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First Final Fantasy XV English Trailer

Square Enix have released the first Final Fantasy XV trailer with all the character’s English voices. Previously the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer from a month ago featured the Japanese voices with English subtitles. It’s great to finally hear the game’s Western version.

Watch the very first Final Fantasy XV English language trailer here:
This latest main game in the action RPG series has no release date yet and the developers have suggested back in 2014 that it’s going to be a while. This means you can say goodbye to a Fall 2015 release… maybe Japan gets it by then, but is definitely looking like a Fall 2016 title at the earliest. Since development on Final Fantasy XV started all the way back in April 2006, it’s looking like a 10-year development cycle. So it’s a safe bet the game is going to tell its story in a HUGE world!