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Dragon Nest: New Class Dark Avenger?

Korea, China & Taiwan have just updated the full image of the mysterious character today, with the title “A Dark Warrior Coming soon”.  It is believed that this character is the new class called “Dark Avenger“. However, there is no official news or confirmation on that yet.
The official sites of various Dragon Nest versions including Korea, Taiwan & China have been releasing interesting fragments of images over the past week. The 3 pictures released on DN TW have the following words on it :

Part 1: A new era
Part 2: Coming soon
Part 3: The Dark
The identity of the character depicted in the pictures has not been officially revealed yet. However, many speculated that it could be related to a new class “Dark Avenger”. Others mentioned that he could be an important character in the story plot in upcoming Red Dragon Nest.

InsideDN mentioned that Dark Avenger is not a job branch for Lencea,  but possibly for warrior (WA in the table below) instead.

Legend armors data has been added, they’re listed with the 2 warrior’s specializations:

11 = Swordmaster
12 = Mercenary
75 = Dark Avenger most likely (jobtable.dnt file still doesn’t contain data for job index 75)

The name is the same as swordmaster’s armors (This could be a placeholder though, devs often do this before final release)

Also, there are some files:
both are exactly the same file (they also could be placeholders)

In addition, a new file called “Prairie Town Tutorial Dark Avenger” has also been spotted which hints us that it is a new class in Dragon Nest.

If we will to conclude based on these news, we can guess that Dark Avenger will be more like a specialize class for Warriors. In short, it will be a new job for the class but, it's just a wild guess.

Details are pretty vague at the moment about this Dark Avenger news but when an update comes up, rest assured that we will inform you immediately.