Dragon Nest KR has introduced a new class, Dark Avenger on 21st Jan. This patch is part 3 of the recent update series, code-named: “The Darkness”. Various teasers information and images on Dragon Nest KR, CN and TW have been released prior to this update.

New Class : Dark Avenger
Base Job: Warrior
1st Job Change: Avenger
2nd Job Change: Dark Avenger (LV 50)


Avenger Force: Make a fire energy and create a barrier, enhances allies movement speed. (Avenger Force bubble can be generated up to 10 times)

Step Blade: Throws blade storms and teleport to the target. Can be used in air. (Avenger Force 1 bubble consumed)

Shadow Call: Gives Fire Energy to Allies (enhances allies’ Fire elemental attack)

Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger: Transform into Dark Avenger by consuming Avenger Force. While transforming [Nightmare Skill] is enhanced ,damage&action speed is greatly increased. (If theres no Avenger Force bubble transformation will be cancelled)

Dark Crash: Charges fire energy in air and descend to ground make a powerful explosion
Only can be used while in air. (Can be casted by pressing [Jump] while in air)

Avenger Frenzy: Whenever critical hit happens to enemy. [Avenger Force] bubble is created


Dark Avenger’s strength comes from Avenger Force. Accumulation of Avenger Force boosts his strength, enhance continuous damage of his attacks and lowers the defence of enemies. Step Blade allow him to teleport to the target by consuming Avenger Force.

Dark Avenger’s damage dealing mode is slightly different from other classes.  His skills is split into many hits and its individual damage is not as high as others. However, unleashing a series of  skill combo will deal tonnes of damage on enemies.

Dark Avenger is a fire-elemental damage dealer with a long sword. He also has a buff which increases the fire elemental attack of allies and can apply debuff to lower enemies’ defence.

Through accumulation of Avenger Force (max 30), he can transform into Dark Avenger mode. Under this mode, all skills CD is reduced by half and attack is increased significantly. However, the Avenger Force duration is very short and should be consumed as soon as possible.

- Dark Avenger Awaken: can get remote quest from NPC Rodrigo at level 50

- Avenger Character Creation: in the character selection screen, press dark character creation button. If you have a level 70 character, the Dark Avenger will be level 60 automatically.

- Sword master & mercenary cannot job change into Dark Avenger.

* Important Notice about Avenger: Dark Avenger can only be created up to 2015/02/25. If you have any character at Lv70 under the same account, your Dark Avenger will automatically be promoted to lv60.


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