. It looks cool.

Here are other useful windows tricks:

Hold Shift and right click in a folder to add the option "Open command window here." Useful if you're using command line tools for modding.

Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen: Print Screen throws an image of your desktop onto the clipboard, but this key combination only captures the active window. You may use it for grabbing screens of windowed games that don't work with whatever screen capture software I'm using.

Calibrate your screen: Click the Start button, type DCCW into the search and press Enter to give it a go.

Recover frozen programs: Click the Start button, type RESMON, and hit Enter. Go to the CPU tab and find the frozen process, right click, and then hit Analyze Wait Chain. The lowest process in the tree is the one stalling your application—assuming it's not vital, end it to recover your frozen window. Save whatever other stuff you have open first, of course, just in case.

Become a god: God Mode is less exciting than it sounds, but still cool, giving you access to everything in the Control Panel from one folder. Create a new folder and name it: 


Replacing 'Whatever' with whatever you want, because whatever.

Shake your windows: Grab a window and shake it back and forth to minimize all other windows.

Another SC is Win+Pause. It opens computer properties... as if you right-click your computer and click properties... And Win+F opens search window...

Get God Mode in Windows 7: 
Create New Folder on Decktop
Rename Folder "God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"

Windows Key + L: To lock your computer.

Hold Alt while double clicking a file/folder for properties

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC | Opens Task manager without an annoying screen forcing you to click it.

Alt + arrow keys, to go backwards and forwards, in any browser/explorer.

Windows + X in windows 8 brings up the power user menu near the start menu, right cliking the start button/hotspot also works.

alt + PrtScr captures the active window.

ctrl + PrtScr captures your entire desktop and all open windows even across multiple monitors.

Ctrl-Shift-Esc to immediately access the Task Manager and skip the ctrl-alt-del menu.

That's all about it guys. If you want to add some more, please do by writing it on the comment box below.