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Duelist/Ravager Build Guide in Aura Kingdom (110% Working Build)

First, here is the base stats with only a 5% eidolon buff, using the mastery Buff Courage T2 which increases my hp by 5%.
This next picture will show the gear set.
(Yes all the gear slots have 5% exp as the core bonus) Now pay close attention. The stone gives -2% damage taken and 6% crit dmg. All points are in Crit for offensive, and all points are in Defense for the defensive stats.

Most people ask, "Why do you have crit when your damage is so low" The answer to this question is simple. DOTS (damage over time spells) DOTS deal whats called True damage in all forms of PVE and does reduced dmg in PVE. (approximately 25% i.e a 1000 dmg DOT hits for 250 dmg in pve)

Because of this dOTS actually have a chance to Crit Every time they Tick. So with high crit dmg your DOTS deal more dmg thus increasing your dmg output. THE REASON It DOES SO MUCH DMG IS BECAUSE DOTS ARE EFFECTED BY CRIT DAMAGE So why would a class that has the most dots in a game need to build dmg? The answer is. We dont. All of your dmg comes from your dots however as a Great BARD friend of mine once said. A Dead DPS is no DPS. So the only true way for a duelist to do dmg is to live. This is were the build idea originated.
As you can see on my Axe and my helm linked above. They each have +340 HP This adds to overall Base HP. So why is that so important? The reason being is that the % hp bonus from wings i.e2%, requiem set i.e1% per piece. And both my weapons giving 8% all snowball from that Base hp. The hp gained from +%hp buffs DO NOT effect each other. This goes to say if it has 1000 base hp and 10% bonus from gear. The hp will be 1100, NOT 1010+ 1%+1%+1%+1%. Seems minimal but with 40k HP this does impact it alot. Now please direct your attention to the bottom right. The Detailed List. Take note the Crit DMG is 206%

Here is the crit dmg listed AS 236% this is because it included the bonus from the envoy path, WHICH IS HIDDEN.

Also take note of my 51% Evasion that most duelists pride themselves on.
The envoy path.

This skill is greatly underestimated. Born of Desperation.

The duelist Envoy tree gives a class bonus of 15% eva, +eva from weapons + eva from my envoy path + Eva from my requiem Set. Yields 51% (WITH A LVL 50 SET!) all that combined with this Great Skill Born of Desperation (BOD) Will give me

81% evasion. when my hp drops below 40%, AND IT REAPPLY'S EVERY TIME IM HIT.

With a Level 60 set you can easily get 70% eva with NO POINTS in eva at all, thus having YOUR EVA CAPPED with born of desperation.

So, you can survive hits because ur tanky and not get 1 shot, u still get your max eva, and you can still do damage with your dots? Whats there to lose?!?!

Wait, you only have 58% Def... why dont you die?

Remember that stone listed on top? well heres the secret. With lvl 50 gear obv, it will lose a lot of % Def because its 15 levels over it. Thats to be expected. (mind you all the gear is 108%, 115, 109, 115, 112 in that ordeer).
Check this Tab out, the defensive Tree. 

As you can See Boss and elite DMG is GREATLY reduced by a whopping 37%! and yes folks, THIS STACKS WITH MY 51% DMG REDUCTION 

So lets say a mob hits me for 1500 dmg. 51% less of that is ~750 - an additional 37%. 

Why Ravanger? The stat bonuses from the axe, the combat style, the combo skills, everything about ravager is love-able. How the skill synergy works is something everybody will be interested.
Heres some proof, that this build works. 

my stats with basic food buffs/eidolon out 
basic defensive stats, same food buffs eidolon out 

stats with purple lightning activated 

All my stones are 6% crit -2% dmg taken

Credits: Special thanks to Zent for spending time, sharing his awesome build to us Aura Kingdom fans.