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Elune Saga Labyrinth Guide [iOs/Android]

[AL1] Labyrinth Basic Information

Labyrinth is a special dungeon that can be attempted once per day. You could enter multiple times but you'd have to pay a large amount of soul stones. Every week players who participate in Labyrinth are given rewards based on their score and how they stack up against eachother. This has created a competitive PvE environment where players are continually competing against eachother.

A few things to keep in mind in Labyrinth and timeline management and accuracy. One unlucky miss can make you lose a couple of rounds, and not managing your skills or combos will effectively make you lose wasted rounds. Try to avoid having to stall for combos and attack based on the elemental triangle for the most effective accuracy.

In Elune Saga there is an elemental triangle where fire > earth > wind > water > fire (I know theres 4 elements but hey, let's just call it a triangle). If you use fire against earth (which fire is good against earth) your accuracy is much higher. If you use fire against water (which fire is bad against water) your accuracy will drop, leading to misses. Since in the early rounds of Labyrinth the enemies are usually multi elements you want to plan for it.

An example of planning against multi elements. Lets say the enemies are fire, earth and wind. What element would be best to use here? If we use earth it'll have a penalty against fire. Water will have penalty against wind, and wind will have penalty against earth, therefore you'd want to use a fire move. Fire only has penalty against water, and since water is absent in the enemy it'll provide more accuracy for those AoE (multi-enemy targeting) abilities.

Finally you are given only 50 turns. Use them well.

[AL2] Heroes in Labyrinth

Elune Saga provides the users with different heroes that can be used. Figuring out what heroes fits your style and which heroes best fit for your souls is important. When considering heroes in Labyrinth here are some tips you want to cover.

Try to cover every element. By covering every element you'll have easier time clearing floors that could play against your element.

Try to get AoE (multi-enemy targeting) abilities. These AoE abilities are incredibly important during round 1, 5, 8, 10 and 15 (read bonus round in guide to understand why)

Every hero has their own skills associated with their costume. Aim for AoE/Single target DPS rather then defensive abilities.
Try to get the most out of your elemental slot. By matching your souls to your slot you gain bonus 10% stats which will become very important in clearing later floors. However in certain events if you prioritize hero skills please mixmatch and cover all elements

With that here are some heroes with some good costume skills.

Tristam earth AoE is very good. Tristam fire passive skill is good for finishing off low enemies. In recent changes Fire Tristam is really good, his passive allows him to clear bosses found in later floor at a much higher speed then any other heroes.

Alyria earth AoE is very good, her wind form is also very good since it can remove rage off minotaurs. Wind Alyria became stronger in the new changes, her ult with any crit or damage modifier can wipe out bosses without the odds of missing.

Gerard is not great, try to avoid him. Honestly he's better for adventurer/PvP. Fire Gerard is slightly better now, can easily clear out early floors due to changes.

Simon is great, good AoE and good element. Use either water or fire depending on what you want.

Elly earth skill is top tier, you'll want it. Consider this over water Elly. New changes makes Water Elly good for later bosses since it'll always hit the boss weakness (you need to clear out the small mobs first though). Up to the user to decide, Water Elly is much better.

Laila isn't so useful, avoid her. She's better for adventurer and sometimes PvP.

Sofia wind passive is useless, and her main ability is subpar. Her fire form is actually helpful, you can use it to stall rounds since when she's taunting it doesn't take up a turn counter. Sofia Wind got alot better now that you need to nuke down bosses making her costume skill much better.

Fire earth skill is actually really good. Following up every attack can easily stack damage and finish enemies off. Earth Erwin is still alright for clearing early floors and sustaining your party, but Fire Erwin got really good now that his follow up skill can stack more and more on later bosses in the labyrinth for faster clear.

[AL3] Souls in Labyrinth

When entering Labyrinth finding a style that helps you clear floors is important. In this segment I will label some effects you want on your souls and provide ways to combo them.

Single Target Damage Souls w/ Party Elemental Damage Buff: These souls like Jiraff, Gaia, Guardian and Poseidon are really useful for their huge single target damage and complementary elemental damage buff. Why would you use these cards? Because you can chain them into other cards to raise their damage. In the recent changes these single target nuke are even more important for quickly killing the boss monsters found in later floors of the dungeons. Example is using Jiraff to get the wind boost, then using Maureen (an AoE Wind card) to raise the damage of that card. Keep in mind these damage buff do override eachother.

Offensive Buff Cards: These souls like Sedna, Jonah, Amenos, Sweetie, etc. Are incredibly useful to clear the really tough rounds. These cards can easily lead to clearing rounds quickly if used properly. Example is using Amenos for her crit buff. Afterwards abuse AoE cards for high crit chance or single target skills for crit chance and hope it lands for some insane damage. Recent changes made these cards even more valuable, anything to take out the boss mobs in later floor quickly will allow you to progress further.

AoE Attack Cards: These souls like Maureen, Sandstorm and Fairy are more important earlier in the game then later. The weaker AoE cards that don't deal base damage are good for bonus rounds while the basic attack ones are essential for bonus rounds. AoE card can do some insane damage too if used with with other cards. In recent changes these cards value has dropped a bit, they're only valuable for the bonus rounds (only three confirmed at the moment) and they are no longer essentially for clearing later floors.

Silence/Sleep/Stun Cards: These souls like Catche, Maureen, Poltergeist, etc. Are useful on certain floors in Labyrinth. There are floors where enemies can cause you to die instantly or stunlock you, you need these cards to deal with those floors.

Hestia/Foy/Yul: The reason for these cards being listed by their name is they either instant kill someone or reduce the enemy health by alot by chance. These cards, eventhough they are based on luck can easily turn the tides of battle for you and either propel you forward or backwards in your adventure. If your team isn't strong enough to beat a certain floor try your luck with these cards. In the recent changes these cards value has increased alot, allowing you to instantly clear a floor with ease if you take out the boss mobs in later floors.

Fey: If you are lucky enough to get Fey you can use it to do alot of things. What Fey does is completely reset the cooldown on a heroes soul and skill. Therefore you can reuse any of their abilities including their costume skill. If you get Fey consider running earth Elly for her costume skill. It's a neutral AoE damage that applies a debuff where the enemy will take 2x more damage for 3 entire turns. This will help you clear later floors quickly as the damage multiplier WILL stack with other damage buff for insane amount of damage.

Earth Elly: Now I know she isn't a soul but I highly recommend her for Labyrinth. Why? She has three elements, earth fire and wind. She has a costume skill that applies a debuff where enemies will take 2x more damage. This is essential in clearing later floors in Labyrinth since the multiplier will help you focus on taking out those floors quickly.

Please avoid healing cards, defensive cards and reflect damage cards. Cards like Shu, Lescar, Galatea, etc. Will not help you clear faster so please toss them aside here. These will NOT help you at all in clearing floors but instead waste your turns. And please balance your souls and heroes. Make sure you have a wealthy amount of high single target cards and AoE cards, you don't need too much support cards since you want to clear floors.

[AL4] Bonus Rounds

In Labyrinth there are rounds where you get extra turns based on how many enemies were killed in order to clear the floor.

In round 1 you get 3 extra turn from each slime. If you kill the first two slimes and end the round by killing the last slime, you only get +3 extra turn. However, if you kill all three slimes at the same time and end the round you get +9 instead.

This means in bonus rounds focus on weakening all 3 enemy at the same time and finishing them off at the same time for the most amount of extra turns possible. Here is a current list (I may be slightly off but I believe these are all of them) of bonus rounds:

Round 1: +3 extra turn
Round 6: +5 extra turn
Round 11: +5 extra turn
Round 16: +5 extra turn

This is a total of 9 + 15 + 15 + 15extra turns you can earn. That is 54 extra turns, so make sure you collect them!

Round 4 and Round 10 are known as recovery rounds. These rounds the monsters will heal you when you defeat them making recovery souls less useful then before.

Note: If I am off on the rounds let me know, I will try to double check every time to make sure these are the correct rounds.
Edit: Thanks to Nerox for giving me help on figuring out the bonus rounds for 4/5/6, I mistook 5 for 6, and Nerox found 4.
Edit2: Can confirm these are the rounds exactly.
Edit3: Newest patch changed the bonus rounds, nerfing them tremendously but changing the way labyrinth is cleared.

[AL5] Using Less Heroes

Unless you have five characters all whom have really good cards and can help you clear labyrinth, it might be a good idea to actually reduce the amount of heroes you use down to 3-4. Why? The answer is quite simple.

Put all your strong souls onto your main 3-4 heroes that you plan to take into labyrinth. Prioritize damaging abilities and combos to help you clear floor. Learn what orders your heroes goes in, and pick costumes that makes up for the lack of souls you have. For ex. I bring no healing souls, so I take water Laila for her emergency healing costume skill. I lack no taunt, so I bring Fire Sofia in case I need to take a breather. I bring Earth Elly for her costume skill so I can deal twice the damage to the enemy.

Why bring less heroes? The main idea is that you get to maximize your turns. Rather then losing 1 turn to a hero who can't pick up his own slack, turn that turn into a chance for your stronger characters to actually do what they need to do. By utilizing less heroes you make the most out of your turns and can combo better. This does mean that you need to be very careful with how much damage your heroes can take as you do have less characters meaning any mistake can be pivotal to your labyrinth run.

What do I run? I use the following setup:

Fire Sofia: Jonah, Chemos(Would like to replace with Jonah in the future), Nicole Of Winter Night
Water Laila: Fey, Sedna, Fey
Earth Elly: Ignis (Would like to replace soon, not sure what yet), Chronos (For emergencies), Maureen

Jonah: 5x damage buff to 1 unit
Chemos: Deals additional 200% damage and reduce enemy damage
Nicole: Deals basic damage to all enemy, 35% to silence
Fey: Resets all skill cooldown
Sedna: Next ability/attack affects all enemy or all ally
Ignis: Deals 200% fire damage bonus
Chronos: Revives all teammate after a certain amount of turns
Maureen: Deals 80% basic damage to all enemy, 50% to silence

My rotation consist of usually the following (Since Sofia goes first, then Elly, then Laila):

Round 1: Kill all monster with Nicole (Sofia)
Round 2: Kill all monster with Maureen (Elly)
Round 3: Use 2 turns to setup Laila Sedna + Fey (to reset all skills, Laila will go 2x in a row since delay on Nicole and Maureen is big). Use Nicole to finish round
Round 4: Kill all monster with Maureen (Elly)
Round 5: Use 2 turns to setup Sedna + Fey Again. Use Nicole to finish round.
Round 6: Use Elly's Ultimate to guarantee OHKO and get all bonus

Within the first 6 rounds, I collect both bonus rounds completely for the extra 9 + 15, a total of 24 bonus turns. I use only 10 turns within the first 6 rounds, so by round 7 I have 50 - 10 + 24 = 64 turns. 

This is just an example of how you can optimize your skill setup using less heroes rather then more. Therefore don't be afraid to lessen the amount of heroes you use and optimize your setup. Try to learn your heroes speed and setup properly how you should conquer each floor as efficiently as possible.

[AL6] Labyrinth Monster Structure

With the new labyrinth changes that happened 1/7/2015 the way players can clear labyrinth has changed for both good and bad.

The earlier floors are now spawning unique monsters (a catalog will be coming soon), so knowing what monsters and elements is important. The later floors are now adventure boss style, where the two little mobs have low hp but the large mob has a larger amount of HP. Therefore this places a stronger emphasis on single target nuking cards now, and makes Hestia/Yul/Foy even more valuable for the chance at instantly killing the boss in that floor.

*Means the monster is in the middle
(Note: I don't have all the monsters actual name down, will get them later. Just wrote down what they looked like)

Floor 1: (This is a bonus round, gives +3 turn per kill)
Earth Mouse: 1,276 HP
Wind Mouse: 1,276 HP*
Fire Mouse: 1,276 HP

Floor 2:
Earth Stump: 1,354 HP
Wind Stump: 1,354 HP*
Fire Stump: 1,354 HP

Floor 3:
Earth Stone Head: 2,279 HP
Wind Stone Head: 2,279 HP*
Fire Stone Head: 2,279 HP

Floor 4: (Recovery Round)
Water Frog: 6,269 HP
Fire Frog: 10,092 HP*
Water Frog: 7,033 HP

Floor 5:
Fire Slime: 3,593 HP
Fire Slime boss: 8,180 HP*
Fire Slime: 3,593 HP

Floor 6: (Bonus Round, +5 per kill)
Water Minotaur: 18,502 HP
Water Minotaur: 20,795 HP*
Water Minotaur: 18,502 HP

Floor 7: 
Earth Stone Golem: 16,693 HP
Wind Stone Golem: 16,693 HP*
Fire Stone Golem: 16,693 HP

Floor 8: 
Fire Floating Golem: 15,875 HP
Water Floating Golem: 15,875 HP*
Earth Floating Golem: 15,875 HP

Floor 9: (The middle one reflects damage with a buff he uses, avoid using high damage skill)
Earth Skeleton Warrior: 15,875 HP
Earth Skeleton Warrior: 16,857 HP*
Earth Skeleton Warrior: 15,875 HP 

Floor 10: (Recovery Round) (The boss can hit well over 10k with his double attack)
Fire Spitter: 27,092 HP
Fire Spitter Boss: 67,014 HP*
Fire Spitter: 27,092 HP

Floor 11: (Bonus Round, +5 per kill) (These guys can heal themselves for 10k hp when low, kill them fast or silence/sleep/stun them)
Fire Bulldog: 33,449 HP
Fire Bulldog: 33,449 HP*
Fire Bulldog: 33,449 HP

Floor 12:
Fire Big Bulldog: 40,011 HP
Fire Big Bulldog: 40,011 HP*
Fire Big Bulldog: 40,011 HP

Floor 13:
Earth Minotaur: 72,621 HP
Earth Minotaur: 81,268 HP*
Earth Minotaur: 72,621 HP

Floor 14:
Wind Minotaur: 99,080 HP
Wind Minotaur: 99,080 HP*
Wind Minotaur: 99,080 HP

Floor 15: (The boss can hit well over 10k in one auto. He also spams evasion buff on himself and accuracy debuff when low. Use skills that don't miss or silence/sleep/stun him.)
Water Spider: 33,535 HP
Water Spider Boss: 127,543 HP*
Water Spider: 33,535 HP

Floor 16: (Bonus Round, +5 turn per kill.) (Each Red Minotaur can AoE stun your team, silence/sleep/stun them before they stunlock your team)
Earth Red Minotaur: 125,218 HP
Wind Red Minotaur: 125,218 HP*
Fire Red Minotaur: 125,218 HP

Floor 17: (These mobs can slow your heroes down)
Water Mermaid: ??
Water Mermaid Boss: 49,058 HP*
Water Mermaid: ??
(They hit my Sofia taunt, didn't catch their HP)

Floor 18:
Earth Goat: 38,750 HP
Earth Goat: 38,750 HP*
Earth Goat: 38,750 HP

Floor 19: 
Fire Minotaur: 140,400 HP
Fire Minotaur: 140,400 HP*
Fire Minotaur: 140,400 HP

Floor 20: (Boss can hit over 20k and has a buff that reflects your damage)
Earth Skeleton Warrior: 46,350 HP
Earth Skeleton Warrior Boss: 249,750 HP*
Earth Skeleton Warrior: 46,350 HP

Floor 21: (Exactly like floor 16, these minotaurs can stun you.)
Water Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP
Water Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP*
Water Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP

Floor 22: (Exactly like floor 16, these minotaurs can stun you.) (Credit to Nerox for this!)
Wind Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP
Wind Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP*
Wind Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP

Floor 23: (Exactly like floor 16, these minotaurs can stun you.) (Credit to Nerox for this!)
Fire Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP
Fire Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP*
Fire Red Minotaur: 135,900 HP

Floor 24+:
No info yet, will hopefully climb up far enough to post them here, or would like contribution from others.