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DPS Duelist/Gunslinger PVE Build Guide in Aura Kingdom

This Guide will Explain the PvE builds you should follow. 

Sub Classes: 

Guardian: More so used as a self buff for damage reductions. Not the best for high dps duelist. 

Bard: Currently content will allow bard subs to have the highest Impact damage for all classes as a sub. 

Ravager: Good for mobbing while being a Duelist but slows down DPS while on boss or vs a player. Not very useful considering you should be in a party that has a stronger AoE class regardless. 

Gunslinger: The Best PvE Duelist Subclass. Best way to gain Speed without using points. Has a Strong utility skill (Traps) <-will go in more detail below, Dark Flare Trap the highest single Dot unstacked skill and Decoy. Gunslinger Mechanic is also useful(Magic Bullets). 

Grenadier: One of the stronger PvP sub class for duelist. Provides all the necessary utility a Duelist doesn't have, also with all the reductions the crit and crit dmg increase from the skills of a Gren will help you against players with those "reductions". A stun, Immobolize and a strong dot. 

Wizard: Not very viable now a days with Rav and Katar how they are. 

Sorcerer: This is the one of the more rare class combos you see. It's a very viable class yet unpopular. Lots of utility you can use from this sub class, including Sleep, Cleanse and debuffs. 

Katar: A balance of PvP and PvE sub class for duelist. Not stronger to one side only. With the Burst of katar skills and the instant gap closer stun, this provides duelist the ability to almost nuke non tanky players. (current content, you can't really nuke as a duelist that hard anymore.) PvE wise, with a strong rotation Shadow Strike provides a good Dot added to the already strong Dot oriented Class. has its own self heal for 10-20 second cooldown. 

Warbow: This is also a viable sub class. For the buff "Blessing of the winds" you should be able to use it at least for 2-3 bosses in OWs/Dragons dungeons and for every floor in sky tower. It can also be pretty strong in pvp if you play it right. adds SPD so you can use less points into SPD for point balance like the gunslinger. 

Tachi: Not good.

Current Build: (Unbuffed) 

Self Buffed: 


Crackling Slash: An added Dot buff to the skill with its -DEF already active with it. 

Analysis of Zeal: 90% Proc The best mastery to have for every DPS. 

Exploding Dark wolf Trap: This will make your Dark Flare Trap at lvl 75 hit for at least 88-90k. 

Courage: Increased HP with the added Damage taken increase. Goes well with purple Lightnings -20% damage reduction. 

Any Tactical Spec Works: Just use something the party isn't already using. Breakdefence is what i have on regularly. 

The Best Defence: With the current content Theres no need for you to go Evasion or lower your dps because if you organized and stategize correctly you don't have to steal aggro if you don't want to. 


Demonic Blades, The best PvE Blades. Crafting a Destoryer Core 125% will be what you want for end game. 10% Damage to bosses and Zeal Effect. 

Nazrudin Blades, Highest damage blades for sustainable damage. Provides an increase of 25% to cross slash(Your main skill). 

The Soulless And Sorrow, The Burst Blades, Gives you a Zeal effect and adds 10 seconds to the purple lightning. You should also swap to these blades while you buff purple lightning then swap to the main blades you use. 


Devourer Set: As a Dps you should not be using any other top set but the Devourer set for PvE. the 15% boss damage is to great compared to the flat damage to stats you get from Revelation or the 65 Top set. This set provides the highest Crit which will increase your output even further. 

Lions Roar Set: The se use in this build. This provides the highest sustainable damage to all targets and gives you the hp to be a little bit more tankier than the leathal Beast set. It allows you to over cap crit damage from reduction of players. Has the highest output vs regular and elite mobs and it gives you the 50% regular ATtack speed boost for Auto Attacks. 

Leathal Beast: One of the better bottom set to have for boss DPS and burst because of the Zeal effect proc it gives. It also gives you 11% Flat Crit Rate to your stats which is a huge part of being a duelist. Though it gives no hp bonus what so ever, unless you can +15 or higher this set, tanking is a pain. 

Bluster Guster Set: 
This is the set you should be using Versus mobs/Players/Non elemental bosses. This is how you get 40-50% SPD without putting a single point into SPD. 

Malodnak Double Set: Other than Element Trophies these provide the best bonuses to a duelist. They are the trophies that'll give you the most Crit and a higher proc than "Emblem of the immortal Dragon" which in my opinion is the most horrible trophy in the game. Please don't use it. The proc is horrible. 

Left Gun: It's a blue gun that can be bought from merchants, the gun you will use on bosses the 12% damage to bosses on this pistol is the highest you can get in game. You want to at least have 50% Damage to bosses for maximum potential dps. 

Right Gun: Soul Piercing Pistols, This is the gun you will use before you start using Blue guns for element damage or elite/Boss dmg. Its mainly for Mobbing now with the added Zeal effect bursting mobs come a little easier. 

The only other Trophies you should be using is the elemental Trophy set, Per dungeon. You should be able to run 60-90% element damage while having the accessories to go with the Element Bonus set. 

Secret Stones: 
If you are using the lions roar set, You can resort to using -2% damage taken, 2% dmg Stones. You will still be able to cap Crit damage on mobs and bosses with costume cards. 

If you are using the Lethal Beast set you most likely want to try getting 6% CRITDMG and 2% Dmg secret stones. Considering you won't be able to cap crit dmg without it. 

You may still use the 6% CRIT DMG and 2% DMG stones for the lions roar set to over cap vs players. 


Realistically A duelist should have 55-60% Crit unbuffed. Anything lower will not make up for the high Crit damage you have. 
You shouldn't put any points into SPD, This results in lower DPS. The best thing to do is find a rotation that best suits the SPD you have. 
Points into DMG, Increase the DOTS in your skills. They also increase by levels and Costume cards. That is the only way to increase dots in this content. 

Without any buffs at level 75 you should have at least 66% Defence. Put enough points into defense until you reach this percentage. With a Stardust Float and Guardian buff you should be able to cap Defense easily. 
The rest of the points should go into HP. 

Evasion is not needed in this content. All it does is use up envoys that can be used to dps which results in lowering your overall DPS to sustain an evasion build. 

You shouldn't be having points into SPD. With Mental focus and flokja with buffs you should be able to hit 40-50% SPD without putting points into SPD. Even with non flokja accessories 30% SPD should be easily hit if you have the + levels to your mental focus accessories. 


Bel-Chandra: This Eidolon Provides the highest Crit in the game. 
25% attack speed, 5% crit. (Skills increase CRIT + CRIT DMG) 15% when lvl 3 is out 

Zaahir: Provides Stun and also gives a good amount of crit 
25% attack speed, 5% crit (can be leveled to 3 Star for 15% CRIT FLAT) 

Endora: The best Eidolon to have in terms of stats. 
5% crit 8% dmg (Provides a stun and has the best stats for pve characters.) 

Yarnaros: Currently the Best "DMG" eidolon 
25% attack speed, 8% dmg, 16% dmg (at level 3 this eidolon has the highest DMG increase in the game. one of the few eidolons that have come out with a 3 star buff). 

Important Down Below! 

Cast/Skill Cancelling: For Duelist this is pretty easy.. though somepeople are unable to do it. This will boost your dps Exponentially. Due to the fact that Auto Attacks are doing just as much or more damage than skills. You just have to use the skills right before you reach the peak of your jump. When coming down you are able to see your character Auto attack and seeing the colored animation of the skill go off. 

Skill Rotation: Also Varies with how much SPD you currently have. You should be able to stack 5 cross slashes, 3 deadly winks and keep Crackling slash's debuff/dot within 15-20 seconds. 

The Rotation
Whirling Dance -> Frost/Dark Trap -> Jump/SlashCut -> Jump/CrossSlash -> Jump/Snowflower-DeadlyWink -> Jump/CrossSlash -> Repeat from Slash Cut 

If done right you can get an auto off at each jump. AND you can use Snowflower and deadlywink before landing making it added 2 auto attacks in between. 

Detailed List: 
60%+ Primary Weapon Crit Rate 
250-285% Primary Weapon Crit Damage. 
45-55%+ Damage to bosses 
25-50% Crit damage to bosses. 
70-90%+ Elemental Damage 

Food Buffs: 
Pop Rocks/Floats: Increase Defense and HP %
Filet Mignon/Steak: Increase Damage and Zeal Effect 60/90% (Double/Triple) 
MultiGrainToast/Bread: Increase SPD and Zeal Effect 60/90% (Double/Triple) 
Macaroons: Increase SPD and Damage output 
FishWithMushroomSauce: Increase CRIT and CRIT DAMAGE 

Enchantment Cards: 
Headgear: Vitality/Boss Damage 10% 
FaceMask: Attack/+5 Levels to Cross Slash 
Costume: Attack/25% Crit damage to bosses 
Back: Attack/+5 Levels to Deadly Wink 
Weapon: Attack/+5 Levels to Dark Flare Trap. 

P.S. Element on Blades don't really matter. Holy isn't the strongest element for you duelist enthusiast. You don't want Dancing balisong in your rotation for max DPS, Thats your healing skill only used when you "need" to gain life more. 

Emblem of the Immortal Dragon: the Proc fails compared to the Green Malodnak. 

Duelist are a balance between keeping a high dot with slashes inbetween. 

This Build has allowed the duelist in this guide to Solo all the Dragon dungeons. He is 1 of 2 duelist in Chimera who has been able to do this.

Oh and with a party
You can probably hit 80-85% CRIT with 50% SPD 75% DEF and a lot more DMG.