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Dark Avenger Confirmed to be a New Class in Dragon Nest

It looks like our guess was wrong after all as Dragon Nest has revealed that Dark Avenger is a new class in the game which will be first release on the KR server.

New Class – Dark Avenger

Currently, not much concrete information has been disclosed on the official site of DN KR itself, asides from these flavor text (translated by Sieg).

” In the dreamland of Althea
A shadow resides
He was born thus / Descended from darkness
Fallen, an Incarnation of Destruction
A will of danger and fury
Reigning over the nightmare
Embracing the darkness
Dark Avenger”

The YY session (recording in reference) by Dragon Nest CN on 17th Jan has officially confirmed that Dark Avenger is indeed a new class. Other information which are revealed during the session is summarized below.

* Weapon: Long Sword
* Element: Fire (NOT Dark)
* Damage Type: Physical
* Base job skill page is exactly the same as warrior; the 1st and 2nd job change skill page are different from other warrior classes.
* Dark Avenger has an independent story line, different from other warrior classes (as highlighted by the flavor text above).
* Existing warrior cannot job change to Dark Avenger
* Dark Avenger has his own tutorial quest and this is a hint that it is “likely” to be a new base class independent of warrior (to be confirmed on 21st Jan); others in duowan forum seems to treat it as the 3rd job branch for warrior though since it fits the old speculation since the dawn of Dragon Nest

All these information seems to agree with previous information gathered through client data mining.

The DN CN official YY session has also introduced the new class through their own version of flavor text (translation by Sieg):

” As everyone knows, the land of Alteria exists through the dream of the goddess, but this land also has its own nightmare. Occasionally, people will run across this nightmare, rapidly losing their sense of identity, becoming a creature of evil.

However, all power is double-edged, if one can control the power of darkness well, it can also be subverted to another type of power. Dark Avenger is one who has controlled this dangerous and destructive force, possessing the power of nightmare. ”

Leica the Storm

Interestingly there are more teaser information being released on Dragon Nest CN website at the same time. It is unknown at the moment if these information are related to Dark Avenger.

Millennia ago
A dragon invasion descended upon the mainland of Alteria
Legend has it that only by wielding a mythical weapon crafted by the Ancients can the threat of the huge dragon be held at bay
The weapon which has never been seen before, it’s name
“Leica the Storm”

Leica the Storm radiates a power beyond comparison, but saps away the soul of its wielder
Legend has it that only the Ancients, blessed by the Goddess, will be able to wield it

However, through their experiences of combating the Chaos Dragon, the Adventurers made a startling discovery,
Using the blood of a specific monster with great power, as well as the blood of the Chaos Dragon, one is able to pacify the soul eating force of Leica the Storm

An ultimate power, a stronger version of yourself, is right in front of you!
However, when we recover from our euphoria, we discover that many years ago, we dismantled Leica the Storm ourselves. Its fragments, scattered all around the corners of the mainland of Alteria.

To protect their home, the Adventurers, in a bid to continue their resistance against the rampaging powers of evil they will face in the future, set forth to on a journey to seek the fragments of Leica the Storm, swearing that they will once again pick up that mythical weapon that shocks both Heaven and Earth!

Something, is going to happen soon…

The other 2 pages are still not yet released and will be updated here soon.