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Gameloft Could Possibly Be Making Dungeon Hunter 5

We still need confirmation from Gameloft about this spreading rumors that they could possibly be making a 5th installment to their freemium Diablo-like game on mobiles, Dungeon Hunter.

A few of our friends emailed us this active link wherein it hints of a Dungeon Hunter 5 mini-page. The link does not have any content yet but it seems that Gameloft is giving us a hint on what's coming this 2015.

In addition to the link,  site named standagainstchaos.com has suddenly popped up out of nowhere having a countdown timer when will the chaps begins and the thing that's quite intruiging about this site is that, it also have a teaser trailer wherein you'll notice a familiar face in Dungeon Hunter and when you have watched it on youtube's site, you"ll see the description saying "From the shadows of a world-renowned mobile-games studio comes a new challenge – will you rise up to it? Find out more on standagainstchaos.com". You can watch the trailer below.

The "Stand Against the Chaos" page counts down to 11pm central on Monday night, so we'll likely find out more then. As well, Gameloft's giving a panel on mobile streaming at PAX South in San Antonio next weekend, so it's possible that this game will have Twitch streaming like a few other Gameloft titles. And it's quite likely that this game will make an appearance there next week. 

We'll see if this rumours of a Dungeon Hunter 5 is true next week.