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Demon Crusade CHESS Strategy Guide

Hello and welcome to Rockytheking's guide of chance of getting the 1st place in chess.

How do you go on chess? just click the "Fight" Icon and there's arena and chess, so click the chess.

Alright once you're assigned in a Faction, you begin to occupy a fort.
NOTE: You begin with 50 stamina and 50 action
           Each fight costs 1 Stamina and Action
           Once you reach below 10 stamina you will go back to the start
           If you defeat an enemy, THEIR 10 stamina will be reduced.
          You can use Cheer to boost your attack, hp, and defenses by cheering. You can cheer by 2 ways lore and crystal. Each cheer cost         3600 lore or 20 crystal. Cheer may fail. You can use cheer if you find it hard to defeat an oponent. Maximum of 5 cheers per hour .

How to gain medals? 
You can gain them by staying in the occupied fort. each fort have different Medals per minute.

Warner CIty , Sevata Dungeon and Midgard Fort = 1 medal per minute
Yolton Desert, Ghostdom Hel  and Nifel Glacier = 2 medals per minute
Ygdrasil = 4 medals per minute 

You can also gain them by attacking different teams and winning. Each winning will gain you +101 medals.
If you lose you will gain +50 medals but lose 10 stamina. Once you have killed your opposing team, they will go back to the start.

you can exchange 10 action to get 10 stamina

We also have rankings to who's gotten the highest medal. Everyone with medals can and will get rewards daily.

Will the medals be permanent?
Nope. Every week the medals will be reset to 0 and will gain fame and up to 13 Occupation rewards
Each Occupation reward gains 1 soul stone(S).

Rules of Chess : 

1)Barracks : all players will be reassigned at 0:00 Am every sunday and fight as a Barrack
2)Players cannot gain medals in the Barrack and will be sent to the Barracks to rest when their stamina is lower than 10.
3)Players fight as a Barrack. The More strongholds your army occupy, the better rewards you can receive!
Stronghold : Defeat ALL players from other fractions in a stronghold to occupy it. 
4) Players can only attack nearby forts. Starting an attack will recieve extra medals.
Medal : Start a stronghold  to continuously receive Medals. Attack, challenge and bomb(VIP 2,which gains 2000 medals.2 attempts) to receive medals.
5) Killing an opponent with a higher medal can net you a better reward.
6) Report a bug or bug abusers by clicking "report".
7) You can occupy another fort by waiting 10 hours cooldown(CD). But you can skip the CD by not using crystals, but 10 Mobility.

Strategy :

Every player can join Chess no matter how low or how high their CP is as long as more than level 40.

If you are a noob and want medals, i suggest telling your Guild mate who has the highest CPto block the way for other teams. How?

1) top 6 highest cp in ur team can block the other teams way by occupying the forts which are : Warner City , Sevata Dungeon, Midgard Fort Yolton Desert, Ghostdom Hel  and Nifel Glacier. By this, the other teams can't kill them and you can freely occupy the Yggdrasil to get 4 medals per minute! This way even if you're a noob, you can get medals easily with the help of other Guild mates.

2) you know you have to use 1 mobility and 1 stamina for a fight. so when you see its almost going to be 0:00 A.M, use as much as stamina to fight lower CP than you until its 11 stamina. don't worry because it will be reset back to 50 soon. For example, if you're war song fraction,
occupy at Nifel Glacier and spam all the lower CP until they're stamina is 9/50(lowest stamina), do that to many enemies until you're stamina becomes 11/50. Be careful seeing the CP because you if you fail a challenge, 10 stamina of yours will be reduced.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions regarding this guide, i will try and answer ASAP.

Thanks for reading!!

Credits: Special thanks to Rockytheking for making this informative guide on Demom Crusade.