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GTA 5 Mods: Turn GTA 4 to GTA 5

We know that GTA 5 has been delayed and all we can do is wait until the developer release it on the market.

While waiting, you can head back to playing GTA 4 but only this time, let's turn your GTA 4 to a GTA 5 experience. What I am talking here is turning GTA 4 to GTA 5 with the help of some of the best mods.

Check out below some of the best GTA 5 mods that you can apply on your GTA 4 game.

Trevor, Michael and Franklin Mods

If you can't wait to see these bankrobbing trios in action, then skin your character with these bad-ass protagonist on GTA 5.
The mods are available below:

Los Santos Map Mods

The whole mod thing on GTA IV will be useless if we'll only mod the characters. Then let's try to mod the surroundings and let's turn those streets to GTA 5's Los Angeles.

Selfie Mod

This GTA 5 modding will be nowhere near with the original without the selfie feautre. Let's mod it!

GTA V Fighter Jet Mod

While you wait for GTA 5, you can at least take to the skies in the P-996 Lazer jet, and make use of its miniguns and missiles on an unsuspecting crowd. Don't forget your parachute though!

GTA V Cars Mods

Let's ride in style with these GTA 5 Cars!

Character Switcher Mod

The centerpiece of GTA 5 is the trio of characters you play and your ability to effortlessly switch between them. Leaping from one character to another yanks you high into the sky like an angel before depositing you in the body of your chosen devil, who is often in the midst of some enjoyable hijinks like running from the police or sleeping off a bender half-naked in a dumpster.

This script lets you call up a radial wheel and swap between Niko, Luis, and Johnny. Why destroy Liberty City as only one person when you can do three times the damage?

Lester and Merryweather Services Mod

Life in the big city can be tough without a little backup. Inspired by GTA 5 Online, this mod provides some important services provided by Lester and the Merryweather Security company.

It includes a chauffered helicopter or boat to transport you to your selected destination, ammo and weapon drops, and the occasional helpful missile strike from passing jets. Lester, meanwhile, can bribe the cops to drop your wanted level and help you locate your vehicles.

If you too have some mods which turns GTA 4 to GTA 5, please do share it below.